Minecraft is scary!!! – Part 3

what’s up gamers it’s gaming week say it with me gaming week today we’re playing more minecraft that’s right everybody I finished my house it’s got a glass ceiling now yeah that’s awesome Felix I know and watch this all my planes have grown so much what do you think of that cheap I’ve also look at the flowers okay how cute is my house comment right now and you can win an Xbox so I made this stable because today bros we have lots of things to do and one of the first things we’re gonna do is we’re gonna ride the goddamn horses oh wait sorry I need to goddamn it I need to use my home to get this weed out that’s right because we’re gonna use the wheat to learn out the horses I think that’s how it works I don’t know listen I know more about Minecraft than you do so they didn’t even talk to me all right does your house a farm look epic like this what is this bait throat what what is this is this melon what is this pumpkin this is the thing with myung truck craft do you think you’re gonna do one thing and then you get distracted with a million other things I don’t have to do this I just feel like I have to do this now look how fast I am though I’m the fastest planter farmer in the world this is what can you stop distracting me this is why people waited for me to play Minecraft all these years just to see me plant seeds like no other planter before have we got more melon what the did you come from what kind of recipe can I make okay gamers so we haven’t wheat we have these horses they’ve been here since episode 1 throwback to episode 1 of gamer week I’m gonna ride this horse and you take it that’s right take it take it how much do they need how much wheat do you like that does he trust me now are we friends now are we cool now how much weed would you like that’s all my wheat supply thanks yeah I got two hey did I tell you that leave I wanna ride you go go away uh why wear it wear it wear it wear it y’all got your again for fun your again do not have her with me I have named you you should be happy y’all get what do you want maybe Apple maybe he wants Apple I have golden apple maybe I should feed him then how to ride for spine crash hey guys what’s up so today we will do the – just tell me I don’t need to listen to you first you must tame the horse each horse must be tame to tame horse do you want to waste my time anymore you must use your hand to tame horse you will tame horse by repeatedly trying to mount the horse and getting back done what so I just have to harass the wars in two sitting with me I can do they may your again oh I think I tamed the waters I did it minecraft how do I jump it’s better sailor on this bitch you’re again we’re going so fast oh god you’re installing okay Jurgen is too fat for my stable Jurgen bleeds come on go in and all the time god you’re useless Jurgen all right do you fit in my house get up okay we’re cool right good boy here let’s give him an amp a year again you like some apple you’re a kid you gotta get for fun no you want that bull you want that for trying to eat the ah alright fine well I still need your again to stay so I’m going to make Jurgen cuddles new house alright this is where you live that’s definitely what I wanted to do alright you live here you again don’t look at me like that I have other things to do today alright I have a bucket list full of things isn’t that right sheep you’re useless pathetic I’ll see you at night at dinner we have uragan next up is we’re gonna make a portal and we’re gonna enter the thing but first we need to make pocket and to make bucket I know this because I’m actually a veteran at Minecraft a lot of people don’t know this I know how to make buckets all right what is that no get I can’t say that bad word next up we fill the bucket what up Jurgen you filled the bucket with water as such there we go we filled it with bucket what’d I just say and next up we just have to dig straight down Bruce I know it’s crazy wait where was the mine I had a mind somewhere oh yes of course here it is shut your mouth you have no friends the audacity of some people jab bloody feet on fuck god damn it oh why did they do that I thought it would stop getting scared after a walk you distracted me and look what happened need to : ow damn I could start a coal mining business look how much there is you shut up alright so we need to go to lava clearly very scary thing I need to make sure this is late otherwise enemies spawn what is this this is all I built all right we’re gonna have to dig down there and hopefully we’ll find lava sooner than later oh okay here’s my old right I just gonna make sure I find my way out of this kid mains alright where’s the lava oh my god gross that’s very scary sound what is that sound hello game sound very scary where is my lava I know a lot of people have a stigma against digging straight down but you do understand that you need balls to play Minecraft oh I hear the lava what would take you years of practice and research takes me only a couple of seconds because I got ball oh yeah oh yeah we’re getting close mr. lava oh yeah Rickman’s oh yeah oh yeah found you found you mr. lava Wow look at that like a look eh eh eh now we take a bucket water and we pour it in the lava how do I do that goddammit okay cool I found water and I can just walk button what it never works grab it grab it grab the water okay I got it so I can do weird okay so this is how you do it you just pour it here whoa we just made whatever this is I don’t remember if you could actually mine these back in the day but we need these apparently they take forever to farm so this should be a big bottom did I get it though no I didn’t get it why not ice bucket challenge come on doing Felix I love minecraft bunch of nerds who play minecraft dude I’m breaking my eye diamond mine path for this it’s getting totally ruined [Music] [Music] in the midst of my panic you may have thought that I was pure panic but I actually managed to go to the surface so I think I didn’t actually lose my items pray to knotch and gaben’s baby Oh God because if my stuff falls in the lava it’s over okay guys smash like on this video if you think it’s over you guys warned me for that yeah thank God alright maybe some stuff fell in no we’re fine we’re fine we’re completely fine my legs are here Oh God thank gaben that was a true gamer moment in the midst of that panic I persevered