Inside Harvard Basketball: Episode 1

[Music] Hey what’s up guys? I’m Justin Bassey
senior on the Harvard basketball team here and just wanted to let you know that we’re
starting a new series called an inside Harvard basketball just taking you guys
through a little bit of behind the scenes of what we do here at the Harvard
basketball team this first episode is about us preseason from our cookout IOP
to all the way through crimson madness I hope you guys enjoy this little
preview episode one [Inaudible] you’re in the right place guys. This is an honor [Inaudible] [Ice Cream truck sound] Hey Crimson family it’s Kale Catchings.
Sophomore on Harvard basketball we’re here at the IOP just had a great
conversation with Mr. Clark Kellogg and Ms. Brittany Packnett and they were just
kind of talking about empowerment in today’s age of the student athlete and
athletes in general and it was really great just to hear from them and have
them talking about an issue that’s not even something that were interested in
who actually involved in. CLARK KELLOGG: If somebody else has a better idea my idea doesn’t have
to be right, if we’re ultimately moving towards doing right as a whole. So what you’re right but
if it doesn’t move common ground and harmony and peace and unity forward then
being right is not that important Having this experience always great to be in
the IOP shoutout Coach Amaker for always making it bigger than basketball. Just really appreciate it TOMMY AMAKER: Adopting some of
our dear friend Cornel West’s words he spoke to the team last year he spoke for
our guys and he tried to emphasize to them there’s a difference in greatness
and success but we’re talking about that for our team this year but we have a
chance that we can have a great season not just a successful season we also share
with them that we talk about it you have an opportunity and a significant team
here at Harvard. This has been an important part of our
program and we appreciate your support throughout the year we appreciate your
support for all of our Harvard teams all of our programs we love to be able to
shout out to all of our students let’s give it up all the all our students
thank you. let’s have a great night go crimson [Upbeat music] [Crowd noise] MIKE SOTSKY: We’re true to our identity when we start to play. CHRISTIAN JUZANG: Let’s run right now alright? Let’s go man. Together on 3. 1, 2, 3, together. DONNY GUERINONI: That’s what we’re trying to figure out right now. Who can execute our stuff, defensively and offensively. Simple as that. The final score of today’s scrimmage is the crimson team with 39 points and the
white team with 36 points

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