IG vs TL | Semifinals Game 3 | 2019 Mid-Season Invitational | Invictus Gaming vs. Team Liquid

welcome back to the msi knockout stage we're Team Liquid are on the verge of one of the biggest upsets in league of legends history currently standing 2-0 up against the world champions of Invictus gaming got some catching up to do we're a little bit late to champion select so let's go ahead and wrap the fire catch you all up here real quick Team Liquid is on the blue side this time around a difference for the first two games they will ban out Rhys Silas and Jace IG banning out the Terek via Kali and the Jarvan Nico lissandra Morgana all gonna be banned in the second half as we've got the lovers duo plus LeBlanc which was kept away from rookie in the previous two games for IG and TL will have Rex I Forex smithy once again and the bottom lane of Caixa and Gallio ah this is interesting to see the first blue side strategy here from Team Liquid and in that exchange to secure a jungler that has autonomy in the early game vork smithy the REC side there since the Jarvan was banned out they do give up the lovers duo and such a big talking point especially after Team Liquid won their game against GT on the final day of group flows man give Xfinity some priority give this guy some room to work with it's so critical for Team Liquid to succeed and then putting first picked Rio on having him on that top tier jungler says that's what they're thinking you mentioned in a game number one captain flowers xmithie coming into this series at the lowest jungle proximity of every jungler at the tournament that means the lowest time spent near his teammates ganking early on in the game yeah it certainly did however Ning has some of the highest and now he finds himself on sejuani a level 6 spiking jungler that doesn't do all that much interacting with a solo lanes yet yeah it has no champion that's gonna help stack up the stun for sejuani currently however another adjustment we should look at is the LeBlanc for rookie he is tired of getting pushed around this assassin is definitely scary in the hands of a player of that caliber and remember the past two games it was banned out in phase two of champion select liquid was willing to leave it up for those first three picks and that means I geez decided they wanted to place enough priority on at this time to pick it there we are going to see the cannon for impact and Jensen will be on another champion that North American fans have seen him on time and time again in the syndrome and critically the LeBlanc pick it allows rookie to hold on to that safety if they don't have eyes on xmithie well bug will only get killed if she goes aggressively in that matchup and I feel like I G have made one of the biggest shifts I've seen made in a best-of-five they swap sides to red they go all out team fighting with the exception of rookies pick this is a comp that does not do all that much in the early game in fact many would consider Kennan the counter pick Jenna in the earlier phases of the game but that is a comp that can 5v5 and gnar is a champion that you just see so little these days you could see the numbers in the bottom of the screen there are just a moment ago one game we've seen of this champion it is not very common anymore but the shy is the kind of player that I would expect to know his way around any champion in League of Legends and for Team Liquid they've managed to do what almost everyone thought couldn't be done already and getting themselves to a 2-0 point now it's about closing I mean they've already doubled the winds of all the other teams at this tournament combined against Invictus gaming played SKT and if you're I G your back is against the wall this is our world champions this is the winner of the LPL the team that was supposed to be the best team in the world that down two games they climb has to start now if there's one team that I would bet though on being able to make those changes you can't leave IG out of it this is a team that showed again I want to harken back to last worlds they did take second place in two groups they had some messy games they went to a full five games against KT and then in the finals against fnatic they turned things on the question is is there enough time to run things on in this series now do they have the adaptation just in between these games for the 10 minutes that they have we'll see how big of an impact changing sides has on this game as we're out on to summoners rift for what could be the final time here today well the side change has already done its job you got rookie Leblanc one of these best champions you got counter pick for the shy he must think there is something here this however is the first game where I feel like smithy should have the run of the map from a champion perspective and he's already has two successful early games and one thing I want to comment on no Keystone's that I think are worth mentioning this time but instead what I want to mention is I G have themselves ready it's rookie and ballon on their own skins they earn these last year and they're ready to make them work not just that an eye-popping double cleanse lane for the IG bottom lane watching out for the AoE taunts from core JJ they have equipped themselves with double cleanse and as we wait for the minions to spawn and get closer and closer to what could be the final game of the first semi-final you won't want to miss the MSI Finals opening ceremony prevented by MasterCard featuring a live performance of the 2019 msi anthem bring home the glory and more tune in at the start of the finals broadcast two days from now so you don't miss a thing so we take a look at how this game is going to unfold this time both jungle is actually no it's going to be once again IG going with the leash and smithy starting in wall a wolf camp is so hard to track starting on this camp it's much quicker it should be healthier and now I want to say what smithy decides to do does he try and use this to get into a lane early all for an invade but a trading back