How To Find PUBG Mobile Players / Youtubers Using Cheats Or NOT | PUBG Mobile Gameplay |

hello guys my name is kishan and you are watching androws aio first most welcome here so today’s topic is going very important , in this video , i will tell you how to find any pubg mobile player / youtuber if he using cheats or hacks , so in simple way i am going to show you how they push rank without getting ban also , how they use cheats , i am not going to show you how these things work or not beacuse i never promote cheaters or hackers in any of my video , i just exposed how they using it so if want practically defined video then how do they do , just watch that video that i linked in description so guys here we go how to find someone if he using any cheats on this game okey let’s go so in my lest side that my account and other right side that is also my account but i was playing on that account when was in season 6,7 (Right side account) as you can see win=0 kills 21 match played 6 KD 3.50 i am again telling you i am not going to show you how to do this , i am giving you idea only for finding others are cheater or not and i never used my account and i am in gold4 so the question is why i added 2nd account here guys its a cheater account , and original is left side , so the 2nd one is a magician which you can say it’s a cheater account which always spectating original account , and showing where is the exact location of the enemies , let’s see the original account account so rank pushing id is here i am not a cheater that is why my id is simple , i am in platinum iv and i win only 11 times , but this id is for example guys how some use this okey let’s take look to normal gameplay , how gameplay looks without cheats simple gameplay here just take a look so budy is in my spectate as you can see in normal gameplay i don’t know where is my enemies , i am trying to find one here we go that’s is like a normal gameplay now i know where my enemy location is and trying to killin , all skills is depend on headphone and also foot steps on my map i killed just look another example , i will show you abnormal gameplay also look here there is no budy who spectating my gameplay how i get this enemy location it’s all depend on my headphone , i know he is in right side of house but i still need confirmation ,maybe i am wrong i know he will sprinting towards to the roof , so this also a example of normal gameplay , i don’t know where he is .even i have headphone , that is what i am trying to say , this is called a normal gameplay without using any cheats look here abnormal gameplay , who use cheats , they always play like this scanning where is the enemy , no need headphone here , camera angle like , just he showing outside of this house okey done, now time to move he know every location where is that person , healing or crouching , etc killed this is called abnormal gameplay another example ,he know where is this enemy , and trying to kill direc with grenade , without confirming that enemy is there or not look here , how cheater do he even don’t need to see that enemy and woow, how , and that’s my lobby so if you thinking i am killing random people , no ,it’s my own lobby friends so friends i told you , how they cheats , how you can find someone if he using cheats i hope you like this vdieo , oh i forget one more thing friends if you are new on this channel then please do subscribe and like , share , enjoy the littlethings



  2. Bro I try Your method it's working I find some players in the last zone face to face move because me and they use Esp Cheats on PC and play with mobile

  3. yo bro i need your help!
    im gettting an problem with internal shared storage on phoenix os. it say 435gb used of 466gb… almost full! is not playable any game on it. i just reinstalled today phoenix in a new partial disc with120 gb of space.. and it still say is full!!!
    any idea how to fix this please? pc is empty phoenix have just pubg installed…thanks in advance.

  4. Bhai sorry bol raha hun but tumhari sound baoot kam aa rahi hai video me pata nahi kyun but bahot…..kam hai video ki sound
    Mereko laga mobile kharab ho gaya hai

  5. Anyways we have to admit it that some players are so experienced that they know where other players are like mortal and they are skilled no doubt so dont blame anyone without any proof

  6. Bro phoenix os mai hack kaise karna hai plz ek video upload karo…aaj kal sab emulators players hacker hai…unke sath normally khelna aab mushkil ho gaya hai ….

  7. yeh knsa emulator se hack kar rah he q ki emulator p toh spectate key disabled h show hi nhe karta h jo mobile se kelte h

  8. Yes …levinho..panda and some other famous youtuber use this….they know exactly where enemy is….fcks them…

  9. bhai agar a6a headphone ho toh pata chal jata hai enemy kidhar hai…kuch kuch log hack use karte hai lekin sab nehi…legit player bhi hai pubg me

  10. Nice bhai… I play on the mobile purely… You can also watch my videos how it is difficult to play without using hacks and with high ping… I have shared my gameplay on poco f1…

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  12. Kuch youtuber bevaqoop hacker hote hai or pakde jate hai lekin kuch youtuber chalak hacker hote hai or ushko pakdna moskill ho jate hai, asalme hamare india main pubg mobile pro khiladi ek v nahi hai sab fake hai

  13. So i can say some player they called pro and upload all thier match are BULLSHIT!!..Anyway nice content brother..keep digging and show to people that we are more better then a 'pros' who using a way to cheat..not just cheating in a match but to cheat people who watch thier match..i unsubscribe all pubg pro channel right away.

  14. Some noob fan of panda sevou say there are participant in tournament…are serious bro?!!!why they never win or show face or playlive game….

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