IG vs TL | Semifinals Game 2 | 2019 Mid-Season Invitational | Invictus Gaming vs. Team Liquid

welcome back to the MSI semi-finals we just got a look at the new battle accademia skins for Ezreal Yumi Lux Katarina Jayce and graves available in the in-game score in that ingame store now if you want to make sure you can teach your opponents a little something something pick them up and guess what the score is right now I think very few people would expect you to say 100 in the favor of Team Liquid in this best of 5 let's get right into champion select because Invictus gaming have been handed the rise once again it was such a potent tool in that last game despite their loss the most important thing for anybody to notice right now at the very beginning is Invictus gaming 3rd band has changed the Jarvan band away from next nathie they don't want him on that again yeah good I doubt tension here because so much of that late game was the fact that Smith he went full tank Java and just threw himself at people whenever we needed an initiation coupled with the cipa ultimate that was impactful but more importantly he was able to use it to just go straight at rookie in the early game setting up so much of that advantage and if you are going to run a proper 5 on 5 teamfight composition you need a hard engaged rek'sai is a replacement for the early game not for the late game now taking a look at what we're seeing though despite the fact that the Jarvan got banned away we are seeing plenty of repeat picks here you are gonna see the Silas again for the side of Team Liquid supports are the same as last game but this time they're switched around and IG will also have Jackie Love on the Kai so once again Kyson is just such an important tool because if Jackie love can't go with the aggressive solo laners gets kind of left on an island so this is something I expect us to see throughout this best-of-five but the change of the supports is what is important because I felt like double lifting core JJ played the bottom lane beautifully any opportunity for aggression out of the Alistar was very easily mitigated from that braum and now on the flip side I want to see if call JJ bring some aggression to the lane and I do think that this is actually a good change of supports there for Team Liquid considering we're just going over they will need that hard to engage force later in the game core JJ has shown here in the LCS in north america that he can get the flanks he can track the vision game to find the engages on al SAR for the team will he be able to do that against big dis gaming though that is a tall task and as we're looking at the second part of the bands here we're going to see liquid pain continued respect to rookies leblanc as well as banning the olaf away from ning they don't want him controlling the jungle early on that pic Invictus gaming this second ban against a champion that they had to play against in Game one in removing the Sivir also keeping doublelift off of Lucian yeah and this is very interesting to me because TL dropping double lifts priority in the draft just is even further credit to the Evette uhrin in the bottom line can play really any ad carry and has to do so I was gonna say even back to when he was a young and playing Vayne double lift throws down the gauntlet bringing back the vein here with the Alistar combination but if they're just going to run into you in 5v5 teamfight and continually throw that gauntlet what else would you like this isn't nerve fame this is Ginsu zat plus sabor fan to item spikes so strong yeah you do want something that will be able to survive in skirmishes where you don't have set battle lines alright we're going to see the Lee sin picked up a hit again once more or Invictus gaming IG are hovering this Nico I don't know if it's just a BM teamliquid and get in their heads or if they're actually gonna take it away and they will i G taking both these support and top lane that Team Liquid played last game and what is the adaptation if impact does he take the Silas or is it something like a gangplank something like the Vladimir peace champion poll has grown over MSI and leaving him counter pick yet again to try and get something done and there's not a lot of great matchups in to rise or Nico those two have such huge threats for the top side so they're gonna sit him on the Silas you take a bit of a CS deficit and you try and become more useful to your team later now the interesting thing here is because we're seeing the Silas and rise again you would think oh it's the same matchup but the Silas 4tl will be in the hand of impact this time around as opposed to Jensen and if you look at Invictus gaming the rise is going over to rookie entropy – I on Nico and the big key to best of fives is always adaptation Invictus gaming have had so many improvements here they've banned away multiple champions Team Liquid use last time I want so successfully and they've been able to get themselves a very good matchup here for the shot however this looks very much like a 1 3 1 comp and we just saw IG even with the lead continue to run in to TL look for the teamfights we said that this meta has turned into picking the solo laners that can teamfight better no one's really succeeded in winning a map wide 131 we'll see whether IG has a discipline to do so in this game that's one of the advantages for Team Liquid also grabbing themselves the vein this is one of the 80 carries that can actually try to 1v1 solo laners in a split push scenario the ability to constantly proc the IMP is with the final hour as well as once you have that bort rageblade every other Auto being a silver bolt the champion is incredibly scary in those situations but for Team Liquid what a mental buff that must be to win the first game be coming into game 2 with that lead they know now Invictus gaming are mortal you can pierce that armor confidence is huge everyone will remember that last game very up and down though swinging teamfight to teamfight and fitness gaming pulling ahead getting to Barrens and then Team Liquid coming back out of a snare from Impact and a 1 teamfight inside their own base everything needs to be wiped clean though game number 2 starting fresh and just because I mentioned it last game I want to make sure I mention it here again the shy also you can tell by the Keystone's and a starting item press the attack along