If Janghoon teaches basketball… [Trio’s Childcare Challenge/ENG/2019.11.06]

– Let’s go. / – Let’s go. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. I didn’t know that there was a place like this. (A place where kids and adults) (can jump around!) This is where my kids always go. This is a place where – the kids sweat so much. / – Come on. (His heart starts beating at first sight.) – Do you like it? / – It’s so clean. There is beer in the cooler. I bet moms let the kids play and relieve their stress with a bottle. (Hooray) What are you doing, Insung? (He is happy like a fish in the water.) – It’s different from kid’s cafes. / – Yes. (Splash) Do you like that, Insung? (The Sayuri also jumps in like a fish.) This is quite deep, Janghoon. This… Gosh. Won’t this rip if I jump? – How much do you weigh? / – What? – How much do you weigh? / – Gosh. I’m over 100kg. (Heavy) I’m worried. Wait. (Plunk) (Laughing) I’ve never seen Janghoon like that. – Oh, no. / – He looks like – a one-year-old baby. / – I know. – You’re weak. / – It’s okay, but I think it will rip if I jump. No way. They made it sturdy. The baby is crying. She’s crying. Why are you crying? Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Are you hungry? Are you sleepy? Why are you crying? Come to me. There you go. Do you want to eat? – Do you like that? / – Goodness! She looks just like her mom. Here. (She’s so cute.) – She must have been hungry. / – Were you hungry? – Hello. / – The 12-year-old. The oldest. – Are you the oldest? Are you Jaewoon? / – Yes. It would be nice if he can play with his brother. Do you play basketball? – I just like it. / – Do you? – I was… / – A basketball player. – Do you know I was a basketball player? / – Yes. (Learning to dunk from the country’s best center.) You keep jumping and go like this. (He demonstrates himself.) Gosh, that’s scary. (The one-year-old is traumatized by the fall.) You need to jump a lot. (He gives him dunking lessons.) Try jumping first. No. Jump higher first. (He tries again after getting the tips!) There. More. (He fails, unfortunately.) – I’m not used to it. / – This is… – Watch. / – How do you do it? You jump first. You jump first, and when it’s enough, you shoot. I think he could get it in while standing still. I’m sorry, but I always tell you. Please don’t react like that. Then should I boo? Try it from over there. Start from here. Keep jumping high and go all the way there. There you go. That’s it. There you go! (He finally got a taste of the dunk.) See? It works. – It would’ve worked if you jumped a bit more. / – Yes. – It was almost a dunk. / – Yes. – If you jumped a bit more. / – What do you think? He’s good now. He usually doesn’t have time because of his siblings. I think he loves that kind of treatment.


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