Hailee Steinfeld Explains Why Wiz Khalifa Was Chosen To Play Death In ‘Dickinson’

– It’s just unfair. There’s so much I wanna learn and I can’t just go and get taught. I have to steal random bits of knowledge when no one else is looking. – I wouldn’t stress out about it. School is boring. – It wouldn’t be boring for me because my brain works. – Hey. That’s not nice. Besides, we couldn’t
allow girls at school. You’re too distracting. (paper rustles) – (groans) I just want
to go to this lecture! (applause and cheers) – Welcome back y’all. I’m here with Hailee Steinfeld! (applause and cheers) And that was a clip from her new Apple TV Plus series “Dickinson.” I’m super excited about seeing it. – Thank you
– She’s a favorite of mine and you were asking me before,
like, why is she my favorite? And she and, like, even Jane
Austen stood out in their time, cause I feel like they
were pioneers for women in the fact that they didn’t do the norm. – Absolutely.
– They were themselves. And they were okay with it. I love that they were a little
dark, like especially Emily. – [Hailee] Very. (laughs) – Yeah, so how exciting! Like you get to play her. Like was that kind of– Did you have to do a lot of research? – I did. And it’s so great to
have so much out there, whether it’s true or not. We have taken everything that we do know to be true about Emily and her life. This is our interpretation
of her and her poetry. And, you know, she was wildly
misunderstood in her time. So our show sort of asks the question of, can we understand her better in ours? – Man it’s super cool. So you’re executive producing, cause you don’t have enough jobs. (laughs) Like singer, actress, producer. Cool, cool, keep adding em. (laughs) Have you always wanted to do that? Executive produce. – I have, I have. I’ve worked with some wonderful producers and I think I’m just so
fascinated by the process of, you know, projects coming together. And of course it’s always
been of interest to me, but I wanted the first project
that I produced to be– I mean I wanted to feel
the way I felt about this, with the first project I produced. And it just feels so
different and exciting. And it’s just so wild that
this show is a period piece, but feels so modern for so many reasons. Our music, our soundtrack is very– – I heard Billie Eilish
in one of the clips. – Billie Eilish – Wiz Khalifa was here and we yeah. – Wiz is in the show. – Yes – The music is such a driving force as well as her poetry obviously. Which was so modern in a sense. If you go back and look at it now, she had such a modern way of thinking and I have been saying this but I think that we’ve
come a very long way and I hope that this show
is a reminder of that, but also an eye opener
in terms of how much work there is left to be done. – Amen. (applause and cheers) Yup, so did Wiz like, did
he have to audition for you? I know that they were thinking of him when they thought Death, which I thought that was kind of messed up. But– (laughs) But what was that like? Did he audition, like– – So Alena Smith, our writer
and creator of the show had– She had him in mind from the beginning. Death is something that Emily
talks a lot about in her poems in the sense that it’s a version of life. It’s a place that, in her mind, she can go and be creative and free and not have anybody
telling her what to do or who to be or what she can or cannot do. And we wanted somebody
that was cool and creative and just interesting and
exciting and that was Wiz. – He is that. I love him. I think he’s great. And even how great of a
dad he is in character. – [Kelly] That’s what I love about you. I was telling my whole staff you’re such a lovely–
– How great of a dad I am? – [Kelly] No you’re
such a lovely character. – Oh, oh thank you. – [Kelly] You’re a great dad too. No.
– Thank you. – Your character speaks– like you’re so talented
in so many avenues, but my thing is is even on “The Voice” and you’ve probably heard me say this, is the strongest voice is your character. That’s the thing that
you’re going to leave behind and you’re such a good human– – [Hailee] Thank you so much.
– And I love that about you. – Thank you.
(applause) – How did you think Emily would have dealt with social media? Cause you’re a lot younger than me so you grew up into social media. How do you think Emily
would have dealt with that? She either woulda been really
dark and funny, I think, or not on it. – Not– exactly. Either of the two. But I feel like her
Twitter would be poppin. (laughs) I just– I dunno. There’s something about,