with the Dorian's blade is going to be going for that split push style we are not gonna see a team fighting style ap Nico other than that everything is pretty much par for the course here yeah maybe spell book is something that you can talk about on the Orianna not looking for a heavy bully lane instead prising the fact that you can swap the Klan's especially for level 6 versus this rise Lee sin matchup we were so interested to see whether Jensen and smithy just go at rookie well it worked the first name they were able to build that advantage with the burnt flash I'm expecting smithy to do something similar here and remember it was Jensen who got himself first blooded in the last game by Ming's intervention into the mid lane but it was also Jensen who after those scraps in the top lane turned things back towards TL was really ahead and was able to do things later on and look at this setup here deep Ward from the Shayan Nikko also trying to cut off impact by hit hiding in that try bush but in fact goes the safe way all the way around to the lane so he doesn't get cut off and that means xmithie does not get a leash on the red buff has to clear his own camps and crucially him Ming has got a leash so they know exactly where the Latian has started whereas smithy has soulard out his first camp I expect that means that Ning wants the top lane turret I have one thing you can do on a range match up into Silas is protect the way look to stack it in and then maybe look to get on the impacts turret and if you are a top laner in that situation the biggest thing to recognize if that is coming at you is if your opponent is slow building the wave that would be last hitting and trying to allow most of their minions to build up into a large wave that will crash all at once that's when you call your jungler to for the biggest advantage I was gonna say the most important thing there is dialing 1-800-455-1052 it's himself away from the CC and actually turns this gank right around thing showing up now means tal is some trouble Ning with flash-forward shiz also going to be flashing forward it's Team Liquid both going down almost one more for the shy the shy ephors level one knows that Expedia is coming for it dodges both skill shots from Team Liquid lands the double snare and is rewarded with a double kill at three minutes into the game he is going to take over team liquids early game Silas stuns have not been good in either one of these games so far and right there it costs them so big and the big thing here is don't throw the skill shot let smithy borrowed let him flash on top of the target they're throwing it too early it's not guaranteed at that point and they turn around gang as a jungler to be here second is so crucial expending the flash early guaranteeing the slows and cleaning up the kills can see except he almost buying impact enough time there by knocking Ning up into the air allowing impact to walk away but it was not enough and now that the shiz got himself those two kills he's also got a red buff in this lane life is hell for impact yeah it certainly is not to mention the fact that sustain already in at level four in the form of that damn scepter and now you look towards how this spills over and impacts other lanes with this pressure already secured top where doesn't Inge look to get busy well sighs oh pretty busy with the auto attacks here in the topside impacts barely keeping himself alive where there with the corrupting potion but the shy is so scary all right big minion way of building up as well impacts very scared that the enemy jungler is coming but he cannot get away from this one and doesn't know that Ning is on the bottom side ex mithi here has cleared out once again now looking mid instead both junglers ready to pounce rookies already here Ning shows up but he lands the sonic wave only on to the minion that means this is not gonna work out for I Chi yeah and the bottom side bottom side his core JJ's starting things up Jackie love taking some damage they have it a return stun gun coming out and core JJ's they also have some trouble double if not able to find the stun on to Jackie means he will not be getting himself the kill for JJ now gonna be building up the stun here yet again but Ning is made his way into the bottom side we're gonna make this a three speed to Ning trying to close it up devil if will not be able to ejaculate gonna be taken very low for Team Liquid Ning in bow on back themselves away Jensen shows up behind rookie he's gonna be ruining up and brought very low flashing out but still stunned up core JJ with a nice interception of the overload will keep his mid laner alive and the fireworks just continue to it game number two bottom side three teleports are now used and they're gonna have Invictus gaming pushing in and possibly looking for the dive Jensen is alone IG with four members down here will surely find this dive Jensen can only bother to try to get one in return Jensen walking away from the turret there's no way out of this one and he is cleaned up by Jackie love he'll gifted over to the Invictus gaming ad carry and now on summoners rift there are 10 summoner spells on cooldown a jungle is paradise for this early in the game and you can see they just want to get active right if you look at the mini-map right now when the replay starts this is where the mid lanes gank goes and they see the Lee sin exit to the bottom side so this whole skirmish here heading down the river trying to join doublelift almost getting the condemned they're a little bit more range than might have been able to have it but because he does not it is a three versus two here Ning trying to get through double if does flash three doesn't get gone so early for JJ gonna get the ignite gonna get to knock up and flash away then with Jensen and rookie both teleporting in they actually are able to pull them out of it flashing away is Jensen and gorget is gonna block that cue to make sure that Ning doesn't trade one more and once again the TL support just with multiple raids in that fight not burning the ignite while here was still available using it to secure a kill and then as you mentioned playing the ultimate bodyguard at the end of the skirmish if Jensen had a left with the team that's nearly a 1/4 nothin with so many summoner spells burn for smithy on the right side to revisit the bottom lane but we're watching