Live PD: Landlord Games (Season 4) | A&E


  1. This ole man needs to retire from life and have another drink and chill and enjoy the years he has left, atleast he said thank you after the flashlight Haha

  2. I think Roy was trying to say (apparently he was drunk) that he and the tenant made an agreement he would move out that day but never did, so to avoid eviction fees he turned off the power to get him to leave on his own.

  3. Narrator: Officer Mohawk hoped this would be the last time he would have to deal with crazy alcoholic Roy…

    …This was not the last time Officer Mohawk would have to deal with crazy alcoholic Roy.

  4. Can you all go back to posting the compilations? The ones that are 30ish minutes? It is a pain to just watch a bunch of smaller videos.

    Or of someone who can video edit wants to make compilations of these. . .

  5. "I hope you have a beautiful South Carolina evening" MAN that sounds so wholesome I'm about to start using that and I don't even live in South Carolina

  6. dude straight up said "I want them to take me to court" I was like "😳 Tf" then hes like "but I dont wanna pay to evict him" dudes drunk 😂

  7. "Roy, how are we doing this fine evening?"
    "hope you have a beautiful south carolina evening. it's always a pleasure."
    Roy is a respected man

  8. Luckily I live in a state where a notarized two week notice is all that you need to evict someone.
    We also have some of the best gun laws in the world, just in case.

  9. All of you supporting that tenant…I am absolutely sure none of you own homes cause if you do you will understand that the Tenant himself could be a devil. I have dealt with many tenants like him for years. They move into a house dont pay rent and refuse to move out. I dont know the back story to this but I am pretty sure that tenant is not innocent . If you are a good tenant, pay rent on time, dont make noise, dont destroy the home, no landlord will tell you to leave his in 2 days. I am sure that tenant is not innocent

  10. The ending of the entire interaction was priceless. Very wonderful and patient cop. "You have a beautiful south carolina evening, it's always a pleasure"

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