1. Let me just tell you this is possible only if u have the time and resources. Sadly for an empathy the fact they re with anaticissy will come too late for them. At yaht point fluffing is exteey dangerous and counter productive ss it may take all ur mental focus and energy and acatukly hurt u gtrtsly. It is acatukly not possible to play them unless u olay then right on.you also miaprsnted a news story about a dead psychologist who u said was" killed "but her "natcisstsic boyfriend "right agye restraining order wa slyfted. Nothing of what u said matched the facts at least known facts. She qs killed they have to prove that .she didnt just had lifted the order she ws seeing hin for 2 weeks after voluntarily allatwntly in her wonhome. She had cameras they dint SYOP him so when u suggested out cameras what s the oiint . U re full of fluff dr ramani and inaccurate info .

  2. Lick their Ass and never open up to them😂
    In my experience, even when doing this, they’ll still throw you under the bus while you flatter their ego.😂

  3. With some narcissists, it’s like you can almost turn the tables on them sort of in a way where you see yourself manipulating them. By finding out what sort of supply they desire most and what makes them most vulnerable, it’s like being a parent and telling a child that they will take them to the amusement park if they finish all of their homework.

  4. My ex narcissist's adult children ABSOLUTELY employ this method of coping with him. They even text him Biblical passages to feed his new spiritual narcissistic interest…and then, they laugh about how he reacts to the lies. Yep, it was a family of narcissists! There is a POINT to this video. Blend in and survive. Stick up for yourself and the narcissist will kill you.

  5. I started doing this without having a term for it… it has definitely improved my quality of life but it doesn't feel great. Because of that, I limit my interactions with the person, I also don't want to become their designated supply. It took me years to gradually create distance between us. I realized that my function before was to fluff them anyway (out of love or friendship), but the difference is that I now get to make the choice, and it's for my safety/wellbeing. 😑 If only I had figured this out in my previous job.

  6. My girlfriend of 7 months is the daughter of a narcissist dad. She does not see it or is in denial. How do I handle it?
    Like "Hey the whole way you grew up was a lie and you're dad doesn't give a lick about you."

  7. Mmm. Difficult, but considerable. Anyway, it gives hope and some air. It has really helped me seeing narc as a very needy poor soul. Let’s be mindful. Thank you very much. Really.

  8. What does it mean if a narcissist fluffs you? Is that considered a hoover? If it's fluffing it's confusing because they're usually non communicative.

  9. Waking up day 14 after my break up… I feel like I made the wrong choice… what if he changes…. I don’t know what to fucking do I’m sick of feeling this!!!

  10. Gosh,this video came to me as a miracle. I have a narcissist boss and I am thinking to leave the job. But at the same time I need this money and it is so hard to find another job here in Brazil. Thanks Dr, for your tips and advise. I will try to use this technique until September. While, I will look for another job. Regards!

  11. My Mother told me that she didn’t care if I died when I was 7. I didn’t think she was serious. Now that I know she is a Narcissist, I know she was dead serious.

  12. I worked with someone who I needed to stroke his ego and it felt like an untrue for me. He didn't care what I felt, he just wanted to get the rewards…

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