Guillermo Investigates “Gonzaga” Basketball Team


  1. I didn't know Gonzaga is supposed to be in Spokane till today and I live in Seattle. Something is definitely fishy….

  2. Mark Few is definitely fake. If you look closely Mark few was born a FEW days, 3, after christmas eve, the 24th, which would make him 56 years old. If you take the letters 2,4,5, and 6 out of his name you get A, K, F, and E. mix them up a little and look what you got.

  3. Gonzaga never wins the tournament because if they did, they’d be exposed for not having a campus for the parade 👀

  4. It’s so cringe that people take him serious and are making a case for Gonzaga like it’s not a joke lmao so weird

  5. Does anyone catch that it's a backhanded dis on trump for calling everything fake even if the facts prove that wrong

  6. This all started as a joke but people now actually Believe Gonzaga is fake lol I’m dead. Good job Jimmy.

  7. As a republican I use to watch Fox News but stuff like this is why I stopped. They’ve become intolerable. Nothing but vile hate. It’s sickening.

  8. I find this super funny :)) come on, one of their alumni is one of the best point guard of the NBA (John Stockton of Jazz)
    Btw, as a fellow-Ignatian private school alumni, the university is real and name based on Aloysius Gonzaga, one of the most popular Ignatian Saints joining the likes of Campion, Kostka, Pignatelli and Bellarmine

  9. How does this not have more views and comments?.. so much better than Jake Paul content that gets 5 million views in the first damn hour

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