GRF vs SKT – Game 1 | Week 7 Day 4 S9 LCK 2019 Summer | Griffin vs SK Telecom T1 G1 W7D4

can't reach the backline he doesn't want to be hitting the front line and then on top of that you have Jarvan a collie and Silas that need to go in and engage but then you're running into a said Johnny you're running into a problem you're running into a gangplank gangplank destroys your whole team and makes your Ultimates counterintuitive to the type of team composition why on earth Griffin drafted into a face-up team composition the way that they did it's a little bit beyond me think that maybe they're lacking sight the thing that I'm a little bit worried about is the fact that ska is composition basically does everything pretty well that's what I mean yeah yeah it's uh so I don't know whether it's necessarily Griffin's mistake or the fact that SKT have just managed to find a draft that he's we get into game number one Griffin versus SKT [Applause] Wow we have the fullest of houses here at lo Paki today I was thinking that the Griffin cheers will out and then the SKT ones came out and I remembered that they have the most fans in the universe did that um I don't know whether that's exactly true I mean we don't I mean we don't even know if there's other life exactly right what if there's like I mean I'm uh I'm with the yes what do you think on this topic do you think there is a alien life out there swift answer just as the scar would well if we go by the definition of just like an organism or what not necessarily intelligent yeah it doesn't mean tell okay yeah I would I would assume that it probably must be something yeah right I'm with uh I'm with Neil deGrasse Tyson on this one yeah I agree that it there's those things that can live right up near space right in the atmosphere there's something there are dormant things it's right yeah exactly exactly so yeah I mean there's also talk that like maybe octopus in fact oh right actually extra yeah yeah that's a rumor I think I may have read that on like BuzzFeed I think I think because I just don't think anyone else could be as handsome as you all without it being we're started off on the right foot and speaking of starting off on the right foot let's have a conversation about the game shall we as minions have crash checking out the jungle is we've got our topside starts for both looks like quit going for a fast level three towards that Kruk camp on the top side and Tarzan's doing this route that I I'm often criticized in the lck because we've seen other variations of it it's the red into blue into gromp into clearing south and when you do stuff like this you end up wasting a lot of buff duration we get a pause you waste a lot of buff duration and it doesn't really impact yeah so Tarzan is the one that has just paused the game here which is why sepia mode has been activated maybe he's like aw damn messed up a jungle boy why is my red buff expired yeah that's a whoopsie that's a whoopsie maybe suffering from a little bit of first game itis here at Law Park does happen from time to time we'll make sure that we get everything sorted out looks like he's still waiting for someone to come over and help him out there this is a big match of course as far as how it's our swipe and not Tarzan which is why we had the camera on Tarzan thinking like when's he gonna get some help not happening we'll see where the Viper is going to get us back into the game as quickly as possible he's pupper on his shoulder as you can see it spelled out there in Korean Oh what is that is that like Papa John's or what is yeah I don't actually know her but uh it's it's not Papa smoothie he's not a he's not griffin sponsor he wants to stay unbiased okay sure I mean I'm not no 100% I haven't checked out his bank accounts yeah going money to Griffin yeah exactly I haven't done my uh my research on that particular front but I think that that's a breach of my privacy you okay oh I'm looking at the the flags I'm about the quirky this edge and stuff they're moving yeah man I've been doing our notice season I'm never doing that oh yeah okay see even the fans er Bobby's adorable Jensen yeah win streak their winning streak that was a faker drawing almost as cute as the real thing go all right I'm ready they didn't manage to pick up the coal key though so uh thank probably pretty happy in that mid lane as far as the matchup is concerned walking into a relic asari into the Silas how you feeling that one goes as this game goes on you think Choi ever has some inroads so Toby can always be bullied out but it's pretty hard for four key to actually get the kill on him unless jovi is just unrelenting to leave when he's clearly just going to die to the poke at the Mirage and on the flip side the Baker he is ganked susceptible but without that it's pretty hard for Silas to stay on top of him especially in short planes like you can get these these trip trades off but besides that it's not super impactful and just I mean in this game so far Jarvan it looks like he's going to go over to the scuttle crab now yep should be out of pick that one up you can see top wave is in a great position for Conn so he's not too worried about a jungler and the roaming mid laner being towards his lane as a slight update to a collie a lot more damage if you hit all of your buttons now in your combo a little bit more like a burst assassin rather than the sort of chaos style dance around in your shroud forever type champion well we're gonna have to