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(dramatic music) – How far off were we? 40 minutes, not 37. This is simple. Play all 40 minutes. You gotta play 40 minutes. You gotta get used to playing 40 minutes. You gotta realize in the tournament, you gotta play every single minute. You watch today’s games, there’s so many things that are happening in these last two minutes of games. Some people are winning them. Some people are losing them. It comes down to free throw shooting, taking care of the ball,
and not turning it over. We can start cutting those turnovers back by seven and eight, like we were getting, and it’s gonna make a
big, big, big difference in our offensive output for sure. (upbeat music) – [Commentator] Well tonight
here in College Park, we have winner Big Ten night ’cause that’s what the
Maryland Terps are thinking, and if they win tonight,
that’ll be a reality. But there’s one other piece of this puzzle nobody seems to wanna
talk a whole lot about and that is Michigan State is also playing for a Big Ten championship, because MSU with a win
here tonight at Maryland is only one game out of
first place with two to play and who knows what can
happen in this league. – [Commentator] Yeah, we’ve
been to a lot of great barns this year, a lot of great environments, and this one takes a back seat to no other with the energy in this place. Michigan State controlling
the opening tip. (crowd cheering) Aaron Henry, Malik Hall, back
to Henry for the 12 footer. Left it short, got it
back, and puts it home. – [Commentator] A terrific
job by Aaron Henry to pursue that basketball. (crowd cheering) – [Commentator] Eric Ayala sneaks inside, has it knocked away by Tillman, who starts the Spartans the other way. Look at this bounce pass to Hall, and what a start for the Spartans. (crowd cheering) Great matchup here, Smith and Tillman. (crowd cheering) And Tillman wins this battle. Winston double teamed,
finds Watts in the corner, and it just keeps getting
better for Michigan State as Mark Turgeon is forced
to use an early time out. – [Commentator] What a
start for Michigan State. (crowd cheering) – [Commentator] The ball
screened for Winston, and he knocks down a three. 17-5 Michigan State. (crowd cheering) Smith– – [Commentator] How about that pass? (crowd cheering) – [Commentator] And it
goes, Scott from the corner. And they’re back on their
feet here in Xfinity Center. (crowd cheering) Winston, right bar to wrap
the screen set by Tillman. To Winston for three. – [Commentator] Don’t need a lotta time. He gets that thing off quickly. (crowd cheering) – [Commentator] Nice beat
inside and a finish for Tillman. Another assist for Cassius Winston. (crowd cheering) – [Commentator] Maryland 29
from half court, Winston. – [Commentator] He got it! – [Commentator] He got it! – [Commentator] Wow! – [Commentator] He got it from half! – [Commentator] Wow! (dramatic music) Well the one thing we know
about Maryland this year is if there’s a second left,
you can’t count these guys out. – [Commentator] Not at all. Just go back a game ago at Minnesota. Down 16 at half and what
a comeback they made to win that one, especially late down the stretches of that game. So, this is gonna have
to be a concentrated 20, full 20 minutes of
basketball by Michigan State. – [Commentator] Smith sizing up Tillman, tried to back him down. That’s going to be tough. Tillman not quite as tall or
as long, but he’s stronger. And look at Tillman run the
floor and get the lay up at the other end. (crowd cheering) Look at his start to reach
out for Michigan State, as Tillman lays it in from Winston. – [Commentator] They intended it down low, but Henry knocked it away and
somehow it goes out to Hart. – [Commentator] 8-0 run Maryland and as noisy as it’s been in a long while. (crowd cheering) Henry leans in. (crowd cheering) Tipped out by Kithier. Watts wide open and give
Kithier the credit for that. (crowd cheering) Winston from the corner, yes. – [Commentator] Just great basketball. – [Commentator] The Spartans
landed wired to white to pick up a big road win here. (upbeat music) (team cheering) – Hey, family on three. One, two, three. – [Team] Family. (team cheering) (dramatic music)


  1. This was a great game, and as the Cher song says – "This is far from over – you haven't seen the last of me, you haven't seen the last of me." GO GREEN!

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