1. Sis because YOU CAN afford to waste $200 on a show romatisizing the slavery doesnt mean we cant have opinions. Is that not why they show previews? Then you proceed to talk ab how the show probably will offend African americans, then PROCEEDS to continue bashing us for not giving these people our money 😂 disagree with alot of what u say but at this point your pretty much being rude af

  2. So… BDSM with Real slavery a very Questionable therapy thing? Ugh. Yikes, yikes.
    Edit: Not the BDSM part, y'all do whatever you want.

  3. This play sounds like utterly ridiculous and pretentious nerd porn for bougie intellectuals & their 'woke' white neighbors.

  4. I must say, I do not agree with every view you have, and that is normal and should be the case for anyone. However, I enjoy your take on this video and many others I have viewed from you because you are objective and you do see the other side of an issue or idea. Because of this, I walk away with a broader view. Great video, I am now a new sub.👍🏿

  5. Appreciate your review. Cause this is something I would never willingly see. I'm so tired of black people creating content on the foundation of a shock factor. Especially when it relates to race relations and subject matter. I will forever pass. ✌🏿

  6. I think he did the Rihanna thing because Rihanna endorses his play and it’s concepts. I remember watching Paris Milan’s video on “Slave Play” quite a while ago and she was dragging it and she also mentioned how Rihanna apparently tweeted about it or something and then Paris dragged Rihanna and apparently Rihanna’s team tried to get Paris to take the video down. But yeah.

  7. Yeah this isn’t a show I’d want to see so THANK YOU for talking about it so we can be culturally aware of it lol

  8. I saw this play last month with no context. I tagged along with a group of women. I absolutely hated the play. As a descendant of chattel slavery, I could not watch this. I just could not relate. period. Nothing new for me.

  9. Ugh this is so off topic, but I just got out of an advanced screening of Slim and Queen and I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on it!

  10. Never heard of the play so I figured it was a parody/satire like The Producers or something until you explained it.

    So yeah that's gonna be a solid no from me but thanks for sacrificing $200 for others sake to do a review…though please don't feel compelled to spend so much like that again.

  11. The night I saw it, two old Black women walked UP AND OUT OF THERE as soon as that white woman put that dildo up that Black man's ass.

  12. so what your saying its high society black exploitation art that though you disagree with its black art expression so its gets a pass regardless of its Romanticization of slavery in pursuit of the Authors both heterosexual and homosexual Zaddy (white daddy) complex . To which you say you can see winning an award. Meanwhile Nate Parker film Birth of a nation which depicted black people well should be boycotted because you felt he raped a women but went to court and never convicted of ? Weird flex but "okay" very peculiar indeed

  13. I'm Afro Latino and my white bf bought tickets because he goes anywhere the NYT tells him to. That being said, meh 🤷🏾‍♂️ I didn't take l really get the appeal. 99% of the audience was white, so it was for them. I didn't get much out of it, but it sure was an experience. No I wouldn't go back for free smh

  14. Yet again black people show how weak we are by supporting slave fetishes and supporting blacks whom seem to clearly have issues with their own blackness.This play has no legs to Stand on and should show you people that any black person that comes to the defense of this play or any black person in this play Creator to cast isn't worried or cares about their own people nor cares.why is it always a black woman or mixed race women paired with a white man or non black man in media! And having Rihanna as a spoke person only proves my point keep getting fooled by these people all you want SMH soon you people will believe That during slavery that there wasn't no raping of men, women, and children you people will believe we wanted it.The black community does see the silent war tactics that are being used on us therefore we will always be the oppressed.

  15. You do know that slavery and the consequences of racism is not only a USA reality, right? Blacknes does not belong to black US citizens. What’s your problem with Rihanna’s song used when talking about an experience such as slavery. Any black anywhere who descended from enslaved Africans will relate with the story. Rihanna’s song is perfect right where it is.

  16. Eek could have used a different roleplay theme to convey the seriousness of racial awareness topics. $200 or more hell less sounds like to much. I'm disappointed but it's a start. A important part of history to help people in this time reflect upon themselves. As the play was supposed to be sex roleplay therapy it's so uncomfortable point of view it's therapy for the audience. Let's move on and luv one another people.

  17. The most dangerous thing about this play is how it defends that consensual sex happened between slaves and slave owners. No. For one person to consent she/he must be equal to the other partner, and free of consequences if she/he decides to say "no".

    This is some fetishistic racial/slavery thing. Sorry but this is disgusting, dangerous, irresponsible, racist and disrespectful.

  18. Thank you as always for your insights! As you said so many reviews center white people. thank you for taking the time and money to do this deconstruction! You deserve all the support!

  19. i bet you wouldn't dare step foot into a play that made satire about the Jewish holocaust, African Americans had to live through that horrible time there's nothing funny about it

  20. Here’s the problem: art is woke, but the white folks don’t want to give it up. One wonders the real impact of the show.