Invictus gaming play Invictus gaming League of Legends getting scrappy all over summoners rift early on here in this game it's built them up to over a 1000 gold lead just seven minutes in you've already got rookie stack in the tier topside the berserkers Greaves completed for the shy means he's gonna have that much more mobility and a tax feed to deal with impact in this one versus one IGS feeling good so far with the early game yeah and to me still the biggest part of this game was that top lane first blood double kill for the shy just because there's so much action down on the bottom side don't forget about on hit Nico extremely annoying to deal with in lane and especially with that lead bottom side though once again Ning looking for action you gotta love how often this guy wants to get involved in the lanes but the wards swept out of him standing on a control ward he now knows it's safe doublelift walking very close this gets very dicey pretty quick has level 6 and flash captain plows he might just look for this here we go for JJ and the brush gonna be waiting on him a nice chain CC from Team Liquid will deny the gang is your ultimate bodyguard award once again well earned by core JJ there starts the knock-up allows double if to follow it up with the condemned and I just feel coach AJ is one of those players hold that thought we go Forex smithy trying to get in there the shock wave is gonna stop the round or but teamliquid have found themselves they taught of damage on the rookie that's a pickup they needed for jets very well placed by Jensen he knows that there is no flash on rookie so he's able to hit the edge of the shockwave to stop the ultimate there there by not needing xmithie to flash in for his own knocker and after watching TL play g2 it looked like there was a legitimate wing condition opened up of attacking the mid laner caps fell victim to it now it looks like rookies in back-to-back games bowling under all of this pressure and attention that his smithy giving into the mid lane we talked about on the dive spawn ex mithy having a go mid with Jensen in order to find success in this series people said it could not be done but it is happening cuz the thing is as rookies still had a good game one but you just limit his impact by taking away early game resources cuz he's such a potent Lena you're never gonna shut him down but you must be able to control the base but remember we saw all those stuns in game number one the mechanical talent of the player will always shine through no matter how behind he is and that's what we want to see Team Liquid never forget over the course of this series lest they fall victim to IG just being so damn good Jackie Levin foul on continuing to trade with doublelift and core Jay Jay down here over the ball comes X 50 level six now looking to find some James EC down on the Jacke love getting himself away with the killer instinct Team Liquid will not get anything except for foul on seal there yeah very good move there by bow line keeps his wits about and puts up the shield so there's no follow-up damage even though his ad carry is in a bad spot gets double knock up he puts up the shield to deny the follow-up damage and Jackie love is one of the best Caixa players that not using his flash when ultimate will do uses the ultimate to just reposition himself get that small shield and duck back under the turret for safety many others would have flashed it such a longer cooldown give credit when someone has mastered a champion that's why he has a skin killer instinct just shy of a 2 minute cooldown flash sitting on 5 it's an easy choice to make when you know one will suffice topside though impact continuing to have his turret get damaged pretty heavily by this enemy Nico and one thing we haven't really commented on yet that's such a big part of this match between Silas and Nico when he's sealed on hit Nico's all his way better meanwhile midlane can have some more action they have to be careful the vision game has been very heavily contested here and Invictus gaming just saw both the jungler and the support from Team Liquid so they know we're both roamers are and this could turn into a 3 B 3 if either side is feeling confident up to go for it but considering they're both posturing like they've got something hidden behind their back they both back off with the way that this game has gone I expect action and ex-missus actually gone to the wolf camp that might cost them Ning and foul on both hovering on the top ledge the gold lead keeps building for Invictus gaming – look at the fact that they're up to one and a half out of their opponents now it's gonna be the bait for JJ steps up just yet but yeah the Invictus gaming squad keeps farming up well they keep making sure they build these advantages passively through their economies topside hits the shy still perpetually in control in the jungle Ning continues to out pharmacy and that's what Team Liquid has to always be aware of is just how far behind they might be falling now the river is the highway of summoners rift and this is where all of the effort is going into controlling the vision because if you can control that highway of the river then you get to pull up ganks like this here comes me again three versus one is not a kind of fight Jensen's walking away from and MIG gets himself killed but I do like the Jensen tells him firm that some of the spells that was a great setup from IG they came from multiple directions he wasn't gonna be a began call playing those impacts stealing away that pop blossom from the shy the shy popping his own blossom back as impact winds out on the trade for now not too bad as Xfinity goes after Ning here the one versus one core JJ's gonna hold rookie off no more blood to come from this one just yet and before that we were talking about what the river does and how it allows you to go in you can see how hotly contested is but this is what mid lane priority does it allows you to generate vision on your side of the map have a look at how much control tl have bottom side of river right now around that dragon area you can see what the next objective is it's for Jensen to be able to push in for them to be able to gain control here so we'll see whether this is another area that I G look to start a fight meanwhile tracking those summoner spells so important in looking where to attack everybody now getting