and forth between Jensen and rookie I love the mage level one trades it's cast one spell and auto attack the guy to death both of them doing that long enough to proc the electrocutes as we'll see how this lane continues to play out remember this is rookies picked that he has a skin for this is rookies picked it's been bans against him and I had so far nice chain there on the Jensen means he wins out in the trade Jensen still trying to get that level 2 here for himself we'll finally acquire it as Xfinity goes bottom for the craft because crucially he was spotted on that ward so they have a splint map in flaming she'll be able to take away a blue buff here and maybe even try and open up some top lane ganks and this is the idea behind the wolf start here for Team Liquid and for xmithie they're forcing the split vertical jungling is what a lot of people usually will call it as you can see on the mini-map they basically split the map halfway and exchange blue sides by X with E starting on his wolf camp there is one less for Ning to farm over here yeah because the whole point it says sejuani if you want to get to level six as unscathed as possible you can see that right now rookie trying to exert as much pressure out over the midline we've talked about already but with this push it becomes so much easier to achieve that as a jungle rookie will continue pushing in as X moves into the bottom side of his opponent as Ning does the same thing in the top side understand if you struggle classic vertical tumbling here at bottom side foul on de jakke love going for a trade win out on that one big double it down to about half HP buttocks Miffy is here for the dive remember it is double cleanse it takes a lot of ZZ to make this will dwarf a cleanse ain't gonna do a damn thing against that knock up and its first blood for Team Liquid Team a liquid strike first Jensen though is under attack in the mid lane trying to heal back up with this potion what a great gang from smithy we mentioned the split map can same now walking into me things gonna give him a flap fair with the flail Smith he wants to get himself away but he has stunned up as he flashes over the wall rookie can chase after this remember Ricky has the flash ready to go xfinity get chained up and burst it down Bing will not be had lies in wait for X myth he returned into his own jungle he critically does not move by the way saying stationary there so the wreck site passive doesn't tip him off and he's able to get the surprise on the void bringer and rookies just been a monster so far this game pushing Jensen in burning summoner spells in everywhere in the jungle this main name can steal away a couple of crucial camps and maybe even look to stay aggressive yeah remember because it's myth these are the wolf camp and not the buff the red buff still there so Ning is able to get that one for himself Jensen here might be the target of the flash they get a ping on the reksai passive xfinity nose Ning is waiting around here by Jensen very low on mana so hard for him to really shove this wave out rookie waiting over the wall Ning goes in after Jensen is gonna be dammit they're taking very low but it fell on who rotates into the mid lane to find the first kill Nick Smith he's locked up he'll be berthed it down rather low but core JJ will clean up Nick so return kill fit team liquid and they will be able to stop that way from crashing yeah that's pretty big the way positioning here is actually gonna be in favor of rookie he can keep it right in front of his sorry doublelift is gonna roam up with core JJ will they try and correct this for Jensen is it such a scary spot for a syndra critically Jensen did not use his flash with a mini wave pushing against him definitely hurts the experience yeah because we take another look at this you can see that I G just want to stay aggressive but credit to call JJ able to Kenny's way to this play yeah even more creditable on though for shoring up first as he's able to secure the kill and then it is for JJ answering with the flash has the aftershock easily allowing him to get the red buff back but this is a worrying position because you can see immediately Ming once back up into this mid length wave will crash it see whether they go against all the creeps the creep auto attack was in the air and as Jensen threw two cannon back on the ground the auto attack made its way over to it so the the minions just chaos just in there much like the last game we saw though there are three members mid once again trying to camp this syndra Jensen does have flash but he's so vulnerable he's in some trouble here the chain comes out rookie still looking to provide on this one Jeff leaned on the line of something knock back now flashing away but he flashes too little too late and IG fine kill number three yeah and they get impacts teleport as well not able to use that to get back into the top lane in fact up selves gonna take 40% of his HP in harassment just for showing up in rookies lane look he does not want anybody interfering with him here in this mid lane it is all business now for Invictus gaming remember there's no more time for them to have happy games the Happy's out the window now you've got to win every single game of these next three or you're going home we are seeing the corrections Invictus gaming made in champ select already they know there's going to be continual support and jungle roams mid so they get the mobile champion but now is under attack rookie loses half HP there as he face checks the brush with excipient side he'll be forced to go back into his own side of the map as bottom side we're going to see IG making yet another play this time on to core JJ he's not gonna be stunned up by the feathers but considering he has no flash he barely walks away thanks to double is he oh yeah you could see that the rib back just wasn't there well played from for JJ moving down on the angle for another great day from Ning he's been so active on what is normally a level six jungler impacting two lanes that being said double