Magnus Carlsen plays the King’s Gambit vs. chess24 user FireMarshall

Okay FireMarshall. Don’t think
I’ve played FireMarshall before. Let me see. Okay e4, don’t think I’ve
tried that one so far today. f4, let me see what he does
against the King’s Gambit. Spoiler alert queen h4 was a good move. But any who. It’s still good for black but the
inclusion of knight c6 and ah… what is it I’m supposed to do here? Knight b5. Don’t know my Steinitz well enough
to tell you the details here. Should I play c4 or should I play a4? a4 looks sensible. Always thinking positionally even
in such a tactical position. Take on f4? Yeah I guess I should. Yeah that was the only… problem I have with my last move. Knight f6 is a little bit
problematic to meet. Okay, let’s do this. Just for fun. King back to g1. So I’ve just given up a central pawn
with tempo but I’ve hidden away my king and now I have my own ideas
like bishop c7 and knight a7. So at least practically
speaking, feels unfair. That’s really all you can hope for. Objective evaluation like
this in a blitz game. I would say it just doesn’t matter. And now I would guess that
the objective of evaluation is that it’s pretty good for me. Yeah I’m just going to continue a5, b5,
c4, trying to blast open the position… on the queenside. And who would
guess that my king would be safer? That’s the paradox of the King’s
Gambit that white king not always but sometimes ends up
being the safe one. Cannot explain exactly why. It’s a bit boring but I think
I’m going to just take on g5, very small tactical trick leading
to a position with a pawn up in a better position to put. I guess he should try g6,
it’s pretty hopeless. Well that’s a good try but doesn’t really change anything. And I should watch out
just a little bit. What I would like to do here in
general, positionally speaking, is just to keep the knight
on f6 but he’s threatening. He was threatening b5 so I have to take
a little bit of care with my bishop. But yeah still… a pawn up with a better position.
I’m not going to take on h7. This looks more in line with what… oh, there was still a
fork with knight f5. e6 hanging. Okay. Good game.


  1. And I wish Magnus would explain why the opponent gave up. It’s not always obvious to beginners like myself. But it would probably take 2-3 minutes to explain all of the options. Chess, can’t decide if I like it or hate it…

  2. To answer all the "why doesn't Magnus do [insert move] at [timestamp]?" questions:
    It's because he's Magnus

  3. @chess24 are you only going to post videos of Magnus Winning and never videos of him losing or Drawing? Are you saying when he streams he never loses or draws just wins? It would be interesting to see what he says and does in games he does draw in and lose in not just showing all his wins and disregard his draws and losses seems quite one sided tbh.

  4. Omg this guy is so good I think if we played a 100 times I would still lose a 100 times and I thought I was good 🙁

  5. The guy plays 4) … ç4
    After 5) Qh4 +, he goes Ke2 ans still manages to win.
    I'm now convinced that ExtraTerrestrials do exist and that Magnus is one of them ;-))

  6. LOVE King's Gambit! Can anyone please explain why at 1:18 "a4 looks sensible" than c4? Also, where can I find the PGN of this game to do my own analysis?

  7. Magnus has a strong attack and a safe king
    Magnus: Let's trade Queens and go for the endgame which is winning for me.
    The man, the myth, the legend.

  8. Me at the start of this game: Jesus, Carlsen is in a terrible position, he’s totally exposed.

    Me at the end: D-:

  9. 4:21 KxF7 could’ve set magnus up to atleast gain one rook in exchange for his knight. Instead he went after the knight on E3, why?

  10. 3 Minutes is only way to play games online because there are so many cheaters, 80% of them use chess engine like Stockfish.

  11. Yo Champ
    In minute 1:00
    Why didn't you take with night on C7
    You had a fork on the king and rook
    Im just a beginner can you explain
    Thank you

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