see what ends up happening post recall here as Conn he's gonna have the upper hand in the Metropole so it has to grasp the undying on the gangplank not the klepto man see more of a safety face to build here has helped him in the early game I actually really like cross gangplank just because it does actually have some power in the laning phase instead of conceding the lane you can actually really take it down yeah and it's also really good when the opposing team has a lot of squishy champions on them the grasp damage will really add up and give you a lot of mid game power and so here in this game everything going slow is good for SK Telecom the fact that Tarzan hasn't really been able to influence anything is quite bad because in the mid game there Campion's do line up and they do want to fight but first dragons gonna be a mountain very what will the second one be because that's realistically when Griffin's team composition comes online the other issue though is the angling k– is going to be a monster in these early fights which typically he isn't if the champions golly I think you have a very good point there being able to punish a gangplank is something that you want to do but that's what happens SKT it has the benefit of this red side draft and we're able to pick accordingly yes yeah I think it's that's why that's why we're exactly chickens claimed by tahzan Hyo on the topside klitz gonna have to try and invade himself if he wants to get some more boobs on over because of question mark pings and he's going to get the bad news as I believe that cam was denied he's there shortly after it was denied so it's not like that one little rafter is gonna be living for an eternity yep and also not passing over to the left side scuttle crap and this is mostly just because faker doesn't have priority right now the Akali is also in a really good position to run down in health Garvin so Tarzan are in gene like a absolute god right now he might consider playing TF T maybe after we saw teddy unfortunately mismanaged the auto-reset things going great the SKT bottom side of the map and when a Sivir is just comfortably farming alongside anyone you have to raise your eyebrows and when it's Teddy of course it's even more scary because he has been getting better and better as this win streak continues for SKT mentioned a thousand damage per minute in his most recent series against Genji and now he's on a champion that's very good at doing damage if the game goes to a decent length quit looking for something right there but not gonna be able to find a teleport actually coming in baile hens I guess he wants to maybe click the wrong towel I'm trying to you know you know that that image where there's the woman with all the numbers on the screen ouu that's what's going in my head right trying to figure out trying to calculate the big brain play oh I get it I get it Tom is he's on a diet he's working out so he teleported mid and walked back down the bottom well maybe he wanted to give vibe for a level advantage and head through his own jungle in order to clear out potential control wards that SKT may have put down no just throwing out stuff man see seeing what sticks I set it in the most recent pattern that just rework him at this point maybe just removed oh stop does that affect his ability to do the jungle I think so yeah it does the devourer to fit around there's a lot of damage that's the main one frustrating well sir Thomas is still being pick I don't think Korea will ever let him go I don't think so either you know like it's like the Korean national champion thought it was re you thought it was re on the case it's all about the catfish also gangplank up in top lane a little bit surprising he doesn't have magical boots despite being in the inspiration tree and then on top of that he goes hex burger first item so he's gone is just I assume he's got biscuits here and cosmic inside I wouldn't share in cosmic I know a lot of people hate futures market but I think it's so broken I like it on client I I think most champions do just benefit from it ones that are trying to cheat or circumvent parts of the laning phase or they have really big item wake-ups I think they're all quite good Tarzan I don't think dragon appreciated that by Doran here just a little bit that he can eat oranges he's also got three stacks on his corrupting potion this gangplank is more than comfortable vibe but not so much we don't have a door so epic is gonna have to soak that trueshot barrage right now the bottom lane state they just keep playing ping-pong with one another and we're not getting a lot of activity no this is something I just talked about in a recent video that I made where we have no winning lanes essentially except for a top lane and even in those winning lanes because the champions don't really do enough pro players are able to play around the differences to it to an extent and then it becomes heavily reliant on the jungler to create chaos when the laners are not trying to manipulate their lane state to be favorable and just continue to play ping-pong so we're in for a little bit of a ride right now Atlas is like a slow ride is it it's like we're going up the roller coaster yeah boss Griffin with the team that were most recently on the roller coaster and they were able to come out successful skc of course also very early on in the second round robin were able to take down Katie as well Katie not having a great the fact that we just don't have a lot