whip significantly ahead in CS on the bottom side here with core JJ and double is laning this far into the game that is going to be critical X with the actually going for an invade after the bottom Lane goes for the recall to get a deep Ward down and you can see from the cultic Jackie loves you know not contesting as heavily as you would have expected this isn't a guy that's going back round himself overly long shot he just wants to be able to farm this one out and a lot of pressure now on rookie to continue to exert the control over the mid lane Jensen is level six now on the syndra can try and answer back firing off the ultimate when he gets ganked a level-4 recon is a perfect target Bal on doing so much in this mid lane you can tell I G is so heavily invested in rookie bail on making sure nobody's gonna be wore it up through the wall there if he thinks about helping rookie make this play happen but ik smithy shows up around the corner sees balances hey something's definitely not right here let's back out and during that time Smith he actually stole the blue buff that he'd early earlier scattered out which actually hurts rookie they're not going to be able to pick up the second blue yep that was off of the recall timing from the Invictus gaming bottom lane again the vision these control words around the mid lane we keep highlighting this highway this pathway through summoners rift that is the catalyst for all these rooms when the games are this packed full of visits towards this matchup every control ward can save a life a Ning was unspotted there so get into this brush out of a very nice lane Ward from TL might be able to repel the gang he wants to cross Ning has his ultimate the Glacial prison being ready means that if can manage to find that accurately on the double if there is no cleanse on the side of team liquids bottom lane so they have to really respect the sejuani gang all things coming around from behind never mind comes over the wall and nice flash away from devil hope to keep himself alive for JJ now can be tried to turn things back around able to find some CC but instead he's gonna be bursted down and now SS sticks around too long he's in danger himself will not fall but it's 1-0 ig6 Miffy is heading down but I don't know if there's much that he can do double if is quite low is he gonna go for it the wall goes expend a nice knock up there on to Jacky love able to find some damage on to him the fellow who will fly and expect he's now in some danger but they got a pretty important cooldown there out of Jacky love Ming shows back up in the bottom land to make sure his guys stay safe as the plate Falls an IG back out yeah and finally high cheap back away from the play that was aggressive from smithy if you had has taken another step forward could have fallen down but raids the play and so much action now center around this bottom lane you mentioned the fact that double is still off in that say yes but the kill will do a lot to equalize you have to keep your eyes on those feathers Jacky love is planting behind the Team Liquid members to roots very successful there as the counter damage was trying to come out and those are getting them big advantages and more than that Kobe if we get a replay I just want to focus on how means like stayed out of vision for so long took the ultimate pop dodged out rifts got on you there was a lane war their vision is a team game and Ning did so well to dodge it rookie taking some damage from Jensen there in the mid lane ass once again I feel like every time the camera pans towards mid lane daolon is there this is not a two-man lane this is the three-man lane so far based on what IG is doing you can see Jackie love not hurting too bad from all the roams about 10 CS behind or so but he'll be just fine as Invictus gaming have plenty of members bottom side rotating up to the scuttle crab controlling the area around the break up both teams have tried to keep up their presence with roaming jungle mid duo's fighting over these wards scuttle crab going to Invictus gaming is gonna mean that they have the pathway back into the lane they go foul on still not level six here on the recon so no quickness ready to go no big engage sheíll through that one rookie heading back to base behind the tier 1 turret you can see impact shoving up the topside before giving back himself the cannon that we know to be so scary with blanks and having that slicing Maelstrom doesn't have the teleport up and ready to go quite yet but look at the first item completed for the side of impact he's got a hextech gunblade yeah main Z maids this is staying in the lane if you're going to split push against an eye you going to have to be able to keep yourself talked off not as good for the teamfights however will make that 1v1 much more better not as good as full ap but better than a blade of the ruined King yeah kind of the middle ground here can still come in with the ultimate but bottom lane remember double have had to flash the last sejuani ultimate and main has the cooldown available again here we go in some trouble the next three minutes off before JJ will keep him alive killer instinct to get away from the acro melvoin's also gonna be dropped low and honestly that one goes pretty even yeah good defense right there core JJ charges the taunt double if uses the kaiser ultimate but Invictus gaming want more plates they're trying to get some more gold out of this core JJ walking up with the taut gotta be careful to not be caught out by the feathers their second plate has already fallen IG trying to maybe get a third here if they can Jensen grabbing some damage down into rookie who goes back over the wall with the distortion Nick Smith he doesn't want to chase into that one yep and that is again putting on display why Invictus gaming get to Leblanc they know there's gonna be so much action mid it gives rookie this flexibility and XP doesn't get anything but here comes Ning on this sejuani this true tank this big spicy meatball of a frontline that has to be respected by