‘Last Christmas’ Stars Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding Play Name the Review: Christmas Edition

– Okay, I’m gonna give you a clue– – Postman Pat’s Christmas Special. (Emilia makes the Toolman grunt) That is the right person, right? – Scooby-Doo.
– No! Did you not grow up in my generation! ♪ Decorating the big pine tree. ♪ ♪ Down in the den. ♪ ♪ Glory hallelujah! ♪ ♪ Christmas is here again. ♪ – “Is the movie corny? Often. Is it moving in the most
basic, mor”- I can’t do it, “in the most basic moral way? Every year we watch it.” – Every year we watch it…
– What movie? – Uh, Love Actually? (buzzer)
– No. – Oh, I mean, that’s the obvious choice. – That’s it guys, that’s
gonna be his answer to every single question. (laughs) Classic, classic moral tale. – Oh, The Snowman. (buzzer)
– No. – For God’s sake!
(laughing) – That’s an old one–
– The Snowman? – No one’s ever watched The Snowman! – You are learning what
this man watches right here. It’s got “It’s” at the
start of the name of the- the name of the movie begins with ‘It’s’– – It’s A Wonderful Christmas. It’s A Wonderful Life! (laughs) – I am so glad that’s on camera! You are terrible. Okay go on–
– What is it? – I’m going to screw up this next bit, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, yes! – Oh my God, got it. – Oh, youth is wasted on the wrong people! – “Rent it on Christmas Eve and give that ‘Wonderful Life’
shit a rest for one year.” – Oh, Bad Santa? (buzzer)
– No. – Um… – Uh, you’re terrible at this game. – I’m not, I’m better than you. “Die Hard”? It’s right, isn’t it? Is it right? – Moving on.
– Hey! In your face! – Damn it, you looked. – Yippee ki yay, mother fucker. – One of the Toolman’s
best forays into film. Toolman, okay, I’m going
to give you a clue. – “Postman Pat’s Christmas Special” (Emilia makes the Toolman grunt) That is the right person right? – Scooby-Doo.
– No! Did you not grow up in my generation! The TV show that begins with, (Emilia makes the Toolman grunt) – Wha? – Scooby-doo! – And he had a really cute son, he had like 4 sons and there’s
the neighbor with the fence and he’s like “oh hey, how’s it going”– – Oh, yeah, “Home Improvement”. – Yeah, exactly, so who’s
the lead actor in that? – Uh, Tim… – He did a Christmas Movie. – Tim guy, Tim Curr, no
don’t, yup, Tim dude. – He did a Christmas
movie, what is it called? – Oh My God, I do know this one. I don’t know the name though. – Uh oh! – Well what is Father
Christmas often known as? What’s he called?
– Claus, Santa Claus. – Yeah, so put ‘the’ in front of that. – “The Santa Clause”.
– Well done! – Hey! – Look, I am lactose intolerant and I am just about this close
to taking all those presents back up the chimney with me. – “Jolly yuletide cheer
with some cruel prank calls, “sexual tension and
soriety girl slayings.” Am I saying that right? – Yeah. – Soriety? – Um, soriety. – Soriety. – There you go, that makes more sense in a
non-English accent, doesn’t it. – Yeah, in England. – I’m from the sorority, I have a soror– – (both) Sorority! (laugh) – We got there. – You Americans. – So English. – Sorority girl. I always wanted to be a sorority girl. – When you say it in
that accent, now I know. – Yeah, now it makes sense.
– Okay, okay, okay. – [Interviewer] This is a horror film. – This is a horror film? – Hey, I didn’t get any guesses! – Thank you. My girl’s got me, she’s on my side. – It was made in 1974. – It’s a horror film? – Yup. – And it’s a color of the
spectrum, color spectrum. – “Black Christmas”? – Oh my God, there you go. – Hey hey! – Good job. (screaming) – So it’s just obviously that, “Compared to part 2 it’s
real close to ‘Citizen Kane’. I can’t speak. Scott Weinberg, E Film Critic – There’s only one Christmas movie– – Oh come, on. – Where the second– – The most– – The second movie is worse than the first and that’s “Home Alone”. – That’s the only movie you can think of where the second one is worse? – Yup.
– The only one? – Yup. Am I right?
– You’re right, you’re right. – Yay! – Well done, well done,
we got him there guys, we got him there. – I might have looked at that earlier. (laughing) – Oh my God! – How am I going to get this
out, yeah, I need some help. – Brilliant.
(laughing) – “The cheesiest thing
I’ve witnessed since Lara Croft rode a shark to the
surface of the Mediterranean (in a good way!).” – Love Actually? (buzzer)
– Nope. One of the lines, you’ll
get it if I say the line “Smiling is my favorite” and if you don’t–
– “Elf”. – Oh my gosh, thank the Lord. – You sit on a throne of lies. – “The first Christmas
black comedy for children.” Oh, hold on– – Home Alone? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Wasn’t that? – Well did we, yeah, but it’s different
reviews of the same thing. We just glossed over the fact
that I got that immediately. – Oh yeah, sorry. (laughing) – So I’m…
– It was more impressive– – excellent.
– when I did it. – Very good. – But it was definitely
more impressive when I– – Well it’s just dull now– – Because it was on your mind– – How fucking great I am at this. – It was on your mind, and
obviously, it sparked something. – 65% on Rotten Tomatoes, “Home Alone”. – Outrageous. – You need to change that up
– So if ours gets like, two– Can everybody go back this Christmas– – And becomes a Christmas classic– – And put some more votes
on “Home Alone” please. – Yeah, no, it’s a good idea. – Certified fresh. It has to be. – Yeah, I mean “Home Alone 2” I get it, but “Home Alone” 1, come on. – Classic.
– With the iron? (clanging and banging) (screaming) – That’s my favorite bit, it’s me and my brother’s favorite bit. – The hot, the hot thing. (sizzle noise) Ahh! (blowing) (yelling) – That’s that. – Amazing! – Good job.
– We smashed it. (theme song begins) – Merry Christmas.
– Merry Christmas, bye. Watch our movie!


  1. My heart for this woman 😭💛🔥👸🏻
    If she was a dog, she would be a Golden Retriever. She just brings rainbows&sunshine 😭💛

  2. Emilia's American accent makes my holiday!🤗😍

    I just can't BELIEVE it's already holiday season! Bless my soul for not having kids!😌🎄🎁

  3. OMG together they are so adorable they bouncy off each other like crazy! They are amazing together onscreen from what I've seen, but I actually even prefer them OFF screen!😍

  4. this was amazing, i loved the idea of the challenge and i love their chemistry together! i only got 'home alone' right tho lmaoo, that was tough

  5. I feel like people these days rate such a great movie like home alone bad because they grew up with terrible movies
    I can't even think of 5 good movies from the last 5 years.. like a very very good movie not a its a good movie you can watch it I mean a very very very great movie like you can watch it over 500 times and it won't get boring give me one movie from the last 5 years that is good as I described.. cuz home alone is a fucking classic and I watch it over 500 times

  6. Tim Allen has actually done 4 Christmas films. The Santa Clause 1,2 and 3. But he also did the films Christmas with the Kranks.

  7. Also these quiz things are too western-centric and unfair for Henry Golding who spent most of his time in Singapore and Malaysia. I’m American and a little younger than Emilia and couldn’t guess most of them cuz like, shocker, I don’t celebrate Christmas!

  8. They are the definition of pure charm, they’re so precious! You can’t watch these press interviews and not smile! So adorable! ❤️❤️

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