MINECRAFT for GIRLS?!? – Game Glitch

Hello people, my name is Avery Miller, and
the Play Store is quite an interesting place. Here you got… Uhm… I think that means ‘me on mondays’? What? You’re a durmiente bebé– (Laughs) –bebé on mondays? And car sounds? What do you have to say about it, Sniff? Cory: Uh… Avery: (Laughs)
Cory: Uh… You’re putting me on the spot. Avery: Ha, I really am dude, but I’m kinda
doing it on purpose, it’s the best way to have comedy. Cory: Haa! There’s so much pressure, Avery… There’s so many people I can’t see. Avery: There’s like… 5. 5 whole people will be listening to this. 35 people. Ha, sorry about that, but out of all of these,
none are more viral. More clickable. More genius; I present to the jury… Girls Craft: Mine Exploration, created by
Play Cool Zombie Sport Games. Now that’s good advice, I tell you what, when
I made my first android app, you know, I was setting up the info in my developer account
and stuff, and instead of… I don’t know, making it ‘Avery Miller’ or
something like that, I thought I’d make it so good, general, everyday advice: Brush Teeth
Everyday Health Apps. Okay, that wasn’t funny at all, moving on! Avery: Hey! Connor: Shut up, Avery. Well, I guess there’s nothing else to do except
play the game. Okay, here I am, this is the game… Girls Craft, and as we look over here, we
see this disfigured bunny over here, that poor thing. I don’t know… What really happened there… Let’s get right in, I guess. (Creepy music)
Deep breaths, deep breaths… Really deep breaths actually, because this
is taking forever to load. Look at that, here it is in it’s… Beauty. Oh look at this! It’s pink! We got some good sound effects going. Ah! Looks like it’s some some trugle– TROUBLE–
Wow, look at this. It’s pink, looks very girlish, I assume, everybody
knows girls only like the color pink… It’s– It’s science, guys. Uhm… Anyways, let’s see… (Creepy music)
Dude! Woah! Stop the presses… Wait a second. This house is completely– I mean, we’ll get
into glitches here in a second, but, I mean, this house is completely a–
(Creepy music) It’s a dirt block. Dude… This is a SIGN! It’s a symbol! Okay, we have to take a look out of the windows
here, let’s take a look. A pink tree? Outside of your house? No, no, I don’t think so. Oh, well this is connected some how. This is connected. Wait. Wait a second.Wait! Load up my menu here,
gotta AHH! (Advert starts)
Voice: Sometimes you feel your phone is too slow. Avery: Woah! Voice: But now, with clean master! Avery: AHHH! Voice: Yaa! Download clean master to rocket launch your
phone! Avery: (Coughs)
WHAT WAS THAT?!?! Holy moley, okay! Now I would just like to say there, I think
the best summary of this game would be a 30 second ad that you can’t skip. That’s the best summary of this game. But, lets go ahead, I’m going to grab my texture
here, and get ready to get your poor little mind blown. Well, I mean, it’s the wrong color, but look
at that dude! Do you see what I’m… Look! See! It’s a triangle! And look at this! See where it’s looking right there?!? This, dude, is a sign man! Somebody used to live here, they got mur–
Is that a cow? That means something! I can’t put my finger on what it means, but
it definitely means something. Come on over here buddy. So actually getting into glitches here, you
may notice that you can plant blocks… Uhm… You can actually plant blocks on and inside
the animals. Which is, extremely disturbing. I know… What, I… I thought I switched back! I know PETA wouldn’t be happy, I’m not happy,
this is obscene. Why…? Stop moving! Oh shoot– Wait a second! Wait a second here! (Laughs)
You just got hacked, bro! Filthy Frank: Ha, pranked! PRANKED! Ha, got ’em! Now that’s wack, okay? Now I’m not… I think I’m stealing that from somebody, I
watched so much ethan and hila that I think… Everything I say is just exactly what they’ve
said in the past. (Funky music)
But yes, this is whack, guys. This is whack, okay. Look at this! Look, he’s in side… And you can do some crazy stuff dude, plant
that right there, what! WHAT! Dude! He’s floating! Awe, wow! Oh! I deleted it, I deleted it! They aren’t live as far as I know. Alright, I’ve had enough of this. (Ghostbusters music)