the side of Team Liquid it is so easy to throw him in there and let him soak damage and poke top laners have their teleporter Balogh both of them have the ultimate off you can see so much pressure on this bottom line but look at the teleport ward if I Chico over aggressive impact would love to join you can see him backing into fog of war every time they hit that turret the shy also keeping his eyes open look at that yellow bar under NARS health bar that is critical if you have that charged up your teleport threat is very real if you do not then you will only come in as mini form you won't have the big AoE stun regardless the Invictus gaming bottomland will get every single plate off of that turret and you can see the TI responses to just Koloff the game of chicken and head towards a rift Herald see whether they can get its objective or whether it's something that my team wanna fight for IG is up two and a half thousand gold just shy of 14 minutes very strong early game from them CS leads in both solo lanes as well as getting that first turret there in the bottom side really big for putting this team in a great spot to explode it game in what has been a series of skirmish after skirmish and the setup is here all five members already in place the tio you can see that I D want to try and make it but it's not going to be in time objective falls over so whilst first turret goes over the I gene they have it now this should be a turret in waiting in a PL play right unfortunately for Team Liquid we have just now press to the 14 min a point that means no extra plate money from Shelley but still should be able to secure an objective with it as you just said see if they want to make anything happen here in the top side we have got the flames all flip-flopped now as you'll see the bottom laners head to the topside solo laners now heading down towards that bottom side rookie goes in for a quick trade against Jensen but nothing else is gonna come of it both junglers hanging around where JJ and doublelift nearly finding battle on there but it gets himself away with a nice grand entrance more of a grand exit as the rift rail is summoned up mid lane they've also called impact here so they're gonna have all five members trying to bend this see if they can find anything Shelley makes her charge into the mid lane Tier one she gets that off but I mean not much else to be found she'll be taken down before she gets it and Team Liquid start at the ocean Drake everybody from Invictus gaming have started to rotate that it looks like they're gonna go for it here named in trouble Ning is burst and down and nobody from Invictus gaming is there in time he's turned into a bore Oh snack as brookie goes over the wall tries to find something but it's already a 1 for 0 Plus Drake 40l and it's again liquid set up to an objective they scatter the wards on the top side of the map before moving down a spot rookie once one Rocky is an absolute hunter in the jungle he finds Xfinity blows him up and gets out right in front of two teammates uses flash uses a gets the kill rookie is having none of it there's a reason this champion was banned away from him in the first two games rookie is a nightmare on this LeBlanc and he can rouse everyone away from mid lane wave so what should have been a free objective and kill for liquid now means that mid lane turret falls down and it's IG just continuing to grow this gold lead we're JJ could be in some trouble now caught up in the chain from the LeBlanc bow on doesn't want to go in there recognizes that Jensen could easily blow him up with the overcommits and IG back away this is another par for the course game gentlemen we're seeing fights we're seeing objectives we're seeing everything but this time it's IG actually taking the deep breath and playing the map you can see that the priority is around pushing Carr is collecting the big minion waves and not just rushing into the 5v5 teamfights to turret lead here for the side of Invictus gaming and Team Liquid trying to reset after this double lift back out of the map but let's take another look at this they saw LeBlanc kill that control word everyone walks by no knock back no scatter of the week nothing here as rookie is able to finish that kill onyx smithy and that's just confidence you see three people there and you burn double summoner spells but now potentially for JJ looking Val lon eats a little bit of damage but not too worried about it gets himself away after getting hit by the board seeker there from doublelift teamliquid doing a good job protecting the entrances of their jungle saying hey we know you have the tier ones down you're looking to move forward get a little bit of D provision we're going to deny that and IG are now force back on their own half the map yeah doing a great job of pressuring where they have numbers but the collapse is coming out from IG see whether they want to fight over this Tier one rookie as well as a shy hitting up rookies the guy I'm keeping my eye on this game this guy is so strong his performance alone will have such a huge impact on any fight bingos anything to find a lot Jackie love in the DLT given himself a live Redemption coming down this Shila gonna find some damage on to delicas Inc continues moving forward see seat up brought down flashed away stay alive impact not gonna be caught up there in the chains rookie this gaming still in control rookies still constantly looking for those kills you have to keep your eyes on Miss Leblanc there is no point and click CC to deal with it it has to come from either core JJ or chance and keeping him in check now impact and Jensen trying to defend this church still a 3,000 gold lead for IG with plenty of that money being on to rookie as he continually looks for even more Jensen nice side step away from the chain there making sure if you can't find the mark and if that's if you'll had a pump you would have expected him to continue to press forward seeing him trying to catch people in the rotation but that was a fight when IG started again and they