to go off when it comes to the victories of a Griffin in recent weeks makes it hard to really adjudicate how this squad is gonna go as we move into a quite difficult late-game as our ten minutes tick over and Shelley might be a place where that chaos can begin for Griffin you have a feeling that if they can win themselves a fight around Shelley then take down a turret get themselves some plates there is an opportunity for them to utilize these champions to snowball the game forward we have to figure out a way to do it that's really unfortunate for the hens because he doesn't have teleport available so there will be a bit of a mismatch between the champions now as SK Telecom I mean they're just coasting and this is exactly what they want to do core he's gonna get for a trinity force essence reaver already completed on petty Paige now these are really bizarre itemization paths by the gangplank I will be be honest I mean it should be a change well it should be a sheen that's an idea because at least he's building the right item yeah if you want the HP you can just get the Ruby crystal yeah there's a bit of a cold differential between the two but definitely seems a little bit interesting the way that Khan is building see the Gryphon are putting their attention towards Shelley eleven and a half minutes into this game a lot of weights on the table as you can see five apiece for every single lane you were talking about ping-pong that is about the way that you describe how ping pong goes because these waves have just been snapped up before they've spent any time in front of a turret as you can see very healthy for SKT here at the mid lane for example I'm fighting against or a Nidoran finally finding himself in a good position sure can backflip not used for damage there and I actually thought that if he had have been able to do so I might have been a difficult time for Connors when speaking of difficult times gonna be in trouble the old does go off here from effort is Clint wants to get on over it's gonna flash The Ultimates gonna be flashed there from my hands who tries to move out of the way cannon barrage to try and add more as trophy jumps on it it's gonna be gelt bah but it's gonna be first blood going over to favor hit the clutch times that stopwatch is amazing as jovi does make it out but efforts surviving is huge for SKT they do manage to take down Shelley on the topside Griffin get something back as SKT move over to the mountain and they're gonna move I think never mind actually Tarzan just turned right around with Shelley there's only a minute remaining on the turret plate SK Telecom they're gonna reward themselves with the mountain dragon this is really big for them in the later stages especially if they can capture that second one and their turn off Baron is just amazing so being able to start that one up and have a lot of kilter out on the Baron given the amount of damage that they have is gigantic so definitely a great Drake to pick up and look to see SKT fighting for the second one which will be coming up in our four and a half minutes as well tourney force timing is fantastic for Vega he goes back picks that one up in July's his first blood gold and this Corki is now officially on yeah and we take a look at how this all transpires as a hen's I mean he's just getting locked up play it flashes over the wall but a little bit late you can see this way yeah and although that is available as well yes very sure spell choices and then right there at the end Tobi he tried his best to make that go one for one and faker I think he could yeah I could have picked up that kill if it was played a little bit better yeah a little bit of a miscalculation actually I thought that he could fadeaway jump shot that one and be out and pick up the kill then yeah the damage availability Jovie actually has a level of lead right now over a faker here I believe this maker is on a little bit away from picking that one pink layer this comes out off cooldown Viterbi it's now gonna have his Armour broken and now level 11 has been picked up about 1/4 of a level leap though HOV which is a little bit surprising the other thing that's surprising is that tahzan didn't just jam the rift herald on the outside of the mat was really weird yeah all of those plates do go begging only one plate picked up and it was by Griffin I believe on top side of that they're not a team composition that Olten Vetrov comes down but Tarzan is in position if it turns up teleport he's gonna be there just to stop SKT from going further forward an effort able to be there and that means that Griffin won't be able to accomplish all that much but it was a good match King yeah in the end so SK Telecom they find themselves with a very slight gold advantage but base scaling and the atomization for them is all really starting to come online by the time this next mountain dragon spawns I don't know how Griffin can possibly win a team fight unless Viper go super saiyan I mean I just can't imagine a universe in which they can overcome the SK Telecom team comp especially because there's already so many resistances even yeah Patino side of SKT and also I want to indicate that SKT have probably the most insane to item team that we could possibly see I mean Cole Keon two items fantastic when you pick up your essence reaver on the gangplank or even the more I guess defensive choice of the sterak's gage still going to be a huge palace back to the gangplank and you can see Teddy