1. It's war start for no reason what Simon gona do? A. Try stop war B. Fack everything C. I don't know correct C. I DON'T KNOW WHAT HE GONA DO OF HE LIFE IN GAME!!!

  2. stupid game to play in 2019 the intro was insane though, wish that siege battle were First Person multiplayer no bots, around 200 in server 80 defending 120 invadors but less games of this type.

  3. HEY Simo i have a question where ru from ? from your accent i would say morrocan factions if im right REPLY ME.

  4. What to do for waiting? Assassins creed parkour!!
    Creators: make parkour impossible
    Me: oh great, now we gotta do stupid shit like talk with people or check our inventory.

  5. I would get this but I hear it’s super broken and half the reviews on steam are people complaining about malware in the install and I’m not about to risk that for this game

  6. Hilarious video, sums up the fun nicely lol

    8:23 It's worth noting that males and females have some slight differences in starting weapons. Males only: Poleaxe, spear, bow. Female only: Glaive, dual daggers, short bow.

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