don't have the shy what's the shy he's hitting up and then he actually turns around and goes back to wards bottom lane that means as soon as he engage comes across from the IG lineup he has to burn teleport and he's not there in mega yeah it's of course here by a name on the sejuani Balog gets annihilated with the AoE magic damage so instant kill on the rekon but they do get the counter and now that we've seen that Team Liquid are able to hold their own continually even though they are a bit down the question becomes where does the game go from here IG continues to control the gold lead we're getting closer and closer to the point of the game where the baron spawns and in the previous two games we've seen that neither team is afraid to go for that risky bear and play early on if they think it'll pay off big difference here is the extra standing gold in these two outer turrets that are left up on the side of Invictus gaming and chemically cannot get those then they aren't gonna be able to catch up very quickly here and it will have to come through a fight impact is doing its best on the bottom side and the rest of teamliquid are kind of a holding this area leading down to that side yeah they're just on another great job of arriving to the area first and ensuring that their ward line is down now you must face check and already you see that they're pressuring in the shy off the bottom Lane card with the inside track 4jj going for the stun but will not be able to find that the taunt excuse me idea are almost all here you know hang on to the side he'll be the one to initiate if they can't core JJ stunned off hooky doing a lot of damage core JJ likely gonna be brought down here barely getting a buff away Jackie loves able to find the kill impact gets one on to the shine as now inside she able to find themselves to teamliquid will manage to grab nothing as they try to hobble away Jackie love is still alive only the shine is down and the impact is heading for the hills a good disengage comes out from Jensen but Invictus gaming are still finding so much an IG hit back that was a for b5 foul and comes in legs nose spells and still IG pick up the for kill the dragon is this and it looks like that IG fight is starting to come out on top Team Liquid get caught trying to get back from that outer – it sure the rest of the team they also don't finish off that dirt with anyone around so the local gold goes into the ground Invictus gaming really striking back big and that's what it looked like to me Kobe it look like they didn't know whether they wanted to go into kneeing all the shine and split decision making here as they try and goes before caught in full retreat while impact is still on the turret things this teamfight is just never in a numbers advantage so initially they trade for JJ for the shy but then the big group by Jackie love they burst down xmithie and then rookie once again finding double if they're in this awkward pathway in the jungle and if you're on the back foot and you're running from a wreck on you're running from a leblanc they're always going to be able to catch up to you especially without teleport available and can an old seeing one person at this stage of the game just does not feel like the best use of impact ultimate and as we're at the point in the game now where Baron is up things could explode at any moment I also want to address the state of the game and specifically the state of the split push look at the itemization here on these two you can see the AP focus after the initial walk the lime gunblade item coming out from impact that means he's looking for these teamfights while the shy has done black double left into what's gonna be a wit's end meaning you're gonna see some straight-up split poison coming out of Invictus game no vision there for rookie didn't know that his target was right there dole if does I believe had the attack speed evolved now on Caixa to though and going with a very interesting Cody it goes with the infinity edge as soon as he gets himself a hurricane in this autumn bill Brodie wad ad rookies just checking he's not even going for anything too crazy he just hops over maybe there's a guy here cool extra damage right back over yeah and I mean that's just the fear of playing against the LeBlanc that's for zero fall right anytime you're within a screen of her she can decide to pull you up double it cannot itemize defensively at this stage of the game he's not far enough ahead you can already see you know now starting to fall behind in CS the objective hasn't gone in his favor so he has to be able to keep up with Jackie love in terms of damage the world champions here Invictus gaming are coming back heavily in this series very big lead right now they use this lead to get control over the barren area and try and force team liquid into a face check situation and I'm always just so respectful of rookie in situations like this you've got to be if you're TL the confidence of this guy to always be alone he knows he doesn't need anybody else near him he has the mobility as well as the damage to deal with any sort of a threat or situation he'd find himself in the Jensens now in some trouble it's been lauded back line but he's instantly exploded back we're gonna take out Jackie long they'll find the damage but core JJ is also incredibly low to dent in the sight of my g2 net on the side of Team Liquid impacts in trouble wants to get over the wall at the flash the shy is gonna be coming around from the corner looking to lock him down expense these shows up and wants to be the noble sacrilege to jump over the wall and distracts them just long enough brookey continues chasing but he doesn't want to go underneath the turret and again in a 4v5 situation impact burns a teleport but it's still a two for to trade and IG end up chasing the rest of the members of Team Liquid away there was a huge counter kill there from brookie then now 5:05 leblanc let's take another look at it because this is fisheye without a teleport so he can't join this aggression coming