How To Improve Your Basketball Passing | Olympians’ Tips

Hi, I’m Teresa Edwards, five-time Olympian, and I’m going to teach you
basketball. Passing – very essential
to the game. Seeing the floor, understanding
where the ball should go. I’m going to teach you how to
pass. These are basic principles. We’ve all done them before. So, what we’re going to add
to what you know today is the step and the extension,
and your follow-through. Believe it or not, passing
has a follow-through. It’s a wrist action. Everything you learn to do
with your wrist will make your game
that much sharper. Step, from the chest,
follow through. OK, look, extend my arm,
my elbows are out wide, I’m extending, I’m following
through with my wrist. Relax your hands. Using my fingers. Everyone see that space
between my fingers? That’s what gives me
control of my passes. That’s what makes me pull it
in. This will make me lose control. Get in low, step through
the pass, extend your arms, and flip your wrists. Don’t rush! What’s the key here today? Getting it right! Step! Nice. Nice! You’re not shooting it,
you’re not loading it up, you’re not rolling
your shoulders up. Don’t do this,
don’t do that, OK? Both arms at the same time. Here we go. That’s it, that’s it! Now we’re going to work on
passing around defence, OK? This stepthrough is an outside
leg. Don’t cross over unless you’re
going to do a wraparound. Same leg, same arm.
You’re protecting the ball. Right hand, right leg. Right, OK? Now I’m going to go to the
left. I’m stepping around,
I’m making that pass. You go around. See my shoulder? Now I can get
that ball out, OK? Let’s do that. You’re not shooting it,
you’re passing it. Get more intensity, more
intensity. There you go. Pass it! Nice. You need to step. Boom. Right. Much better. Get down here, get down with
me, get down, now step, step. Boom! Next! Who’s in the
middle? Good job. Attaboy, attaboy. One thing about basketball that
most coaches don’t tell you until too late, is that
a lot of this is just mental. Be disciplined. You know, it’s nothing special. There’s no special words
about being great. It’s just living it every day
in everything that you do. One love, on three. One, two, three. One love! I’m Teresa Edwards.
Practice hard, play hard. Thanks for watching.


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