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Hi, I’m Gemma! Playing with your cat is
a great bonding exercise, as well as a perfect way to channel their
inner prey drive into something positive. ♪ Your cat will love any games that suit
their natural urge to hunt, like chasing a toy mouse on a string or
puzzle balls to make them use their brain. The most important thing to remember when
playing with your cat is to keep your
hands out of the way. A lot of people make the mistake of
playing with their kitten with their hands, but this risks them
growing up thinking that’s an acceptable form of play –
and claws hurt! So, be sure to get a variety of toys
that keep them focussed on the object, instead of you. Here are our top five tips when
playing with your cat: Tip one, keep sessions short, play sessions need to be kept short and
to a few times a day to keep your cat’s attention. Tip two, allow your cat to catch and grab
the toy at the end of each game. Tip three, have lots of different
toys handy. For example, a cat wand will help channel
your cat’s hunting instinct, while something like a treat ball provides
great mental stimulation. Tip four, tidy away any toys with string
after your play sessions to keep your cat safe. Tip five, never force your cat to play. Remember that playing with your cat helps
build your relationship, so forcing them to play will have the
opposite effect. If you have a kitten, playing helps their
physical development and is so much fun! Play also gives your cat an outlet for
their predatory instincts and relieves boredom. Plus, the extra exercise will reduce
weight gain and future health problems, which is especially important
for indoor cats. For more pet advice videos, don’t forget
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