you know, Emily on Twitter. – I actually really wish
we could see that (laughs) – [Hailee] Yeah, same. (laughs) – So when you were 13, you
talked about being bullied like coming from social
media, like and all of that. Like, is that kind of a big thing to you? – Well, you know it’s funny cause I– Yes I went through experiencing that, as I think just about everyone does. – Yes, we all do. – And, you know, I feel like it hasn’t necessarily gotten any easier. I don’t know that it ever really will. But I think that– I mean I feel the most
responsibility to be myself and to spread love and to spread kindness as much as I possibly can. Because I do think that’s contagious and it’s a lot less
energy than the opposite. Takes a lot less energy. So I just– If I can continue doing that, being myself and doing what I love, then– – [Kelly] I know, it’s hard when you– (applause)
– Thank you. (applause)
– I love you. (applause) It’s probably hard for your mom too. Cause I’m a mom, as well, and
it’s hard to watch your kids– I bet your mom, especially
you in the limelight– I bet you that’s not fun, sometimes. But to just remember that when
she’s, maybe helicoptering. (laughs) But we talked about your dad. He’s awesome and I never
wanna work out with him but your entire family
background is really rad. I had no idea working with “The Voice.” It’s so eclectic. Like there’s so much
diversity in your background. – Yeah it is, yes. – Yeah it’s like– tell
everybody all the different– – So well, oh my god. I’m a little bit of everything. My grandfather was half Filipino. Which I’ve since been to the
Philippines a couple of times. Which is so wonderful
to be in a place where, you know, you share some of the same DNA with the people that you’re,
you know, surrounded by. And to be connected to so many people. My mom was raised Christian. My dad is Jewish. We celebrated all. And yeah, it’s a bunch
of stuff in between. – That’s so cool. I love all of that. The cool thing about doing music is we get to go all over the world, right? It’s so cool, cause especially for me. I was a poor kid so that
was never in the cards. So what’s your favorite
place, like that you’ve gone? – Wow. Oo.
– (whispering) It’s Australia. – [Hailee] Is it? – (whispering) Yeah I
love it– or South Africa. – Really? I’ve never been there. – Gaw, it’s good.
– Why are we whispering? – (whispering) I don’t know. Cause I was supposed
to ask you the question but I answered it. – Oh right, okay. I mean the Philippines is so beautiful and so wonderful and the
people there are incredible. I’ve had some– I actually
had this amazing experience. I went there a couple months ago. And I did this sort of fun kind of fan meet and greet situation. And there was one girl in the audience who just caught my eye and she
ended up coming up on stage. And there was somebody up there
with me who handed her a mic and just said “Will you
introduce yourself?” And she said “I’m nobody! Who are you?” Which is an Emily Dickinson poem. – Yes it is. – And it just sent chills
throughout my whole body because, in a way I was like “Oh my god. Say that again. Let me pull my phone out. That was crazy.” But at the same time I was like, this is why I am so excited
about this show coming out because I feel like it’s
gonna reach so many people. And that particular poem
is one of my favorites because I think there’s so
much power in being able to say “I’m nobody! Who are you?” We’re all just– – We’re the same level. – We’re all at the same level. – And everybody like
needs to be reminded– – Yeah, yeah.
– Of that. I love that. It’s one of my favorites, actually. – Yeah, same.


  1. OK! first off SHOUT OUT TO THAT GIRL! (who I forgot her name) that Hailee mentioned… I came across her Vlog and she shared everything she experienced that day and its very INSPIRING! Ive always been a believer of ANSWERED PRAYER 🙏 but this video proves more of God's generosity, answering a heartfelt prayer…. Just like everyone she is a Hailee big fan, lives far from the city. She told everyone (including Hailee) how early she needs to leave and travel at dawn time just to attend her meet n greet at 4pm (mind you traffic in Manila is very crazy)…prior to the event there is sort of an online raffle who could get a special access ticket who could have a photo session w/Hailee… Unfortunately, she didnt win it and been 🙏 and claiming that her prayer be answered… Then the rest is history and the beauty of it is amongst the crowd, it turn out hailee remembers her up to this point.

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