all of their flashes back the only one still on cooldown is bow on on the bottom side and that is the Brom who can jump to a to an ally no drinks have been taken yet this game at 13 minutes either if a team decides they're confident enough to go for that or for the rift herald which is honestly where we saw the game take a big turning point earlier on that was where Team Liquid first took the lead in game number one when IG overextended themselves for those early objectives and we know that this is the kind of team but if there's a dragon or a rift Carroll that their opponents are trying to take they're not gonna let it do it yeah IG is just always contesting around deficits in these tournament so far we mentioned it could be but it's like don't pick on my teammate style any time it looks like a member of IG is caught out multiple members will rotate to try and save them this game is the most kind of calm and calculated we've seen IG play and that's why it's so much slower and we've also had multiple rooms by both jungler and support in mid lane now is no different six members mid as is normal this is just what these games are turning into of the logos core JJ and expending that as a TPS channel by Invictus gaming tal wants to head for the hills now lon looks to chase even further but he won't be able to go there because of the ball positioning from Jensen seems like what disengages getting the TP out of the shot that is a very big equalization right there impact has had to use his teleport on cooldown basically in dealing with this Nico with the two kills and early first play double its going for the one bottom side this is the bane this is the montage play you look for not able to find the damage though Jackie love down to 100 HP and backup is coming yeah both marksmen gonna back off with very little health left as both teams converge they were the only ones left by themselves down there and even they are going at it one Auto Attack left that is going to leave Invictus gaming with control of the dragon here comes Team Liquid Oh Team Liquid now willing to taking him down rather quickly impact goes into the pop blossom not finding anyone with that big ultimate they coming right back into the teamliquid lines Court is now gonna be the dark of the shine not able to find a gig with his pop boss either to kill him to me rookie and Jackie loves to live team up but health bars gonna be low on everybody except for him packing Jensen Jensen down to 5% mana you've got to keep it in mind you can't fling the spells unless you've got some gas in the tank teamliquid still working in the mouth trick still securing it they've taken the objective out played at every corner in this teamfight what am i watching spun yeah it's a big thing here it's just look at how multiple angles again for this TL setup the majority is the team coming in but it's ultimately the flank of coach AJ that get this started the LCS world champion himself core JJ blasts cone into the defending world champions he gets kicked back he flashes out after the shy uses his ultimate there and me gets so load on the other side then the return here Invictus gaming just funneling more and more kills into Team Liquid and that's another fight from a deficit you got to give credit to Team Liquid every setup looks great at the moment but what is IG doing you can't fight full v5s when you just get picked at the start like that victus gaming with the lead but Team Liquid not backing down they've taken on the same mentality still looking to fight their way out of a deficit and now they've started up the rift Herald teleports are coming in we're gonna have another brawl it's another River fight over a neutral objective Ning Jackie love and bow on moving up Team Liquid with for nearby double if cannot participate in the fight he's not here yet how long could be the target stunt up for a moment Rose up the ships keep himself safe rookie in the shot unit wise I'm this could be big from the shop with he's in some trouble getting himself away just barely but a nice kick from davidic or JJ victims of trouble he's gonna be still [Applause] on both side and this game is just a bloodbath every time I Chi look to fight TL say we have your measure and nothing great flank from coach AJ but this time IG able to equalize and the shy the only one left sitting on Invictus gaming side is gonna be able to push up that mid wave it's mithi the survivor of Team Liquid will go back to farm the jungle and this is just insane because it looks like a four-way break Oh JJ's already engaged up the wall but this time it's a giant on the nikah with a huge man that looks so big for big contaminate smithy flashes out and double it the rice just in time he condemns being they get the first kill impact going in on two rookie but the shock waves from Jensen fine four of them gets the double kill Jackie love holding in tension with his dying breath gets off the attack move dissonance does also flash in the end with the last of those missiles taking his life so again with all this action everyone getting so high fee you have to track these flash cooldowns no time we're gonna get into another fight Ning over the wall stays alive stunned up double flip the ball up there but not enough to go over the wall and chase him any further with the enemy jungler at half HP team like but now once again thinking about the rift error and this is again where the drop just comes up massive pity else because at this stage of the game control mages in 5v5 pain fights just reign supreme you have a look at Jensen's item no whacking no one can go near the Coriana he just does too much damage IG need to slow down they need to split up the matter they made a play to the 131 but they just seemed unable to do so we're seeing similar lessons from last year's World Championship with so many enjoyed right now though to be one possible dive onto impact it's the Invictus gaming solo laners rift held from topside for Team Liquid how long can impact all team liquid is saying impact by time holdout run if you can we're attacking somewhere else and sure enough they will first turret goes down in the top lane in favor of Team Liquid puts them in their first gold lead of this game as Jackie love will be left to deal with Shelley you can just see who kick goes slightly wide but it's actually TL that are reading the plays a little bit