1. Am I the only person who keeps having captions appear on JKLs videos even when captions are turned off? It's like they've encoded their own captions on the video before uploading — super annoying. Anyone else seeing this?

  2. Actually, this is the first time I've seen her and feel I'd pass.

    Tbf, she would have and will pass on me for her entire life, so I don't feel THAT bad that father time finally made me catch up. 😉 Finally we're equals, in a sence.

  3. this women cant be looking good after all these years im watching seinfeld right now the episode where shes babysitting she look scrumches 😍😍😍

  4. Nice to see a mom….especially a busy celebrity talking about how proud she is of her kids and how she tries to do the mom thing and attend her kids events….like a good mom should always do. She cares about her kids.

  5. I look at the comments, and I think to myself, I agree but but I feel like he can't bring any guy friends to visit his parents because of what people think of his mother.

  6. A lot of respect for Julia. She had the greatest range on Seinfeld I thought. Just great, and for those who don't know, her dad was a billionaire. So, she truly acted for the craft. Not the money

  7. Both of these stars are aging beautifully. Julia is gorgeous as usual. Jimmy looks better now; he is slimmer and his neatly-trimmed beard looks great.

  8. Julia Louis Dreyfus is sexy no matter what…She's one of the few actresses who is funny and sexy at the same time…I like her…

  9. She's such a nice, awesome person and yet she can play some of the most sorry, shallow women to ever walk the planet, lol. She's a genius. Love her.

  10. I got the wood right here Julia. When Julia does the claw thing with here hands……. is that a copyright infringement, because that's Lady Gaga's. Then again…… don't listen to me people because I'm laying here in a froth of my own ejaculate watching this hot woman.

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