Marvel’s Iron Man VR – Announce Trailer | PS VR

Morning sir, our travel time to Shanghai
is 11 hours, 15 minutes. Told you we should’ve taken
the faster flight. I think the board prefers
you wear a more… conventional suit to
these company meetings. You can’t outrun your past. Friday, tell me I didn’t
just imagine that! Negative sir. Sir! Incoming! A little late don’t ya think! Friday, suit up… now! All systems online. Time for the Hero thing. Sir, hostiles inbound.
10 o’clock. So much for a hero’s welcome. On your right! Any idea who we’re up
against? You’ve made your share of
enemies, sir. I’ll need more time. Above you! That’s how it’s done! Threat: Neutralized. Good. I have a plane to catch.


  1. This is not an onrail fps, I have confirmed it. You use the thrusters to move and all that jazz. It's just poorly represented in this trailer.

  2. I've played many VR titles by now, and the actual gameplay they showed looked like the most boring cookie cutter thing they could've come up with considering the vastness of Marvels IPs. Do better.

  3. I was gonna get a vr head set for my ps4 cuz there cheaper but now i have to wait till trump is outta office cuz im not paying no 25% tariff tax

  4. There better be at least a scene were you have to suit up as mk 42 just like in 3 because I’ve always dreamed of suiting up in a iron man suit like that.

  5. Ffs make a full iron man game already ! A grinding game where you start with an old suit am grind to get new suits

  6. You guy’s see Iron Man is still alive yes he died in the because Robert doesn’t want to play him anymore but that doesn’t mean the character of iron man is dead

  7. This looks like you're on rails…. I hope not. As I want a flight and combat mech simulator, you know… like an Iron Man suit.

  8. We need a iron man game just like spider man ps4, not a vr experience…anyways, why we need another vr experience, we have already Marvel Powers United VR and for some reason a Kellogg´s Marvel Civil War VR XD . WE WANT A IRON MAN GAME! 🙂

  9. Buen juego comprare la ps4 pro y la vr este 2019 y con ese juego biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiien chiiiiiiiiiido me suscriboooooooooooooo

  10. i hope this game isnt just a 1 round demo like the spiderman game, i hope there are at least a few more missions/levels

  11. All of the people who are saying that this seems wrong because it isnt RDJ havent experienced a ton of Iron Man content. There were some fantastic iron man actors before RDJ's time.

  12. As awesome as this game is, and as bad as I’ve always wanted to be iron man, if in iron man, then I can’t see iron man and his awesomeness. So this may be a dumb question but will there be an option for third person view?

  13. Is it just me or Iron Mans design looks similar to the Avengers game. You think this game is canon to the Story line of the game and you're playing a younger Tony Stark, before A-Day?

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