Individual Football Shooting Drills | Train Football by Yourself!

Hey guys! This is a cheap carpool karaoke. I don’t have a guest and I can’t sing. I’m going to do a shooting practice with a little twist. It’s going to be a tough session. Every missed shot means five push ups. I’ll be using five balls, so it’s 25 push ups every round if I miss all of them. I guess I’ll have to do at least hundred push ups today. The point of this is.. I can’t take myself seriously with these on. Just shooting normally and the push ups make the session a bit tougher. There’s no other reason to do them. About these glasses. Last Summer I bought these for fishing. I don’t know if you guys knew that I really like fishing a lot. It’s one of the best things to do. I could spend a whole day fishing without any problem. But yeah, I just wanted to get the worst looking glasses. When I go fishing, I like to use some silly old clothes, rubber boots and so on. These are great for the purpose. What do you think? I’m getting closer to the pitch. I need to be credible so I’m taking these off now. Training bag. Fishing equipment. Always ready to go. Some balls and a tripod. Good that I saw it. I would have forgotten it. That’s true. The security camera is this one. This pitch is pretty nice! That indoor pitch looks so nice on the background. Remember to inflate your balls. I try not to think about the push up punishment too much. I will shoot with power, don’t worry. The first shot of the day. No push ups yet. I will shoot all five balls and do the punishment after that. First five. That round wasn’t good, but at least I get warm while doing these. This session is about working out while shooting, but those weren’t too good. The first shots were good, but they got worse after that. It’s time to test my left foot. I recommend to run to get the balls back from the goal or the bush where you kicked them. Not walking slowly, because the idea is to make this session a bit tougher than normally. That’s fifteen push ups, right? Really? What is this? I made a weak foot improvement video last year and I played on this pitch a lot back then. The technique haven’t got worse from those times. Maybe it’s become even better. Feels good and I’m not getting too many push ups. Sorry. There was one miss. A little bit extra. It’s always nice to hit the top corner. Now a little bit faster run up so it’s not so easy. Let’s make it more challenging. No way! I’m left footed from now on. I’m been doing so well that I’ll reward myself with 40 push ups. Back to the right foot. I’m looking for the top corner. One more top corner with curve from this side. Which one is it? That one. I’m getting tired here. I’ll get it though. It’s starting to be enough for today. Let’s end this now. That’s it. Let’s go home. Yeah right. Can’t remember how many I got, but these are the last push ups today. I was about to say burritos. It’s not burrito time yet. That’s happening later. This isn’t the best burrito recipe. That’s it. I guess all of you are into some sports. If it feels difficult to get out for a run or train hard you should try to combine thing you like to do. For example football and working out. If I want to make football training session a bit harder, I might do some fast dribbling, burpees and shoot a ball. If you repeat that a few times, I promise you’ll be sweating. The point is, training hard doesn’t have to be boring. Just combine two things and make it fun. You won’t even notice that you’re working out. Now it’s time to go home, fast. See you next time. Oh, the seat belt.


  1. Uus tutorial-sarja starttaa pian!💥 Voitte jo täs vaihees ehdottaa aiheita sitä varten😎💬👇

  2. paljo respectii äijälle kyl. ei paljo futisyoutuberei suomest löydy ja sult löytyy contenttii jatkuvasti. mahtavaa! jatka samaan malliin, ois makeet nähdä äijä joskus 😃

  3. Äijällä on kyllä vedot ihan hullut itelki alkanu paranee kun oikeastaan joka päivä meen kentälle treenaa nii Kyllä kehittyy Jatka samaan mallin Boss🔥🔥

  4. Mä vihaan olla kahdestaan mun kaverin kanssa kentällä mutta en oo nähnyt mitään järkeä yksin harjoitella kentällä vaikka oon joskus kyllä ollut yksin kentällä mutta kiitos tästä videosta👍

  5. Mä oon tehny nii et aina ku vetää ohi nii vatsalihaksia, punnerruksia, juoksu kentän ympäri tai kyykkyjä. Mut ny on huono ku nilkka paskana ja ei sais rasittaa sitä nii mitä mä teen nii meen pelaa fudista

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