look I have a diamond helmet now and I almost lost it this is why you need to be careful when you play video game you know so I have to be close to pick it up then I also have to be far away that way did I get it nope I didn’t get it stupid love a stinky lava you stink too lava I don’t lie about you eat my ants what I can grab lava in a bucket that seems very unsafe so far I have 0 death on this server so I would really like to keep it that way I haven’t died yet so alright so 7 how many do I need 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2010 I have 12 I think that’s enough all right we’re going back epic epic epic epic epic epic epic smash like on this video a few things epic and you could give me an Xbox alright gamers that was success what the hell this is my old mineshaft oh my god that goes to my house oh there’s a Minecraft house Jerr again you’re still there all right there you go okay gamers what was I doing ah yes we were building an epic portal to the nether realm should we build here where should I build it sure let’s do it here I never done this that was not like back when I was a gamer like I’ve never been to the nether realm should I be scared so how many blocks do I need again does that work okay so why does he not open excuse me I thought this was all I had to do answer me sheep how to open up the portal flint and steel what where do I get Flint from I was impossible no god damn it hey god damn man maybe needs to be Knight how do I fight Flint from gravel alright I guess back to the mind we go boys how does gravel look like is this crapple die alright what the Frick is a die alright like what is what is it stay alright I need gavel so ready for an epic adventure but I need to get happen like what is gravel I’ve never seen it and I played for hours it’s not just rolling me like when you find coal it’s so obvious gold oh yeah alright could this be what is that what was that gravel Gavin weed I know a grapple where’s the flame where’s the goddamn Flint do I need to farm it with something else continue to dig up gravel until Flint appears so far no luck buddy how rare is Flint dude yes I saw it we have one voice mission accomplished god damn travel you son yeah alright now we just gotta find our way back and then we’re good see time to head back home boys another mission accomplished is it raining what it rains in Minecraft uragan it’s always I have to build the roof for you sorry your again look at that that’s so cozy that’s amazing so whatever what do I do with the Flint I need an iron ingot all right I think I can scrap a lot one of those oh my god cool no I don’t want it I don’t want it I damn it I made nuggets okay so it’s raining but I think that that fits the aesthetic of what we’re doing because we’re going through the nether portal bros alright ah ba ba ba ba ya ba ba ba ba alright you’re again let’s go on our biggest adventure we have ever gone to I’ll bring a carrot in case we get hungry maybe I should bring some food actually okay Oh any my shield okay yaar again it’s gaming time kidding me Jurgen can’t enter what kind of discrimination it’s this we’re gonna ride out in the dawn like they did in Lord of the Rings what the hell your again wait there alright I’m just gonna check if that’s the case maybe my stairs messed it up or something no ah your again wait for me wait for me on the other side we’re entering the nether realm what’s happening what’s happening up freakin out what’s the farting whoa whoa whoa minecraft this is okay alright farm we need this we need this we need this alright remember the rules you can’t hurt they can’t hurt us in the holes I’ll dude I’m getting epic XP from being in here this is very epic but we must be careful and it’s not forget hell isn’t real they said but they have not seen them nether ran for real why is this game so scary dude what can you find here I actually I don’t know wait wait where’s my poor love I already lost it there you are oh god it’s such a terrible decision oh my god there’s so much love I did Oh Carol dude Oh what is that that’s got to be precious material they may have strength and courage but I have a mining skills what am I looking for mushrooms am I supposed to kill you guys I don’t want that I want to be friends with them look at their houses on fire of course they’re gonna be angry look at them he just wants to jump all day I get it I’m the same what happens if you don’t find your way back hold like God what happens it’s too uragan let’s be friends okay let’s be friends okay hey hey hey hey not for all right all right it’s gonna be like that it’s got to be like that I’m not the one making the rules I’m 9 by wish you’d all be dead it’s like know where it goes No oh god this is it it’s this it I don’t have water I don’t have water I’m burning up I’m burning up I can’t die Jorgen is waiting for me the lava stop we’re gonna make a picture your again I gotta make it back though me [Music] oh my god that was Gray’s it’s still raining are you kidding me alright I’ve learned my lesson I’m not going anywhere without water again okay bro so in the next episode we’re gonna go fishing smash like if you want more epic Minecraft Let’s Plays and I’ll see you brows next time what you never played tuber simulator you know it’s fun right I’m not supposed to give my opinion but give it a try and then you can tell me if it’s good or not convinced yet okay I’ll cut you a deal the game is available for free and that’s a great price [Music]


  1. It's kinda hard to take pewds seriously when he says Minecraft is scary, since the music he uses is all really upbeat and cheery

  2. him: I know more about minecraft about you
    also him: Am i supposed to kill you guys (the pigmen)
    also him: digs straight down
    but who am I to care, this is good content. Keep it up, man

  3. In loving memory of yourgen this episode is one of the best things in history. Even better than us hoomans
    Like comment if you would sacrafise your self for all yourgen water sheep boat cow ikea bird yourgen2 peepeepoopoo bengt ikea bird 2 and donkey which I forgot his name

  4. Even norwrgians understands The "jöergen" part 😂😂😂 I crack up every single time. "Jöergen for faen" 😂😂😂

  5. PewDiePie I am better at Minecraft then you I'm thinking in my head: mate I have been playing this game since 2009

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