Latino Hunger Games | Lele Pons

I volunteer as tribute! You’re already here. I- I didn’t know! Oh my God! I don’t even know. Welcome “Locos”, to the first annual Latino Hunger Games There are six teams with us today: Colombia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba. The goal is to eliminate the other countries. Only one will survive. Do you understand? Yeeep! Yep, Sí! Heeey, Can someone explain me what he said? You will die. Now, for your national anthem The game is about to begin. Cinco Quatro Tres Dos Uno What do we have to do? Let’s go! Hey! Are you okay!? Everything’s gonna be fine, my love. Juan Carlos!!! You Bastard! Bianca… Bianca… With my sister! I’m not your sister! I- I don’t even know her I don’t care!!! You are going to pay for this! You are going to pay for this! Que!? Que!? Come on! Thank god these locas died Mamita! Abuela?! What did I tell you about running? You’re gonna fall! Abuela! What are you doing here?! Put on a coat, It’s cold outside! Huh! I’m not gonna listen to you! Grandma is always right! I told you! Oh, that’s racist. Wow. [yelling] [ Spanish ] [yelling] [ Spanish ] HAHA! [ Spanish ] Ruth! Oh my god, Ruth! Ruth! You’re okay, you’re okay. Lele Promise me one thing. Yes? You can do it. I will. And another thing. Tell my mom not to send all my clothes to DR, because I just – Die Announcing the first death: Carmen Maria Elizabeth Elena de La Vega Villa Cruz Rodriguez Rezes Cortez La 3sera wow. But, believe it or not, that was one person’s name. You are alive! Venezuela partner! Sí!!! Sí! You’re okay! See you later, Carnalles! Let’s go, let’s go! Only one can survive in this game! Let’s die together. I got an idea. Hot peppers! Okay. at a count of three we’ll eat them together, okay? Uno two tres! What!? Did you not see the movie? We were supposed to do it and then the game stops, and then we all survive and then we both win – Oh.. Oh my God. Stupid! The first Latino Hunger Games champion is Lele Pons. Okay! After I won the Latino Hunger Games I was traumatized. And I knew you were the only one that could stop it… like you did in the US District. So… Are you in Miss? They don’t call me Katniss Everdeen for nothing.


  1. Lele pons mom : Lele , you were adopted . You were actually Asian

    Lele for the next 50 years in every video : I'm Asian

  2. “They don’t call me Katniss Everdeen for nothing”

    I cringed so god damn hard at that she’s call Katniss Everdeen cause she was given that name by her mother and father. You could have a least said they don’t call me the girl on fire for nothing

  3. Simplemente da vergüenza ajena que a cada puto rato menciones que eres latina, yo estoy orgulloso de ser de mi país pero no lo voy gritando hasta llamar la atención innecesariamente y usarlo como humor es muy bajo y simple

    70%:saying lele says she's Latina too much
    25%:making fun of the video saying it isn't funny
    5%:saying which person they would be and memes

  5. The only thing that I don’t like about lele pons is that I can’t watch it around other kids cuz they don’t understand these vids but your vids are amazing 😉


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