out of bow on its sole miss time well it was because jakela got that roof onto Jensen the Bala tries to go in Jen since summoner spells that disengaged but rookie annihilates mm surgically removed there goes for the attack takes down the Caixa just as it teamliquid had gotten their first kill double if still with both summoner spells up had them up in the fight he just had a gameplay experience there with rookies LeBlanc not where you'll want to see your ad carry but when rookie is able to jump out and do that in half a second what's your choices yeah what are you supposed to do it against that you know you've got all the tools you got the taunt you got the summoner spells and he just wipes you off with two spells and you can just see the damage coming across and so much of this game I feel like has been centered around the creativity of the mid laner of IG now the shy wants to get in so much of this game has also been this right here creativity is one thing damage is another entirely and with rookie dominating he just gets scarier and scarier definitely first pick worthy their rookie now 6-0 on the LeBlanc large bounty on his head but how will you claim it that's a very good question Team Liquid is currently having a very hard time fighting an anthem oh poor JJ not able to get himself away with the heroic exit you can see that he tried but it was immediately stunned up by Nick in continuing to chase now he has rookie and bow on behind him ex minion Corps JJ getting themselves away and now we're into a spot where Jensen is once again in some trouble keeping himself alive against rookie but that's about all you can say at this point as IG will start up the baron for themselves and I say we're at the point in the game now where the Rex I think is starting to fall off hey Smith he's just so squishy V goes into the frontline he gets bursted down so easily looking to find some damage on the bow um but it's gonna be killed that's what I'm talking about as double lift now has to retreat both summoner spells extended and that is IG back into the baron here yeah they try and find it but in big this game II have this paranoia lock doublelift is down down there goes rocky again and it looks like IG is looking to take us to a fourth game on this one and I can almost guarantee you that LeBlanc's get Dan and this is the IG people thought would show up in the best-of-five this is much cleaner this is much more methodical sure it still action-packed but the setup has been there and rookie has run over summoners rift 7-0 and vibe on the LeBlanc Jensen lying in wait trying to do the same particular he finds some damage but not enough to take him down instead its Jensen who's now stunned up its Jensen who's first to death and that was just an opportunistic play that Jensen thought he would go for but in a fully commit didn't have the ultimate no tools available for it and you can see Jackie luff still had his ultimate in a response just never gonna work yeah that's a big group see right there maybe realized a bit too late didn't have the ultimate damage to follow up on it then trying to get away gets taken down and that means the barrage buff Invictus gaming will start to claim turrets IG pushing up everybody ready to go turret Falls in the topside there Jackie and foul on make sure that you've got the shy pushing a bottom the only turret left standing outside of the team liquid phase is this tier 2 in the mid lane and the man of the hour is making sure to constantly pump minion waves into it next Drake is live right now you can see rookie and the shy both heading down towards it ash I'll do most of the heavy lifting rookies just there to make sure nobody from Team Liquid even has a second thought about it and what a series this has been so far huge plays from both sides and this is what you look for on the biggest stage with your backs against the walls elimination game for Invictus gaming and who do they turn to it is rookie star player in the mid lane and the surprising thing is that TL went in for the first couple of games that look like that was setting up for it again however rookie this time had control from minute one from the first wave able to pressure in and they said 1e this teamfight style that IG has defaulted back to while surprising has certainly worked rookie having an extra support in his lane for half the time helps a lot being on a signature champion that has incredible escapes to avoid extent these ganks helped a lot and you can see very easily why this champion was not allowed the previous two game now Invictus gaming still with Baron buff for another 70 seconds pushing in the team liquid base to yell grouping up his five trying to hold on here impact loses half his HP to rookie pops the ignite there just to try to make sure he keeps impact away and rookie will claim the bottom lanes here three with that yeah that was a real ignite in a real flash they chain just missed impact hit a crepe instead otherwise would have been the kill but now with the face broken IG look to continue the aggression seemed liquid we'll have to hold this one here five feet five if they want to keep that inhibitor intact down to 130 HP meanwhile mid lanes here three turret the next thing to fall is to exposed in hips that's the explosion you need opportunity make sure of it and now IG have to get the hell out of town they don't find any inhibitors and core Jay Jay locking down the enemy midlaner is exactly what Team Liquid needed core JJ finds the edge of the taunt and they kill the pedlar block that is how you claim the bounty and certainly isn't on the back end of the fight doublelift able to outplay the shy ducks out of the ultimate as well so many things going right there for liquid yeah as soon as that LeBlanc goes down liquid no everyone needs to look for a kill because the biggest playmaker on Invictus gaming is down so they attack on both sides and double if is able to use the killer instinct to avoid that shy in our ultimate now though for JJ has found another fight and double its on