has adjusted the build not gonna go for the attack speed second item wants to maximize the damage by picking up an infinity-edge second meaning that they'll have triple two items spike coming into a mid game where they want to be cheap laughs especially these mountain drain if they are going to spawn so just really smart from SKT on an itemization level as well and you can see Tarzan he's gonna have to make up his mind with what to do regarding the riff Carol but there's just not really a clear spot where you place it ultimate down from effort on the bottom side of the map though it's gonna move in once to find the hands point-blank oldsman not available here from slid unfortunately but the stun comes forward and Teddy picks up that kill now by for in potential trouble but the stopwatch comes in from clip that's going to keep him alive but being the piper is going to be able to escape unscathed I'll fake it oh he's taking a lot of damage here if that Q had have landed might have been almost lights out the faker underneath his own turret oh we gonna get dope if Scott comes in a trophy with a solo kill on to Baker under the turret this is huge momentum for Griffin despite them now losing potentially the bottom out a turret Viper not having to use his flash the arcane shift was on point they're not gonna be able to find that kill our SKT on the bottom side the Griffon will be able to break open the avatar at MIT that is not kantak for them and they managed to get themselves two turrets in a really crucial point here as that's holy killed by Cho V like you were mentioning it was super clutch for this momentum swing it's gonna keep the gold slightly in Griffin's paper right now not sure what Deron's doing though 30 seconds until the mountain he doesn't have teleport he needs to just recall he's moving towards this target LS because con-con now has teleport available he also has this thing called the the game playing ultimate oh but yeah I'll tell you about it right after this replay as I'm not sure Viper and lens we're doing they were a little bit too far up thick-skinned ends up coming out but it's just not thick enough oh and he also cycled the clint yeah oh that he could get back to the heal but it was barely coming off cooldown after the spell of rotation oh it's so sad Oh what is that hitbox I was noting absolutely ridiculous it never it never even came close but regardless Toby waiting for the waves to crash and you can see that Baker this is one of those moments where you know that you should recall but you don't know what to you want to get that way if any had teleport out play the abscond he couldn't now Griffin will have full control of this mountain Drake con can throw down a counter project he wants to but he's looking to try and take down this out at our top lane instead it looks like they don't want to gamble the teamfight right now and if you look at the itemization across the board Sivir is really really close yeah to an item completion that's exactly why they giving away one Mountain not the end of the world also really really good for SK Telecom as open Dragon will be the next one to spawn yep not gonna be too worried about that particular Drake our SKT Griffin now they're hitting their stride this is what they want to be doing they want to be parking Ezreal in the mid lane they want to be playing this 131 with arch OB and Doran inside lanes and if they can force SKT to answer with multiple people then they can start taking control of this map and getting them towards potential barons and things like that so this is the way Griffin want to play but we mentioned that SKT they can do this too they can do this style of play if they can get themselves towards these items that they're looking for Khan looks like it's going to be more of malmortius as his second item unless that uh is just mating me a little bit that essence waiver could be coming in as the second full item completion as well as its found Tarzan and vibe of all members of Griffin ah hanging around here as Khan gets in the position as well the barrels are set up Tarzan not gonna be able to steal that one away and Teddy in fact is able to pick up the rip up actually really huge given the fact that he now does have that infinity edge complete all the items right now on the side of SK Telecom words are so scary and their confidence getting scarier as all this time ends up passing and so Griffins they're on a clock and it's almost run out to be completely honest and it's so weird to say most people they probably look at this is like well as a real silas and a collie i mean don't they scale relatively well it's just not as strong in the way that all five of these champions on both team comps come together so much more favorable yeah SK Telecom and looking down the line of man this is the moment where Griffin need to extend the league right because right now this lead means absolutely nothing it's a thousand it doubled it 20 minutes this is an even game Griffin need to find a way to force a snowball and get themselves moving because they will never be stronger than this they will never be stronger than SKT that they are at this point because the items just mean so much more like you were talking about so we're looking for Tarzan to get work done we're looking for them to be able to get deep vision in catch SKT in rotation yes the 131 can certainly work but unfortunately SK T's can outplay you in that regard as this gate game goes on just in