Lil Rel Howery Is Taking His NBA All-Star Celebrity Game Training Seriously

-I’m so happy to see you. I’m so happy you came back
to the show. Thank you very much.
We have a lot to talk about. This is a very exciting
time for you. -Yeah, this is —
got a new movie coming out on Valentine’s Day,
so I’m excited. -That’s right.
That’s right, you do have that, but also you’re about to fulfill
a dream of yours. -Yes, I am playing in the Celebrity NBA All-Star
Basketball Game. Yes.
[ Cheers and applause ] Yes! -Now can — can you play? -Yeah, I can play.
[ Laughter ] -Okay. I just had to ask.
You can? -I’m tired of, like, people
asking me that. People ask me that a lot.
-Yeah. -Like, I’m really gonna take
this seriously. I know that like most comedians
get on there, and I talked to Kevin Hart about like,
“Yeah, got to be entertaining.” I’m not doing that.
[ Laughter ] I’m really playing.
I’m playing hard. Like, I’m really like —
-What? -Like, I’ve been like training,
and I’m ready to hoop. This it might be the last game
of my life, but I’m playing… [ Laughter ]
as hard as I can. -You’re not gonna do
any jokes? Nothing? -No, it’s a basketball game.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah, I know, but you’re
Lil Rel Howery. -Right, the basketball player.
-No, no, you’re not. You’re not a famous basketball
player. You’re a famous comedian
and actor. -But on Friday I’m playing
basketball, so… I’ll be a basketball player. -How are you practicing?
How are you training? -I mean, like — look, first of
all, I’ve been just working out in general, like for
the last year and half. -You look good. -I’m in the best shape
I’ve ever been. But — oh, thank you.
[ Cheers and applause ] But no, I’d be like — you know,
the NBA hooked me and Hannibal up with like, an NBA person who
was training with us and stuff. So, like —
-Hannibal Buress? -Hannibal Buress, yeah.
-The comedian? -Yeah, who’s also a basketball
player. -No, no. You guys —
[ Laughter ] He’s not gonna be funny either?
-No. We — Do you understand how seriously
we’re taking this? [ Laughter ]
-No. Well, let me look at
your team right here. This is the teams right here.
-Yeah. -Steven A. Smith is your team —
is he your captain? -He’s our coach.
-He’s your coach. -I hope he don’t get in my head,
too, because, you know, he kind of mean.
[ Light laughter ] -He can be — he can get
in your head, right? Yeah, you don’t want him to.
You got a good team, though. Chance the Rapper.
-Got Chance. -That’s good.
-Yeah. -Quavo.
-Quavo. -Now Quavo,
that’s your secret — -Quavo — did you — like,
they just posted a video yesterday of them dudes playing
a pickup game. Like, Quavo was balling out. Like, I got excited looking
at it in a green room. -That’s your dude. That’s who
you become friends with. -That’s how I’m gonna get
my five assists, easily. I’m getting 15 and 5,
that’s my goal. -15 points?
-Yeah. -Wow. And 5?
-5 assists, or turnovers, or rebounds or —
[ Laughter ] However the 5 come,
but I’m gonna have 5. Going 15 and 5.
-You’re gonna do 15 — Are you going for MVP?
-I am. -This is it.
-You — do you realize how serious I am about this?
[ Laughter ] Like, when they go to me —
-When they cut to you, will you be smiling?
-I’m gonna be sweating in the layup line, like, I’m
gonna look I’ve been warming up for hours for this game.
[ Laughter ] -But this like —
it’s celebrity. It’s supposed to be fun.
I mean, you’re — -Yeah, it’s gonna be fun,
as I ball out of control. -You’re up against — oh.
But you’re up against — Dude, Common’s good.
-Common look good, yeah. He’s been talking.
-Bad Bunny’s good. He looks like he can play ball.
-I don’t think so. [ Cheers ]
-You really don’t think so? -No.
-Hannibal. -Hannibal — and I beat Hannibal
one-on-one, so like — -That’s all good. -My highlight’s gonna
come off him. -Says your assistant coach
is Guy Fieri. -Yeah. [ Laughter ] -Wait. I don’t mean —
What do — -Well, it’s the halftime
cook off. No, I’m joking. I don’t know.
[ Laughter ]


  1. Hannibal team looking pretty…. Pretty…. Pretty good 👍 but im loving your look in this interview bro. Very powerful like the African actor with the bald head

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