quicker this time they knew that impact was under fire but he was able to clear out that quikrete way and in the end it was IG having to rotate to the mid lane next dragons another Claire cloud I would be surprised if both teams fought over it again but this series seems it's all about the 5 B 5 I would not be surprised if anybody fought over anything in this series spawn that seems to be the name of the game just slugging it out may the better man win as double if moves back into the bottom lane now still working on the rageblade Jackie love app that you item power spike for Caixa double it's still getting closer to his Invictus gaming won a trial a world championship slugging it out now double left here with the red buff feeling very confident on the vein you mentioned in champion select a big part of picking this is that it is one of the few marksman champions that can actually side lane you can see that that's where he's sent him right now he's facing the teleport Nico so who goes with impact at the moment cuz he's just push 383 again or JJ face checking the brush Alistar not too afraid Brahma either both of these supports so good at just being that meatball on the front line you little continue pushing up you're in the mid lane taking priority over the way so they can go back to the Drake impact flanking around a possible die appear but not enough members from Invictus gaming showing Team Liquid now transitioning to the dragon court JJ at about two-thirds HP is feeling up but you have to be careful when you don't have all that health to work with double if there's plenty of damage to this trick you'll be able to blink away at the health bar with that we don't know it's secure already by TechSmith you and in fact made his way into the fight but he will not find the stun on them on to bal lon which means teamliquid will not be going for a fight here the shy has TP but he will be late to fight if it breaks out without him yeah you can tell ID not making the call to contest that dragon because they don't call for the teleport of the shy he can take that turret in payment instead and this is finally you know some modicum of control being exerted from both teams TL not expending flashes to try and start up that fight and IG sticking to the guns of the split-push however maybe has overstayed his welcome here doublelift heading into the top lane to recount one to one now IG equalizing that objective but they are still down zero to two in the drakes gold practically dead even between these two squads everyone came into this series expecting this to be so one-sided for the side of Invictus gaming the current world champions but Team Liquid really stepping up here in this series so far Team Liquid have been challenged and they have stood up with a resounding answer here rookie and impact now will be the bottom lane split pushers teleport available for impact you said said already the shy has his rookies is coming up as well and remember Invictus gaming are the ones fielding three teleports they have more options in spreading the map yeah they certainly do but they haven't spread the map so then you just look at who's got the better someone who spells the teamfights at this stage and that has to go across to TL I agree with you if this goes into a 131 if Jackie lob gets parked mid with bow on they're going to be very hard to pull out of it however T Hal have shown craftiness and I think that's the area that people didn't expect them to be able to go with IG they just as decisive and they're looking for their place for JJ once again our eyes turned to the MVP on the ala star he's hidden himself up and away in the corner here while the team starts baron looking for the flanking gauge remember IG did this to TL in the laughs guy and they stuck the baron but now is take down jet said that things go south for TL for JJ's gonna fall next as impact is losing the 1v1 against the shy off to the side devil it shows up but now he's the next one into the binder pulled it up and beaten down teamliquid lose three that's not cheap for Barrett and it fit this gaming already for it who is cakey who here they turned the kills and their reward will be barren you can see that rookie this time we'll try and keep sneaky away from the pit this will not be a smite contest i tee with five alive get the ball and what a change of pace from where things were going team liquid was feeling confident they felt like they were in charge but as soon as you overexert and make a mistake it's IG who's ready to punish and look at the jungle right there they have control wards around Sol Invictus gaming have defenses here even though core JJ seized his target and team Luke would funnel in immediately answered by Ning and bow on Jackie love bolting in on paisa and in the top right corner of your screen you see the shibez holding down impact and facing him into 1v1 chasing him off picking up the extra kills here so even though double it flashes its into the open waiting arms of Nico and this time it's AG that came from multiple angles and it was Jensen not being able to get a shock wave off Ning with a beautiful kick to deliver him to rookie IG showing that they still have that ability to turn it around and highlighting Kai sensibility to join from half a screen away jakela old skin to the teamfight they're adding the extra damage and they close the pincer on teamliquid and moves like that are just definitive of IG to me this is a team that yes they can fall behind early they're very scrappy early I mentioned already how they often have more deaths than kills at fifteen minutes into the game once the lanes end but you give them an inch and they are taking a mile every single time and now the shy on this on hit Nico to one and five blade of the ruined King wit's end both completed has set up shop in the bottom Lane yep they've got the split push tools available and now with Baron actually the shy and pack goes apple but when the stun doesn't land impact is gonna be in for a world of hurt and this is something that the shy has become famous for not just escaping ganks but turning them around look how much pressure he has on the map and look at mid lane yep this bear buffs gonna get them to turrets you're actually engaged my core the shy is taken down he is chained cc'd underneath the turret bike or JJ I say a chain but it's a one link chain he's bursted