general yeah so maw of malmortius now on the gangplank he's gonna be so hard to take down by some of the Griffin members he's just gonna have so much HP so many resistances and he's just so content to keep farming and you know it's really really lucky that we're fortunate I should say not really lucky because Kobe did it himself but he got the solo kill on Baker that mid tier one turret being down would have been a for a nerf inside okay looking for the cannon brush Jovie teleport is coming in stopwatch is gonna buy some time Kenna bras not gonna finish off this kill but Khan now able to force so much respect and that's what happens when gangplank gets a couple of items LS yeah he's able to demand that goron teleport down there and Toby not gonna have the gangplank ultimate now yeah part of the steal so that's actually really massive for upcoming teamfights and in addition to this Conn seems to have Jedi Mind tricked Doron into purchasing in a blue in Orban you know what comes next most likely Oh Alice your favorite item and i'm mirella nomicon I mean it was buffed in TFT so I liked it in that game yeah there's doors I'm dirty bobbing underneath this car okay where the cons gonna stand for that that's a little bit too cheap Oh or did he intentionally miss oh there we go it's not right right that is the key Alex balancing his range for later okay still thousand build is going to be the lead this is exactly the game state that SKT we're looking for it looks like they've caught Genji itis after their most recent match I think I know what SKT is doing they saw the SAP that we showed at the start of the game where Griffin has a hundred percent win rate if they have a goal beat after 30 SK Telecom they're not just looking at they need to make it at eighteen and one not looking at just break next today they're looking to break record so yeah yeah this is the record that they yeah all right so let's just lean back the next set is all irrelevant SKT want them to have the gold advantage that way exactly but SKT did actually have an opportunity to make things work and they still do all three of the teleports are down on Griffin side all three of them up on SKT side so the 131 is much more comfortable for SKT if they want to start up some fights if they want to start pushing some planes is our clip this gonna Q is himself out of the way as weii if it takes a big one to the face and that one hurt I'm sure whether it was a big one dank Vegas doing some damage now yeah it's not it's not about how size of packages because I'm not Brendon Valdez all right I don't talk about size of the package as a Drake has been started SK team looking for an opportunity to fight here as con does how cannon barrage back available Griffon gonna take the leash but you can see cliffs still lying in wait that glacial prison is available moving abroad comes in don't run very very low on actually go back into this fight is gone as being exhausted that's gonna save the Akalis life does that cannon barrage damage was not so high but SKT they take the Drake and no one dies so still gonna call that a win for them yeah and they take the dragon no one dies but we're getting to see a glimpse of later stage teamfights especially because not only is the items really strong right now on SK Telecom they're going getting stronger and keep ramping yeah three of their Piper carries don't slow down which is something that we can't say for Griffin and when Griffin is being as generous and kind as they are as to descale their champions by purchasing morellonomicon things just aren't looking great but yeah i think i think what you talk about as far as items a concern i mean i was talking about two items bikes being strong the beauty of this composition is that all of the main carries on SKT f3 atom spikes yeah that are pretty devastating for them as well and five I feel like a plank has an item spike every single time as well as cool yeah I am a play-by-play commentator that loves to talk about items spikes I see a game plank in a core game like I got something to talk about oh I'm this guy so we always talk about I don't what about item crashes well I think that's like the Morello I feel like there's item crashes if you choose the wrong item and then items stagnation if you just don't have a real yeah real power spike on fighting as Ezreal is typically around for items when he's still sort of the same champion he's just a little bit more obnoxious the only Ezreal that isn't like that though is the I British Ezreal oh yeah that keeps getting stronger what about aiming black cleaver Ezreal triple life steel black leave a ice-born gauntlet Ezreal something I haven't seen on Ezreal yeah and I've talked about it a lot is we haven't seen the ice-born gauntlet euro mana looting zecco le'andria's we haven't seen the Leandra Zusi model we've never seen and I don't know why I was I was watching LEC recently my first time and I tuned in and I saw someone built the Andre storm and I just thought what is so fun yeah that is Slayer is that is hectic I mean I come I thought I thought the edge on Rex I was the best thing that we got out of Europe but I think that the only Andres Lee Andres is so undervalued I mean they played top ana yesterday I mean they did they they really did do that I mean that's how you know GG is desperate for a win yeah when they pull out the Queen okay they'd be really struggling all right speaking of finding things fake abound and infinity-edge in the