More than a Game – Play More Go!

This is not a game. It’s a feeling. An experience. It’s an art. A science. A sport. A craft. It’s a dance that keeps you on your toes, constantly changing. A way of life. It’s the ultimate challenge. Are you up for it? Go.


  1. Very well done 🙂 I couldn't imagine better content for the first video. Not showing a complete game is great idea ^^

  2. Do you mind if I share this video on my channel to advertise it? I will provide a ling to the original in the description of course.

  3. Very nice video 🙂 I didn't get the goal of your project but as videomaker I have to admit it's very well done !!

  4. Nice video except it should have ended with a clear view of people actually putting stones on a GO board so that it is more clear what it is talking about. Is that too much to ask??

  5. Good message, terrible video. I play the game and had no idea what it's about. How about a shot of the board or stones.

  6. And by good message I mean telling people to play Go. The voice over was buzzwords amounting to almost nothing go related.

  7. This is the first of several videos… It's a teaser to get people interested in the game. Would you like movie teasers to tell you the whole story ?

  8. I'd like to share it to get the message out, and while I appreciate what people have done to make this video, I'd rather show them a video about go, rather than 50% about credits.

  9. This is a fine video. But the impact may be lost, unfortunately. It is enchanting and mysterious and therefore inspiring to learn more, explore the website. My enthusiasm was big at first, but after a close watch there are things to improve here. How to make a video viral? There's a good guide here: BpxVIwCbBK0 Three words: unexpectedness, trendmakers, community. The video has a very self-explanatory description and it diminishes the unexpectedness.

  10. Also it would be helpful if the playmorego webpage had any feedback functionality, 2.0 community building potential, not a plain old style 1.0 web page.
    Still, a great effort and excellent video. Can't wait for more.

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