the flank as well this could be something they look for instead they just back away and this will fade the big reset but the base still broken into areas Baron buff does its job let's take another look at how it happens rookies gonna look for the play over this wall and for JJ just the edge of the top pops it early so he could get a position to knock up and kill her there and then everybody goes guns a-blazing bow on tried to lock up double it and the giant rise to ultimate him against the wall but we all over to the other side to kill Jackie love is there the move trying to chase down more kills while they have the advantage but the rest of Invictus gaming able to get out of the base now despite the fact that went well for Team Liquid despite the fact that's the first time they found the kill and a rookie so far this game they still have a vertical wall to climb going up against IG here 8,000 gold down to in Hibbs exposed and still a seven and one and five leblanc that is nearly full build to deal with you can see the gold graph yeah that red gets a little less deep there towards the end but it is still white puddle as 4jj tries to find it on down the bal onyx 50 is caught out surely gonna be bursted down core JJ is gonna be taken away as the damage finds its way on the devil is gonna be in a whole lot of trouble he tries to outplay it he'll take Jackie with them but it's 80 carry for 80 carry plus jungler IG comes out on top of the fight right now to start things off Jensen's caught up in the chains uses the cleanse to make sure he's not caught up in the follow up CC from Bell on the Team Liquid stands three before IG has the option to at minimum take these two Indians yeah that's definitely gonna be – and rookie with a blue buff on the LaBeouf still looking for plays team liquid will continue trying to hold here Nexus turret still standing minions marching down the mid lane IG still trying to maybe see if there's something to claim in this base but they do head back out towards the mid lane impact getting a little bit of damage there from rookie IG will continue their retreat there's no more fight to be found Baron is in 20 seconds there might be a little bit of fight to be found Ricky is threatening Team Liquid inside their base they've got two inhibitors spotting super minions this will keep all of the pressure in the favor of Invictus gaming and it looks like this game is going to come down to this iron 5 so check out the summoner spells nothing available for Jackie Bell on Android now we're gonna see we're a kin maybe get in some trouble no fast enough feet this time to get out of it expending a lot of damage there nearly gonna be bursted out by a rookie takes 50 burning away and rookie grabs the kill now teamlack was in some trouble now team lick was really gonna be feeling the hurt impact goes into the stasis but he's going to be taken care of right quick right after battle on takes the kill Craig Jensen and double is still Stan but it's 5e to Jensen Bailey flashing of the way of the second part of the chain rookie conceding me to go on the agro IG has super minions coming down bottom and down mid there are 20 seconds Onix midian core JJ and again it's IG finding the peaks they need now with three men or two members of level safety Eleanor Powell will not go down without a fight Jackie love claims the ACE IG claims the beats ladies and gentlemen we're gonna be going to Game four just as soon as we tear this nexus down and that's it haiji win clean performance from Invictus gaming this time around playing towards a mid-laner ten one and nine as rookie carries out that game and it just looked like what we expected out of Invictus gaming they knew what their win condition was and they really drove it home they were unable to avoid all these fights from Team Liquid in the first two games so they draft in two more team fighting and they're able to pull it off but again I think it's just so much hinge on the LeBlanc and on rookies play he calls the rest of his teammates he worked so well around the pressure that his jungler his support bring Wow also being able to use this distortion to avoid exceeding stand try and nullify what had been one of the biggest successes of Team Liquid and I got a praise Ning as well you mentioned earlier on how this is a jungler that normally operates post level six he got involved early as much so if not more than ex mithy and then scaled into something far more useful than the Rex I it was definitely a nice change of pace for IG and for more on their win and rookies Leblanc let's check back in with State Farm analyst desk thank you very much captain flowers our reigning world champions strike back here in Game three but it was essentially rookie who almost single-handedly brought us to our fourth game in this best-of-five and because I haven't been challenged in a long time remember 3-0 domestic final as well who do i G go to with all their great players that we built up as a squad this tournament when their backs against the wall they can't the hell at a rookies Lane and Damned it look good I'm not gonna mince words here there are some very questionable decisions coming out of a lot of members from Invictus gaming but like you're saying superstar rookie to the rescue on one of his signature champions of the world walk I know think strategically it actually really saved the only game for the bottom Lane because they were in a bad manner and they already got killed on the turret because the jungler swap Smitty tower dope it was a great setup ITL but bow on sacrifices experience to commit as was it's not just nink em ok it's the support multiple times making it very very hard for Jensen to do anything on what he actually tried to do just stay even in CS but I think's the mental resilience a rookie is built up over many years on this IG roster he wasn't the complete article you know four years ago when he started at IG the resilience on show he does it in style and his own Invictus gaming skin as well this is the guy and he is the complete