shop that's an expensive item that's going to make it pretty strong that's it yeah why do they call it an infinity-edge when I can clearly see the difference holy waiter it might be infinity edge because even the handle is Sur is like pick shop so that it just keeps going around the whole sword it's just an edge the whole way around and you have to be a super badass to hold it by the blade oh and then you're holding the edge of infinity yeah oh not using Corki oh yeah oh dude were you informed yet by the way oh yeah the dog has a name oh really yes tanner Tanna yes everyone know from high school as a human but absolutely talking about it with valdez on the broadcast sorry guys Brian from family alright alright so um I just want to point out for you and you can get back to doing the play-by-play thing here Griffin cannot win a teamfight nuts just this is like when you know that the movies over but somehow the directors managed to drag it on for another 30 minutes is this gonna be one like blow to the Rings though where it actually feels good or like something where it just feels like they're just in love with their characters and they just want it to stop yeah has been put into the Cataclysm miscues on cooldown has to flash as he picks up some rockets but can't actually make them connect Valkyrie pretty good ability so that there's there's two parts to this okay so I'll hit you with the movie analogy okay this is either gonna be like an infinity war or it's going to be pretty more part two okay if Griffin wins its infinity war because you don't know what's gonna happen really at the end is this a no it's gonna be victorious yeah what's going on and then infinity war – well I mean they would that was saying goodbye for a real long yeah exactly so I think that is the that's the the yin and yang of like Lord of the Rings really good at that was a little bit like have you seen all the deleted scenes really yeah I'm really angry that some of them didn't May what we're gonna get a director's cut and they're probably gonna put it back in cinemas [Laughter] it'll come back to Korea Marvel is so big here oh absolutely there's a Carine only Marvel adaption thing you coming apparent something that is done by Marvel with superheroes that's only in Korea yeah Marvel is so big here DC don't talk about it I mean I never do you are Batman's the best you're a you're a Ben Affleck fan no Batman Batman get out you know what's his name is the new Batman Edward Cullen what Robert Pattinson is the new Batman really yeah I don't think it's gonna be that bad I mean I've liked some of these people roles I know a more eccentric degree rather but I think it'll turn into something like Heath Ledger where a lot of people complained when he was the Joker yeah when I was comment on yeah which is a big call oh I mean is a pretty good Jack Nicholson um well I mean let's get back to me I mean we can get back to here just a bit of an update SKT still gonna win the Griffin has a gold advantage I told you yeah minutes there we go is it SKT it's time to pull the trigger game timer I mean look they're gonna need a baron I think glitch gonna check Tarzan you can move on over I Griffin if they want to push anything cuz right now steady eviscerates minion waves he's gone for ride it's just casually I love this this is like playing against freeze maids in hearthstone oh god the inevitability keep waiting now this is quest mage this this is like I can't kill him in time and I know he's going to get his uh combo pieces that just dead why am I in this game temporary is on the board for all our man's best a the shroud gets the shark sure come back lieutenant barrage comfortable if they want to go via Kali but they'll take a tahm Kench if they give in one trophy comes in but he might be a little bit too late as now toss that had slowed down and taking these orders and he has to flash for Toby now in so much trouble Concord over the wall and SKT get themselves to quick kills and possibly even of Aaron Waugh just an Israel the flash board f1 it's gonna pick up the kill from faker calculations have been downloaded and now Khan is looking for more SKT may not even need a baron they might just knock down the base right here yeah they have a mountain dragon and an open Drake bolstering the right now this damage to tarts is disgusting Ellis they can't I think they might just be a base three men they've got up five seconds on tahm Kench but who cares about that that champion walls no I believe or as Tarzan goes in he's got himself the gargoyle stone plate he's got a stopwatch but Doran doesn't have his life he's gonna bump back up the devourer is there from Allah hen so at least they're able to get remove any wave but now on the whole once again we're looking to end this game at 33 minutes the first heart goes down and now this Nexus is looking so brittle Griffin can they defend the answer is going to be Noah's SKT say wiped out and smash tripping three


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  2. That escalated really fast just like the Hateful Eight, 100mins of talking and 15 mins of full throttle action.

  3. A minute into the commentary and I've already turned off the audio. LS is the worst commentator ever hired

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  5. What a boring game… 30 min with 3 kills and one last fight decides the game cause they farmed til death timers are long

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