How to Play Spoons 3 – taping the handles (Spoon Lady)

– [Woman] Okay folks. Bunch of folks have
asked me about how it is I tape my spoons, meaning what
I use to put on the handles. And so here’s a one of my
spoons that I play often and the reason that there
is two colors on this is because I got lazy and
instead of replacing all the tape I just kinda
put this piece of tape right here and saved me
in the middle of recording something or a show or whatever
it was I was doing last. But yeah, I’ll show ya how I tape spoons. And I don’t do it for cushion, you don’t wanna a lot of tape on it, and the reason you don’t
is because it’ll dampen the sound if you have too much cushion. So here we go, I’ll show you. (upbeat country spoon music) All right, so I got the
old tape off of my spoons. They’re pretty bare, normal. And the tape I use is
pretty simple to find. You find if on Amazon,
this is just Mueller tape, it comes in lots of different
colors, I have a description, there’s a link to it in the
description so if you wanna do this at home for yourself, this is just athletic kinda tape, also sometimes use rifle tape. And this is rifle tape. See I got some pink camouflage
here, I got some USA here and I think we’re gonna use the USA today because we’re feelin’ a little patriotic. And I’ll put some links
to this down there too if you’re interested in checking it out. So it’s pretty simple, taping the spoons. (grunts) So. Little bit towards the end here. And a very thin layer all the way up. Pretty simple. I do this because it helps with my grip. Makes it easier for me to hold onto them, not because of the way it
makes my hand feel necessarily. And so what I do at this
point is I take this tape out a little bit like this,
and wrap little bit past the handle, you see I’m
going past the handle. See? I got this floppy piece now
and I take this floppy piece and I fold it like this and
I kinda create this little, tiny bulb here at the end
and then I wrap it around. See? Nice and basic. See? Now I’ve got this little
bulb at the end and I’ll show you why here in a second, let me go ahead and tape the next one. (upbeat country spoon music) See? Now I have my new tape on my
spoons, red, white and blue. Now, when I hold ’em,
look, see, this little bump and this little bump, keeps
’em in my fingers a little bit. It’s a little bit of extra grip. ‘Kay we use this as a
little bit of a hinge. My finger can kinda hold onto that. So it’s just a little helpful. (spoons clank together) (spoons clanking rhythmically) Pretty simple huh? Anyway again, lots of
different kinds of tape. You find all over the place,
lots of different colors, I’ve even heard some
people use handlebar tape for bicycles before. But, I have links to this
stuff in the description, I hope you get a little
helpful help outta this and what not, now make sure to subscribe. I’m gonna be making some
hummingbird cake later and maybe I’ll post something about that, maybe an Instagram too, you
can follow us on Instagram, you can follow us on Twitter
all of that kinda stuff. Cool Thanks folks. (upbeat county spoon music)


  1. Another great video! I love mountain music and I've been listening to you play spoons for a while in Asheville and Black Mountain area. Definitely a fan!

  2. Abby I have a spoon playing Channel called SpoonyCH I would really love it if you checked it out. You were a mentor fo me! ☺

  3. How awesome Abby! Would luv to learn how to do that,playing spoons ever think about doing lessons? No lol its not simple lol

  4. I knew it grip. No wonder why my spoons were flying at my dog Reggie. He was looking at me all crazy. Thanks for the time explaining spoon lady . Much ❤.

  5. Abby I’ve got some really OLD real silver spoons if you would like them I will send them to you. You can PM me where to send them if you do. 😁 Love you & your channel! 😉👍🏼

  6. You're so incredibly talented. I just spent an hour reading on you and your story. I've just started learning the spoons. Thank you so much for your music:)

  7. Cool, I wanted to let you know that there is the biggest music festival around in Bethlehem Pennsylvania in augest they love new acts and I think it would be awsome check it out ,google musicfest in Bethlehem Pennsylvania thanks

  8. lovewatching these vids, i am mesmerized by the sounds you make with what looks like simple movement of the spoons, i love it!

  9. Just discovered these videos, I'm enthralled. Can't thank you enough, both for the videos and just for being you! When I hear you play spoons, I always say to myself "That sound… that's the heartbeat of America… that's it right there."

  10. We watched one of your videos in our music class I’m practising the spoons also I love the background music and 💀spoons

  11. I love your videos. You are preserving the history of the Appalachia mountain folk. You are introducing others to a culture that is ignored by a great many in this country – especially in the west coast. Thank you so very very much! You rock this music.

  12. Your videos kept coming up on my recommended list, so I've just learned about you. I think you're adorable and your spoon music is amazing!

  13. I'll be 60 years old and I've always wanted to learn to play the spoons.
    I want to thank you for your video's.

  14. I just saw your video for the first time and really dig them 🤙🏽🤙🏽… watching all the way from Las Vegas. Keep up the great music 🎶 beats you got going on lololol.

  15. Love, love, love your playing. It is such a treat watching someone do something they enjoy. It is very obvious you're having a blast when you play. Best to you and your fellow musicians.

  16. Welp, eatin' cereal with a fork these days. Spoons are all missing😔
    Still lovin' them bells tho🤗!
    Especially the one on the left.

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