High School Senior Makes Epic 3-Point Shot With Help From Other Team | NBC Nightly News


  1. in his hometown this is news………………………for the rest of the country it is fluff…………kids, pets, and their sports are not news

  2. People today give too much praise for mediocre things … This is why most kids are such worthless wimps. Praise should only be given when it's earned.

  3. It’s actually disrespectful to him, he missed the shot in a game. Instead of just treating him like every other player, you took away the nature of playing sports, we all win, and we all lose…..

  4. I don't understand why people think this is a nice gesture. They're not even attempting to guard him. Gabe has to know they're just giving him a free shot because he has Down Syndrome.

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  6. This… is not news. And frankly that was a little disrespectful to the essence of the sport. It would have been a great accomplishment if that shot was earned.

  7. its a feel good story,because of the kindness behind it.
    but at the smae time it leaves the bitter aftertaste of "getting that gold star for paticipation & pity" instead of really integrating him & treat him like everybody else!

  8. That's the American Spirit that the U.S. president has done his best to destroy. We are at our best when we serve each other.

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