package it's why we build up rookie as one of those superstars ten one and nine score line for the master card player of the game in rookie the only death coming from a pretty slick play from core JJ there on the Gallio but I think we have to recognize that the individual skill of IG that we have talked about you know throughout the tournament is what was on display here in pushing us to a fourth game and keeping them alive at least for rookie it was I still want to say that even though he has an incredible performance like that nothing to take away him but it was climbing a mountain to himself because it does not absolve IG of a lot of the fundamental breakdowns that are happening here these are team fights without the gnar these are not playing to your side lane advantage these are really bizarre engagements and fights in your target priority it just looks like a mess from them well that's kind the interesting thing about the now pick which obviously was a bit of a surprise I think we were all kind of just going old Adam er here then you won't see much because the big change that happen in this game other than obviously wookie being fantastic was that IG after losing two games they sat down and said to themselves why we draft in these foot pushes and then we still run into teamfights till our drafting better team fighting comms than us let's change it you call force Iraq on you gots Iraq on you know we wanted things that could actually go and collapse into fights Nora can do that even though we didn't get to see it in this game I think if we're gonna see IG when the entire series complete the reverse sweep the synergy between specifically Ming and the shy has to be resolved they've been completely off page in this there's so many fights where Ning isn't gating Union Szechuan II the flank teleport or the NA is nowhere to be seen in its timing based attacks on the Nara you need to keep up the gnar bar you need to be in position I felt like that still never happened but rookie got them and dragged them over the line and that's what I kind of want to add foul on to their power line and Ning needs more synergy with the shy if they want to keep doing what they're doing with north because it was also the recon engaging multiple fights where if you just look at the mini-map it's an exhausting from base oh yeah he's working from face oh he just tried to walk open he walks back these things happened which gave some chances but ultimately this felt a lot more like an IG win that we looked at coming into the series and I kind of wish I could sit here now and be like oh yeah everything went as expected brookey carried good team fights the up 1-0 in the series now let's go to Game two but that's obviously not the case because of the first two which what makes this bo5 so fantastic right and so I think from here it's about discussing where we would like to see IG continue to clean things up what other avenues or champion picks do they have that fill you know the roles of making sure we collapse and and actually actively on those team fights exactly and then for the side of Team Liquid funnily enough I find myself saying in the postgame of Game three saying they just took their first loss how do they rebound that's I think an unexpected position probably for even the TL players is to be still up a game having just taken a loss and so that's a different kind of unpacking that they have to do now between Game three and heading into Game four and really identify what went wrong for us in this game besides rookie just being a star I think it's recognizing how Invictus gaming play I think teal have a really good grasp on how mean is going to play excel if he was constantly leading me away from fights I think that he probably feels that he's downloaded his jungler or his opponent super well and that only means teal I think losing this game that doesn't hurt I think make slight adjustments get Jensen a bit of a safer champion if they're gonna be camped but otherwise tails should feel great from this point and there's one elephant in the room the red side remember red side has won all three games very expected we got the confirmation the teal have selected red side that's the last side selection they'll be on blue side for Game five if we get there the red side and the fact that their drafts on the red side every first round like I'll tell got a lot and they didn't lose a lot in the first round this is where they have to make a count and can they recreate some of these awesome combos a chance at the Silas Jarvan that they were getting first round him that's the start of tale because if they don't do it in Game four and in the deck stacked against them in game final thoughts here this year well I mean they've been banning over Connor I was gonna bring that up real quick cuz I think it was a good change in terms of going more towards teamfights despite foul on dying quite a lot that is normally banned on red sided by TL they should do the same thing here try and get some of the easy engage champions away from IG alright i G's hopes stay alive after that win find out if they can force a game fine right after this for it is double cleanse it takes a lot of CC to make this with water for cleansing to do a damn thing against the final judge busy now to be on the front line is open down here barely getting itself away Jackie loves able to find the kill impact gets one on the shine as now it's IG able to find themselves to write the next thing to fall is to exposed in him that's the explosion you need opportunity now with three men two members alive we'll see if TL can repel and Invictus gaming will not go down without a fight


  1. Look at those clown analysts hype up IG thinkin they gonna reverse sweep HAHAHAHAHAH . So satisfying u

  2. You win 2 games and then change all your bans? SMH
    "We've won back to back banning xayah/rakan and leblanc, but let's just give the world champion their comfort. Ffs they litedally have skins on these champs

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