AHH! Shoot! Ahh! The… The… Oh! Come on! Oh! Ha, that didn’t work at all! Uh, man! Well, I guess this is divine intervention. I think I still have to keep playing the game
now. (Sigh)
An interesting which I discovered myself here, is when you dig down… Straight down… You know, we’re going to be here for a while… Something pretty magical will happen. Ah! This actually goes on for a very long time. It really give you some time to think about
your life decisions, Like why I’m sitting here playing a video game call Girls Cube
world. That’s a never-ending loop. It’s never-ending loop. Well, we might as well look at some other
stuff here. I figured out that if you walk… Into something… Sometimes you can make it make a weird noise. Some of the time. Hahaha! (Glitched noise)
(Indistinguishable) Okay! Now the glitch is deactivated now unfortunately,
but, as you can see, it’s very useful and very interesting. I am a real pro-games player. I mean I know, so you guys are seeing here,
and you’re like that’s no pro games player, But I am a pro games player, okay? I’m very classy… What was I doing again? What was I– What was I talking about? Well, let’s just continue on here. I am so glad by the way you guys voted for
this, and chose this. Because this is the best game you could’ve
choose. And I mean the poll was rigged from the beginning,
though right. The poll was rigged. And… Cory founded Isis. Yeah… That’s what I meant to say, actually, ya. So now we’re entering into the water here… The, uh, Deep… We can do that same glitch we did from earlier,
so now we can do the same glitch we did earlier, but it’s a real bummer because it takes forever
to do. But… Uh, I completely ruined my life by playing
a game called Girls Craft. So see, now we’re… But see, we’re slowing down, so it’s pointless. (Sigh)
It’s really hot in here… What… Something… Something, uh… I feel… Another interesting thing here is that you
can’t actually drown in Girls Craft Girls Cube World, which is very interesting because
out of all of the gameplay mechanics they included, I feel like drowning is the most
important, ya know? When you play Minecraft, what do you say you’re
going to do? Drown, right? That’s a very important–
GEORGE! What ya doing?!? (Laughing crazily)
Okay… You know, this is going to be a great video. Okay, what we’re going to do… If I can find it… Check it out, so now… He’s inside the block right now. And I know you’re thinking, “Well it’s like
a tree maybe it’s supposed to do that.” No. No. I can actually do the same thing for a dirt
block. If I could actually plan a dirt block, but… When I click the menu up here it freezes,
so… No! That’s copyrighted, don’t no! Okay, now I’ve… See… I’ve planted a dirt block. OH! I deleted the chicken. I deleted the chicken, it’s gone now. Wells see, this is actually really good timing,
because I have a therapist appointment scheduled… I actually have a therapist appointment scheduled
within the next few days here! So this is actually really convenient here! I’m glad I’m doing this now, getting this
over with, so then… You know… Uhmm… So then I don’t have to make an extra appointment,
which is really convenient, actually. Well, I’m going to go now… (Indistinguishable)
I’m going to go talk to my therapist now. (Laughs)
Now that I’m thinking about it, I think that I might have had that App Trapper thing
set to explode… Oh well, the damage has already been done. If you have any suggestions or anything like
that, tweet me, or leave a comment below. We had quite a few people comment on the last
video, you know, like Ty here, so come on man, join ‘em! And, of course, if you enjoyed this video,
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  1. If anybody has any suggestions for the next video, let me know!
    (Besides you, Ryan. You've already commented. XD)

  2. This game is truly a masterpiece, pink, silky smooth 5fps, and cow riding, what more could you ask for? 9.9/10 worst game I've ever seen. -IGN

  3. hold it hold it hold it right there girls do not just like the color pink and is not science get your facts straight honey

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