Girls Make Games at Ubisoft

I was one of these girls growing up it was hard for me to find female friends who also like video games and actually didn’t know that going into the games industry was a thing until college and whereas these girls now are knowing that there’s all these different roles and positions not just aren’t in programming but like all these other areas for them and they belong in the game industry people can come together talk about the games they like have fun and then make a game it’s amazing and it’s so fun so girls make games we teach girls ages 8 to 16 years old how to design and code their own video games the summer camp is happening now it’s for three weeks and the goal is for them to make a fully functional prototype by the end of the three weeks the fact that gubisov is hosting us is even more exciting because what better place to host a videogame summer camp than at a games company we’re really excited to be here when I saw yesterday the speaker who actually worked on that stuff I was like yeah and then it was just like I really want to do that job so we’ve met some people from their animation department UI UX designer department they’re all female too which is great so the girls can really relate and see that hey that could be me one day it’s also really like great to start like making games when you’re younger or an age to start because that’s where it all begins and then you can learn and learn and learn and learn and then you can have so many opportunities and it just opens up a door that like you didn’t know cut open like it was locked and it’s just fun it’s very important for companies like movie soft to support girls make games because it shows that the game industry is willing to help bridge the I would say the gender gap in the games industry as a whole and just increased gender diversity so a leading companies such as Ubisoft can make an impact on the future of the games the way they think about games definitely changes from start to end and I would say their confidence also changes so the girls first come and they’re very shy they don’t know anyone but when they see that the rest of the girls are just feels exactly like them they love video games all of games and they all want to make games they kind of become best friends by the end of the camp they have this knowledge and then also lifelong friends


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