1. "5" Massively multiplayer online Video Games: World Of Warcraft, Arche Age, Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, Star Wars The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2

  2. … and I purchased a FireCuda for multiple systems thinkin I was a baller w/the price-to-performance ratio =(

  3. HP ex950, Adata XPG sx8200 pro, WD balck SN750 & other recent NVME drives is faster than 970 evo in FFXIV benchmark

  4. 970 evo 1tb is over 6 times faster than a 860 evo 1tb….Looks like the games not able to use the full power of a 970evo.
    Nice video btw @hYPERs

  5. I wanted to get the Samsun 970 Evo 1TB but I'm not sure if it will fit my Gateway FX series 🙁
    I also wanted to upgrade my CPU to i7 87k but Im not sure if that will be possible too.

  6. you do realise that ff15 is not an mmo right ? its ff14 a realm reborn that is the mmo as well as ff11 not 15

  7. You should add how many times games were loaded on SSHD before test. Without this info test for this drive is totally invalid.

  8. Why you test Kingston v300 ? check Evo 860 have better speed w/r 20% more. Maybe Evo 860 is faster from Evo 970 ? lol

  9. Good vid, but you should really call it NVME, not M2. M2 refers to the form factor (smaller size) and even the slower non-NVME SSDs can be the M2 size.

  10. Again… SSHD needs to be run multiple times before ssd cache utilizes itself.. Google it how it works.. you litterally posting not real time information about loading speeds cuz SSHD WHEN it makes its priorities it runs basically same as normal SSD… but it takes time…

  11. 0:08 "… and the four friends enjoy a eating foes and completing quests. Howed at outposts, characters receive a bong by foot, and proves quite useful…"

  12. Expected more of a difference with NVME but i guess a decent Sata SSD is still the way to go if you don't actually work with large amounts of data daily.

  13. It would good if you could show write speed difference between drives with perhaps game install times. Also another video with windows 10 boot times in quick boot mode. Keep up the good work. 😎

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