[Let’s Play MCND] M-HINDㅣ셀프캠 달인들의 자켓촬영장 탐방기!

Hi~ This is CASTLE J. Today we are shooting our album cover photo. WIN is on the shoot right now. WIN is working. WIN looks cool when he is working. Today, our concept is sort of training…? street..? I’ll do my best. Please look forward for us. We’re going to shoot good photos for the album. Please enjoy it. WIN is here! It’s 12:19 right now. It is my time. We’re at the studio, WIN looking the studio. Here’s a basketball and basketball goalpost. I’m wearing a hat, and a cute clothes. I relaxed after the first shoot, so I think I’ll be able to do better now. I’ll do my best to make a good photo. See you later Bye~ BIC&WIN playing with the camera. HI! I’m MCND MINJAE! This is a place inside the studio that the other member’s doesn’t know. I arrived late, so my turn is after HUIJUN. So I’m here waiting for my turn. Actually, during the first cut I was nervous. But after shooting the 3-person shoot, I felt that it is fun than the first shoot. And maybe because I relaxed, the photo was better. I’ll have fun and I’ll do my best. (Found the camera) HI! We are MCND HUIJUN and MINJAE. We’re just done with our unit photo. I think the unit photo is better than the solo photo. We made more chemistry, I think. We made a pictorial. CASTLE J and BIC and WIN is shooting now. I herd that our group photo will be taken over here. We’re at the third shooting studio. Cool graffiti school uniform. Our name is on it, and on the back, there’s a graffiti that the member’s designed. (Graffiti that MCND designed) We did the spray things. I feel myself relaxing doing this, so the photo is getting better. Show us the pose you practiced. Cool uptown boy (WIN ver.) It’s still preparing, so I got bored. and turned on the camera. What are you doing? We’re at the spot after the third shoot is over. We painted this ourselves like this ball on the white ball. (MCND wrote their name themselves) You guys will see it later, ‘MCND’ will be completed more and more. Now we’ll move on to the last shoot of our album cover. It’s 5:29 now. I turned on the camera because I wanted to catch the ‘CASTLE J time’, 5:31. It’s 5:30 now. After a minute it will be May 31. the time of my birthday. Actually, I didn’t know this, but our fans left comments every 5:31. Because it symbolizes my birthday. So I knew what it meant. Oh it’s 5:31! May 31 is CASTLE J’s birthday, so please remember it! Now we’re done with our school uniform shoot, so after changing our clothes we’ll be back with a good photo. Please remember 5:31 from now on~! MINJAE shooting his solo cut. I think it’s a little bit cool… When you was stretching your legs, it looked so long. Today’s point: will I wear it or not? I had the order not to put it on. Did you do well? I didn’t saw your photo. Oh, you missed the hot one. Please show us the preview. OK. Let’s say that you did well. Finally, MCND’s first album cover photo shoot is done. So, weren’t you guys nervous? It was our first time shooting after the profile photo. I think we did better than the first time. I think we showed our upgraded appearance. I think it was more natural than before. We had our stage experiences, shows, and PMG contents, so I think we grew and learned a lot. So I think the photo was better than we thought. We can’t see the photo during the solo cut so I couldn’t see my own shot. How was my solo photo? He made a spectacular and cool pose, so I thought I had a lot to learn so I tried it too. I missed BIC’s photo. It’s so sad that you missed the photo like the natural monument. Check out BIC’s natural monument cut at the album! You guys are the chosen one to see it. After graduating the middle school, he’s trying sexy things. This clothes wasn’t down like this, It used to be up here. WIN’s fashion is like a shell from the sea. WIN is like a pearl from the sea. We finished the album cover well. We’ll be back with new contents. Please look forward for us.
This was MCND! Thank you! Look forward for MCND’s ‘ICE AGE’!


  1. 내일 데뷔다 데뷔 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 오빠ㅏㅏ ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Ohhh hey guysss I'm just watching the group who'll receive the Rookie Award this year…


  3. Mcnd 화이팅!!!! 사랑해 나는 준혁이가(윈) 내가 젤 좋앙
    준혁이 점점 변성기 오고 아기티 점점 살아지네…

  4. Poor boys, this virus epidemic is going to hamper their promotions. 🙁 They won't be able to hold fansigns or fanmeetings like this. (Or at least I hope TM is smart enough to cancel those kinds of events for everyone's safety.) What an unfortunate time to debut. T_T -Please be safe boys.

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