Mark Ronson – Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (Official Video) ft. Miley Cyrus


  1. Don't you understand you can't hide with your fake badges police CIA or feds Were going out tonight you want to kill my family then let's finish this I have nothing to lose you have everything to lose

  2. Wow this song really foreshadowed Miley and Liam's split, with the 'burning house' and the breaking of the heart. She didn't even know it'd go down that way

  3. If you believe in "God" "Jesus"as taught in the USA you must be fucking retarded! There's no heaven or hell because it's not on Google maps so how you gonna find the motherfuckers? Dead is dead just like before you're born there is nothing!

  4. I am only See?!? That not miley, it s her reptilian clone. Look on her face when she speak to camera, it is not a human mimic.

  5. It’s not about the video her trying to get attention she is spreading her word if you listen to her voice there is so much pain and heartbreak in her box

  6. Very clever reboot of classic Dolly Parton sound. They learned this on their collab with Parton on her old song(s). Cyrus' are not dummies. Jolene sounds fantastic at 1/3 tempo, which is exactly what this song is and sounds like. They don't even hide it.. LOL.

  7. This song is the "warm up" for October 2019 release in my Power strength training class. Had no idea it was Miley😳. Not a fan at all but this song is 🔥🔥🔥✨

  8. Heard this today in a clothing store 😂😂
    Also they rented a whole bridge, cop cars, and a damn helicopter for this video. Wtf?

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  10. I love this song, but I feel that the video doesn't quite match. The song is sad and exotically reflective, while the video is more weird and revolutionary.

  11. I love this song! It's really well written and preformed. This video is just so cringeworthy!🤣 I'm not sure if its suppose to be some kind of take on how people idle worshipe celebrities and there political views or if it's just her being arrogant lmao

  12. WHAT IS THIS BLASPEMOUS GARBAGE??? Miley you need Jesus!! You sold your soul for fame but it means nothing when you have to spend eternity in hell for this. It’s not worth it!! You’ll have to answer to God one day and EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW ONE DAY AND PROCLAIM THAT JESUS CHRIS IS LORD

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