1. Hey Cowsep, got a question, really hope you can answer. I one trick Yi, what should I do in ranked if he's banned or picked first?

  2. at 2:09 the fact that he went for that dragon, saying " i dont even care if they see me now " was such a bad game play…not only could you not do dragon, something you could had done if you went around and used that sneaky way you planned, you also made support burn her flash.

    Sorry but it is mistakes like that, that can decide early if you win or lose a game.

  3. Nasus is a dog, top lane said he got Nasus's brain means that he got a dog brain (in Vietnamese this means you are stupid as shit)).

  4. cowsep everyone says the higher you get less ban you ll have on yi but im currently sitting in dia 2 and every if not almost every game yi gets banned or enemy teams pick it so im forced to play khazix and i realized that kha is actually superior to Yi i can dominate early and mid-game from lv 3 i can one shoot everyone except the tanks feels so good feels good your games to be 15 to 20 minutes
    but if take yi their entire team comp builds against my pick yumi/naut /leona/tresh vi/amumu/ ramus ez/ashe sindra/liss orn/set and gets pretty rough so i dont know what to do as usual my team does nothing they relay on me but enemy throw everything on me i can survive 5 6 seconds if i dodge something but my support have more dmg then the midline and the ADC (btw 40 games so far didnt see game with botlane doing something always under lv , gold etc always do no dmg )so its me against the world how you win such games im prty sure you have tons of

  5. Bữa tao cung gap con master yi nay mà tao k biet cow. Luc đau game ngao ngao giua game tro đi danh kinh vc.

  6. Cowsep, we are vietnamese, and we love you so much !
    thanks for inspiring all the young buffalo playing Yi once again …
    now they are more than corona in vietnam server
    They are dumb, bold,dangerous and rage quitter LOLOLOL

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