Miami Women’s Basketball Coach Megan Duffy

One of the best decisions I made two
years ago by accepting this head coaching position was coming to Miami. The people I’ve met here, the challenges that I get to see and face every day is
awesome. The amount of growth that I’ve had as a young head coach is pretty
special. I guess I think about how long I watched her play basketball since she’s ten years old. I coached 43 years and she’s the hardest
working player I’ve ever coached. No matter how good she got was never
good enough and that’s how she coaches. She doesn’t go game to game she goes “how good can we get by the time we get done”. I’m really thankful for Coach Duffy in
the way that she’s helped me grow as a person. She not only cares about me as a
basketball player but my whole person, so the areas that I want to grow
and she’s right there backing me up. I have an extreme amount of passion to
help young people first and foremost and it’s always been easy for me to get up
in the morning you know I get to help phenomenal young women both on and off the court. I just try and believe in our team each and every day and push them to
a level that maybe they don’t even think they can get to. It’s just been a game
changer for the team that we both started to believe in ourselves because
of the way that she believed in us. I just think I’m lucky everyday to coach
the best and the brightest. I think I got the easiest job in the world in a lot of

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