out and that's a big pick for to you and once again double lift is pushing on Vayne core JJ trying to defend at the base right now with the rest of team liquid this is still at four versus forward double if they're in the top side impact gonna be in some trouble core JJ likely gonna be focused here next will not be taken down Jim yet thanks to the Ultimate Team Liquid hold on rookie down to 200 HP as devil continues attacking there on the topside a critical defense here they're trying to split push versus a baron buff and they are actually doing it he liquid will continue just holding this wave in the mid lane top lane tier two Falls core JJ man should get himself in to de-spawn platform to make sure he's healed up there he's topped off and although Team Liquid are having to hold on with everything they got everything that god is enough for now double if you really want to okay cool for a second I was thinking we were gonna get the solo queue vein treatment pop out of the bushes final hour but devil is not risking anything on those kinds of plays I mean this Fame double of slip pushing side light it's taking me back to season 3 captain flowers he is able to get away from Ning who roamed up the river to try and find him as well and Team Liquid get the reset this pair and power play not as substantial as we would have expected with the pick on to the shy under the turret double at answering split-push tower and just jensen again being able to repel this attack crucial chunk on to rookie the mid laner is standing often the transformation of core JJ and Jensen going into this series in particular is just impressing the heck out of me every teamfight every little thing that they've been able to do to just force IG back and you're talking about which players on Team Liquid are impressive but on the other side for Invictus gaming the next time we get in another one of these fights if there's been so many up so far the man I'm keeping my eyes on the most is Jackie love stopwatch Maw storm raiser Ginsu 'he's rageblade this Caixa has done so much for this team here so far and I don't expect that to change anytime soon Invictus gaming are wielding a 4,000 gold advantage in items right now and they've returned to push on team liquids bottom towers but once again they make the map small and it's going to be they attack on to the shy they know that no one is top lane they know that mid lane they still have 30 seconds before it crashes so they look for that play they still have the rise Riki pushes mid lane and then they join the team this 5 is for now impact still gonna find some more DPS but team with little disengage and once again it's Team Liquid grabbing a kill and getting out cleanly IG will look to stick around this time however and try and break the turret yeah they have the health lead doublelift is back in base Enix mithi Rico and right now on this minion wave Invictus gaming looking to take his hour doublelift on his way back impact with a good dodge away from those tangle Barb's and Thiele Howe Oriana and Silas waveclear doing its work here buying time for the recalls to reset and double if this back out on mid lane back out on split push duty and they have no baron buff you have to be able to play multiple lanes against an Orianna instead they're looking to once again go for a dive IG just throwing the same play time and time again and is not working and you can see impact popping that Nico ulti in the chamber every single time he gets the chance I mentioned it earlier I'm gonna say again on hit Nico's ultimate it is kind of goofy it doesn't do a whole lot if you do it for the stun the damage is rather unimpressive but when Silas steals it away when he gets a 1.2 ap ratio you can completely decimate a teamfight impact with the Luden's echo along with that proto belt means he's got the AP to really make that one sting if he gets the chance to pop it off look at Jensen's inventory to void staff Morello nomicon he wants to make sure that he deletes people this series has hinged on baron team fights here baron back out onto the map for JJ once again hex Ted flashes over into the brush right now that is how they got their last engaged in defense rookie chucking happy rookies able to find the sterak's gage avec smithy force that reksai back a little bit now is foul on the frontline gonna be eating some damage rookie had to use his own flash bow on the same Invictus gaming getting themselves away for now but what's this in the bottom Lane machine-gun Nico rat-a-tat-tat once again takes down the t2 and now Team Liquid is forced to make a decision the decision is Baron the shy is in the base that Team Liquid is on to the other gentleman niggas a hero if he's able to seal this little way right now there's gonna be taken down to 2k it's secured by X 50 on the side of TL but are they able to disengage in time Gorge h8 going into the stasis there in the Baron pin he'll be taken down as a noble sacrifice impact wants to find a kill on to Ning [Applause] Jennsen once again with a critical shockwave level 16 Orianna here it was a beautiful kick by name to get impact out of the realm warp but they forgot about the other solo laner and Jensen is able to land and you can just tell a G's mindset they teleporting with a split push it to try and take this Y you can see mink on get into the pit and it looks like PL successfully yet however once they grab to kill onto courgette a rookie no hesitation once they chase with a round wall yes Invictus gaming looking for the kills and at that moment we are back we already got the shy in the ground and sure enough he's gonna have somebody joining him a double kill the impact the man who is cold you can only play tanks what are you doing on a carry pick it everybody marches down mid with the rest of the team and with Baron buff that can be the victory Team Liquid will push in for an inhibitor that is no double if alive so I don't know whether they can end however one more kick could do the trick watch the shockwave Jackie lob prone to getting caught out will just back away Team Liquid is not done yet they will continue pushing up here in the mid lane everybody's ready to go IG ten seconds left on Ning 15 on the Sharks core JJ is going himself away until it's nippy cut him down to dead Ferengi rookie stands alone he's trying to kill the minions that's what he has to do 400 rocky manages