  21. This is horrible! Nothing you said makes this sound any better. Its actually worst then the image on social media.

  22. $200 for tickets!? no thanks I’ll get on line for general rush tickets for just $39. You just have to get up early and get on line before the box office opens at 10am.

  23. Kalukango made her broadway debut in Godspell as an understudy. She was in Holler if You Hear Me and the Color Purple Revival on broadway.

  24. This just sounds gross and makes my skin crawl.

    Imagine a sex play about Jewish people, the holocaust and concentration camps. You can’t. I’m honestly tired of black people’s trauma and pain being used so loosely.

  25. I think that there's something to be said for that this play couldn't have been made by a straight black person because of how willing the characters are to be with white people. I also think its interesting that the black man in the gay couple was the one in control. I have not seen this play but from what I know it seems somewhat informed by the exclusive nature of race and how that relates to queerness. A lot of gay black men are far more willing to lay with white men than black women are or even heterosexual black men are with white women, just because in a lot of situations straight black people have the option not to. As you have said repeatedly on this channel we desire to be partnered often to our own detriment, and because of the nature of queerness, queer spaces are a lot less racially segregated. its hard to form small tribes when you've already been cast out by the ones you were born into and so partnering white people is just a lot more common for queer people of color due to gay people often living in cities regardless of race, wanting to live near each other to build a defense against homophobic violence, all going to the same clubs regardless of race, so while most gay people, like most straight people, partner within their own race, its more likely for them to partner outside of it. I often find myself hooking up with black and nonwhite people where my straight friends do not, because its more shocking to our parents if we bring home someone of our own gender than it is to bring home someone outside of our race. Theres a lot of factors to queerness that make partnering outside of your race less difficult.

  26. Can't believe you just praised the set , lighting, humour etc of this trash. This is racist propaganda, full stop. And its disgusting. Sometimes things really are that simple… and racist, but your review doesn't surprise me…Thank god I never subscribed. Also your voice is incredibly annoying.

  27. Still interested in seeing it, only because I feel that I shouldn’t form an opinion on media until I actually consume it. But I love this breakdown video, and actually having a thoughtful analysis on the themes, rather than the reviews which are often “it good!” Or “it bad.” Thank you for this, love your videos!

  28. As an antifascist and a gay man (albeit a gay trans man, which does change my sexual experience.) I find it super interesting that the gay couple sees the black man in the dominant roll over the white man. I know that in our current society this barely applies at all because whiteness and perceived whiteness is so powerful but I found that while my white privilege is still very much in tact, if the far right had their way I would not be considered white despite my very scandinavian ancestry because my queerness serves in their mind to make me a degenerate and eject me from the club, and, again, white gays have white privlage to a disgusting degree, often a lot of the things we associate with white privilege are with held from white gays. Generational wealth is often with held from us, our interactions with police become more dangerous if we are in a setting where we are assumed to be queer such as a drug bust within the community or at a club, or breaking up protests that are majority gay, we move to ghettoized inner cities often to escape the suburbs that hold a lot of trauma for us, sending us to mixed or sometimes even black communities. This is changing with more acceptance of gay people. My third cousin and his husband, for instance, live in a white suburb. But there is a certain level of privilege that we get from being white that gets stripped away when we come out. we still have security in our whiteness but not as much as we would if we had never come out, and I think the indentured servant angle where he's still able to buy his freedom, where he could still work his way back to whiteness, where he's still more choose able than a black man but he's had his white freedom stripped from him, by his sexual position even, is wildly interesting to me. While the black man is dominant and there's probably something to say about the black buck mentality that the white gay and the white heterosexual woman probably share, and he still has more freedom than his own dom, of course, its so so interesting that his character confronts race in this way. I want to see the show now I'm absolutly facinated by the relationship between these two men and how his whiteness is effected by it. I probably would be way more interested in the black man he's partnered with if I was black and we often center our own trauma but I just find it interesting and I wonder how much the author's experience of being with men like me has informed this character, how much am I missing about myself in my whiteness that I could learn from this show, from seeing what my black partners might be afraid to call me out because I'm racially conscious to the extent that white people can be and they don't want to make me feel uncomfortable because I'm good For A White Guy. I might be willing to listen and I might go out of my way to learn but I'm going to miss stuff from how subjective my life is and I just… I want to see the show. I'm a white gay bottom who doesn't have the money to see the show, but good lord do I want to know. I want to see more shows by queer black men, but this one has a white gay man in it and I just,,, I need to know.

  29. Nothing about that play was humorous and you wasted $200 going to see it. I'm sick of white people trying to romanticized slavery . And we are, are worst enemy and how smart the white man is to hire all these blacks to work on this play so that we as Black people will support it. MISS ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Im from brazil, and this video make me realize how diferrente our debates are. Everything you told me about this play is something we need to debate here, because we are really mixed.

  31. You touched on something about the running themes in Harris' works that's interesting. I've been of the mindset that Black folks in America have PTSD and we have this love/hate, stockholm/abused child syndrome towards white people. We (and I'm generalizing) want them to see us, love us, acknowledge us, celebrate us, all while justifyingly being bitter and resentful toward them. It's maddening. Harris seems to do this on a micro level in his sexual relationships but it could be said that a lot of us do it in other ways.

  32. so basically this play is about bedwenching, buck breaking , & bed bud bucking… do u think the "jew-ish'' would not have a problem with a play making fun of the holocaust ? black folks are lost

  33. Not. For. Me.As you mentioned this isnt a play speaking to black folk that navigates through life as simply black American. on to the actual reason i want to comment lol, as far as sex between slaves and salves masters is concerned it isnt something i find difficult to wrap my head around. I dont want to limit someone's feelings to simply being about power but power does attract so many victims of kidnapping will profess from the rafters that they were or are in love with their capturer but we have language for that now and would never accept that as a fact. I think it falls somewhere in between Stockholm Syndrom and regular-ass human emotions and we will never know. I appreciate you taking the plunge so i didnt have too lol. great video as always and thanks for bringing us great content.

  34. How is it at all possible for there to be any other way of classifying sex between an enslaved person and someone that considered them their personal property? Even if an attraction is present on the part on the enslaved person, the power dynamic voids any true autonomy and ability to say no. Its kinda like a 13 yr old sleeping w/ a 30 yr old teacher they have a crush on, would this scenario not be considered rape? No matter how that child feels towards the teacher, no matter if the child willingly engaged in the act, that is still rape. The power structure has to be balanced.

  35. This isn’t joaqueunas debut as she was in the color purple which is what made it confusing her wanting to do a show like this

  36. Im not even trying to be funny but, it sounds like they were on Porn Hub where interracial/master slave dynamic section be and was like…you know what sis, let me make a play and add some dialogue to this… Its going to be edgy and controversial! 🙄🙄 Great review as always but issa no for me dawg. 😂😂

  37. So exceptionally executed. Your cultural analysis, historical synthesizing and thoughtfully constructed commentary is rare!

  38. I'm really fascinated by the ways you interpreted this similarly and quite differently than I did. I'm sorry that the comments seem to indicate an overwhelming lack of interest in the play, because I think it's really brilliantly constructed to get people talking. I did not feel comfortable entering or exiting the theater, and I think that's terrific. The laughter when I saw the play was most uncomfortable, carefully elicited by absolutely not-erotic sex (like, so awkward in all 3 couplings) and deliberate anachronisms within the design and style. I thought it was great that the white characters' perspectives weren't treated with the same reverence or stage time that the black characters' thoughts were. I liked that the white "unintended" racism was called out and not solved at play's end. I thought the black characters all came to the conclusion that seeking "white approval" had brought them there, but my interpretation at the end of the play was that all four of the black characters may end their partnerships because they were done feeling undervalued and they'd realized their own strength. People are responding to this as though the black people in the play are being exploited, but I think it's exciting that it's the collaboration of black artists who didn't tie things up in a bow making it easy to interpret. It brings up hard points and leaves them in the air. (Side note: It's pretty easy to get a good seat for under $50. It's not a big theater.)

  39. i do agree that coloured people of all races feel like whiteness is the arc of the covenant, its what all races "strive" for. i think we should work towards human-ness (lol, not a word, but im running with it), where we strive to get along and love each other for being human, and not perceived superiority. but, slave play, oh man, that is just wrong…..just, why would you want to? i guess, to see what the partner really thinks?? but, if you cant figure that out, you got bigger problems. this just sounds awful.

  40. I know you made this review so we'll consider both sides but there's nothing for me to consider here. I just don't like it

  41. Harriet, Sadly, no amount of talk or "explaining" will change the hearts and minds of people who have already made their minds up about something they know next to nothing about.

  42. Just from you speaking on this play gave me the shakes… whoever played that black woman that Harriet talked about I pray for because people will be dragging that woman to the end of time if she does any black movies smh.

  43. Just because something is packaged as “art” or fantasy doesn’t mean that the creator isn’t troubled or twisted and is simply working out their pathology at our expense.

  44. This just sounds very disrespectful to the people who did and whose ancestors went through slavery. Healing from slavery does not look like this.

  45. I would have to pass. It's disgraceful and cringey, and I'm tired of the slavery narrative. But white people on the other hand, they be enjoying it. They just love themselves a good slavery movie/play.

  46. This sounds like an uncomfortable watch. Can’t watch it even if I was thinking about it…but boy is $200 a lot of money

  47. Lmfaoo oh to pay two hundred dollars to miss the point.
    Oh to sit through black characters speaking for themselves and call it the most boring part of the play…

  48. Finally more details!!! Remember Paris doing a video a few months ago about this and how Rihanna was backing it. It sounds sick….🤢

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