to get the minion away and buy enough time for the rest of my G the next wave is here however flower is still 30 seconds at time is they might still look for it and our list is heading down pit lane for Team Liquid members doublelift making his way into the base he'll be there before IG responds impact continues the front line he's able to find his way onto Ning doing a lot of damage burning him down the last idol attack from Jensen is going to be enough ladies the Shia stunned up the Shia is brought down liquid will take us to match point [Applause] not a single analyst even gave two games a teamliquid in the entire series but they are 2-0 ahead of the defending world champions right now and they just did it with a double of vein pick yeah exactly right and so many things pointing to this is TL playing their game it was your iana it was the vein this is adaptations in pick bands and everything that we saw in the regular season that people said was not replicatable on the international stage starting to come out for the liquid lineup not only our analysts but 99% of analysts worldwide were just proved wrong with that Nexus exploding for the second time on the side of a I G team liquid is stepping up so hard today and it's really hard to levy the same criticisms as in the past offensively towards them no I'm saying as someone who has seen these the same thing said about na teams over and over and over again Team Liquid is saying we're not falling into that trap and they're improving at all does s team liquid have taken a bit of Invictus gaming to heart here they have gone straight at them fighting every single skirmish looking to out fight there away from a deficit as well and it's not only that they're saying that in these mechanical plays in the turnaround fights that we are confident enough to be able to go at you what makes AG so scary is their ability to just go for the 50/50 play well so many of them are going over to TL yeah I mean the Orianna you mentioned it multiple times but then beautiful Jensen's most played the shockwaves over and over in all this chaos Invictus gaming are losing track of that ball yeah and I think that they're actually losing track of what the game plan is that's a 1 3 1 comp that just ran into so many fights and tal rightly make them pay for it and as we're watching some of the best games from North American teams ever at an international event MasterCard is putting the best fans in eSports in the spotlight by surprising fans of the day throughout the midseason Invitational with official riot merch today these Team Liquid fans have had a lot to celebrate not only is their team up 2 and 0 against the world champions they also received fizz flush from MasterCard that's one way to celebrate you get free stuff your team is popping off it's a good day out there but for a closer look at team liquids win let's head over to Shox Raz and a sail on the ground in Taipei that is a fantastic way to celebrate Team Liquid is up to and zero over the world champions IG I know one more time I G we can't get too carried away but how can you not after two of those games from your hometown sweethearts from some it's it's it's so exciting to see a team playing this well against you know what was definitively the most impressive team at the tournament this is a team that has dominated internationally at Worlds crushed the group stage and TL is up 2 to 0 after going o to them in groups yeah let's take a look at this pick and ban okay there was a lot of talk about adaptation razz what was good here about tiel's draft or what was good about IGS before he saw the game it's like a tournament wide adaptation ala star versus Brahma is something we didn't even see during the group stage we saw tahm Kench so heavily from Team Liquid so it seemed like coming into this series Alistar was a major focal point bow line played a poorly in Game one and Game two gorgeous J we just went off with the pick something I do want to touch on also is the vein pick and we talked a lot about this the fact that when when you're Team Liquid you are now riding on that confidence off game 1 and I wanted to see them keep that going and even though the vein didn't get a pentakill or what not the fact that they dare to pick this and they try and ride that momentum speaks volumes to me about tiel's state of mind I mean it reminds me so much of something double-o said in playoffs he's talking about him versus Bergson Burks and he said you know his best is worse is like this and double-o says his best is verses like this but when he's at his best when he's feeling it he does no one can match him and when you're locking in vain against the world champions you are feeling yourself after Game one you kind of have to write because in this game in particular he took control of the side lane just based off that matchup the team is playing excellently well in teamfights so he can just go all right into it for me just once again hitting the draft because Alice started played such a crucial part of it in game 1 in game 2 you're going up against Nico and braum and just finding your way into these fights really does feel like coin flip and so when they finally hit those bites it doesn't even matter if it's just one pick if they catch out their eyes a flash on that one vein instantly can find a way just a bit closer towards those folks yeah and I think we should just talk about core JJ for the influence he's had on this game and it started very early on you wanted to see okay what kind of a difference can you make on this Alice Starr and it happened quite early yeah it certainly did I mean core JJ I think was playing incredibly well in this game certainly you know in Lane but as well as in the teamfights and I think one of the things that was most interesting to me was core JJ and his success or failure I think dictated so much of his success or failure of TL in this game when he was really on point when he was finding those proper engages TL was succeeding and when he wasn't able to they weren't and it's so fun for me to see the NA LCS MVP on forum gear international tournament he's taking us step away from the tahm Kench and the Brom he's playing more aggressively on this pick and he's looking great I did a group stage he wasn't even in my top 10 list that's how poorly he was playing during that time and the fact that he was able to be this powerful in these teamfights on top of that Jensen has been on point with his Orianna balls the earlier teleport plays to that they've been fumbling in the group stage not happening here yeah and that gives core JJ and this one also the MasterCard player of the game and I think that is well-deserved that we are now going to demonstrate exactly why that is because we talk so much about that Alistar the moves he can make and how important he is in engaging the teamfights and we saw so it doesn't work out it falls to the wayside so let's take a look first up at that early 15-minute dragon for Team Liquid where so much of the game positions around yeah it certainly did I mean this is all about the flank you know and this is an earlier fight this was I believe the 1v1 kind of setting up to this SS rating very heavily with Jack but they're not exactly in doublelift did have life steel with the blade the rune King so he can deal back up a little bit more private prior to the fight and then it's poor JJ he knows he's not a vision he has the blast cone as a way in finding the flanken this was so critical in a lot of the tl teamfight wins because there are longer skirmishes and if you just look at how lee sin's gonna be able to play this one out he gets the Alistar perhaps it's a misclick and it really zones him out so he dies out in the backend yeah exactly it was a great flash there from doublet to avoid that kickin and then it is again this is a failed engage this was kind of more the other side of the coin when they're not able to find that clean engage how good I G is and actually playing out these skirmish messy style of teamfights and then again I believe we do perhaps have that later fight we're coordinating is again able to find the most successful engage it really has been all about him pen he actually nailed these fights yeah what I thought wasn't so impressive once again from Team Liquid as that happens you know they lose that first parent but they don't lose the morale and they don't lose sight of what is important in this game after this even though this doesn't go as well as it should they say in the game they consistently look to catch dick this gaming at fight that was excellent there and even the proceeding I think Orianna ultimate shockwave just being able to clean them out these this happens throughout the game and so it's just change in attitude from Team Liquid that we kind of saw at the back end of the group stage but they're willing to match Invictus gaming in these fights and they're doing it well so as we wrap up game 2 now 2 and 0 for team liquor just want to hear from you guys what have you been lacking from IG so far where are they dropping the ball and how did they turn it around yes that's actually what's coming out of my mouth right haiji has to turn it around a lot of it is comes down to later execution when they have leads because once again these are team Team Liquid fights that they're clawing back into the game with and so game one once again a three-man hit from Nico being able to get them back into the game that's Invictus gaming not finding themselves on side lanes so once again if you have these split push compositions put rise on side lanes and draw the game out and for me it's kind of funny to say it but I think you know gran did they need to play the game more slowly right you know this is IG and teal are actually playing the game to a pace and executing at a level that IG I think are struggling to keep up at times they are struggling to match them blow-for-blow and as you say they're often picking these side Lane picks you know they had the rise in game number one why are they trying to force in that v e5 I think it is at times overconfidence they are feeling that they can just outplay to Ellen and not necessarily playing fully – they're wearing conditions so – IG when they get those early leads slow it down play the side lane set up vision and try to slowly squeeze the yellow out of these games final note then Isaiah you can put on your endless hat or your any fan hat I don't care how does Team Liquid close it out and make it to the MSI final with a possible 300 over Invicta I just got to keep the magic rolling I said this confidence that we have seen has been a beautiful thing to see all I gotta say is let's go oh I'm so sorry rise of course still rooting for Eiji but what a game we've seen how Team Liquid twice in a row now can they do it one more time or will we see IG rise again we're going to find out after the break so don't go anywhere well my flash-forward shines also gonna be flashing forward it's Team Liquid I'm protections of trouble [Applause] looking for boys come on guys so Josh you going for our drive safe and safe discount yep using the app driving safe you want to go you wanna go bro hey do not mess with my discount you can save up to 30% nice to meet you go get em tiger sounds like you've got this yeah definitely get a discount up to 30% with drive safe and save from State Farm


  1. Omg Jensen's Shockwaves!!!!
    CoreJJ needs to stay on the engage supports next level sh*t!

  2. I really don’t understand how ig lost the first two games. Game 1 syndra landed a stun under turrent, then they attempted a 4v5 under turrent, got annihilated then lost the game. Game 2, the shy chunked syalas, cockily hit turrent in front of orianna, got himself killed, wasted a good baron push opportunity. What a bloody arrogant team.

  3. Corejj was being in the zone. Yeah, but imo we must give props to xmithie. We all saw how 5050 he was during groups but maaaan this bo5 he smurfed ning's ass whole series.

  4. TL's performance totally deserved this victory, just better teamwork in general. They have read IG's strategy inside out and being as aggressive as IG. Damn I see the hope of NA LOL.

  5. So, can Ning stop playing lee sin, he seems to play very poorly every game on it this msi. Look at all the failed plays he has done, over extends then goes for a kick back then does Smith.

  6. I would still give Faker the edge as a player over The Shy. The past two games The Shy has made basic positioning mistakes that Faker would never make.

  7. Why cant there be an option where people can look where they want to or see ones player with their POV. And it be cool to see how many people are watching a single player.

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