New Weapon, PUBZ and More! | PUBG Update 4.3 (Patch Notes)

So yesterday, I put out a video regarding
the new survival mastery system coming into pub G and it looks like I should’ve
just waited a little bit longer because today we received the full patch notes
about the next update coming into the game and this is update number 4.3
coming soon to the test server so as of right now we don’t have an exact date of
when this is launching on the pts but like they said it is coming soon so I
figured in this video we could go over the patch notes I’m going to just
briefly go over the new mastery system coming into the game regarding
survivability I’ll link my video from yesterday down the disruption box below
and also in a card above if you want to see the full video on that but basically
what’s going on here is that they’re adding a new mastery system into the
game on top of the weapon mastery but this one is all about survivability and
with this we are going to get a new pub GID system we’re gonna be able to lock
calling cards IDs badges poses and a bunch of new stuff into the game and
with that they’re gonna be tracking so many more stats including our looting
statistics hot dropping how we’re surviving in the game engagements and
all that stuff this is a really elaborate system and this to me is gonna
be one of the better updates in the game in my opinion just looking at the images
that have been shared with us so far so I can’t wait to try this out in game and
moving on from that we have a new weapon coming into the game so this is really
really exciting this is the DBS shotgun and this thing looks like it’s an
absolute beast so let’s read what pubsey has to say about this so the DBS is a
double-barreled pump-action bullpup shotgun that can only be initially
obtained from care packages so this is going to be a great weapon when it comes
into the game the DBS has two internal magazine tubes that allow the user to
load up to fourteen 12-gauge rounds so I’m guessing here is that each tube is
going to hold seven rounds and then every time you pump the shotgun you’re
gonna be able to shoot off two of these rounds and so thanks to those combined
fire mechanics the DBS can produce massive burst of damage in a short time
span so I’m guessing there might be some kind of auto fire here or maybe it’s
just really quick to pump this shotgun and get shots off and a high rate of
fire which is going to in return create a really fast time to kill and the upper
rail of the gun is going to allow for a holographic a red dot and all the Scopes
ranging from two to six times so I don’t know what we’re gonna want to do with a
4-time scope on this gun but sometimes you just gotta go full send and the
maximum effective range to deal damage with the DBS is 100
meters and while we’re speaking about the shotguns in the game it looks like
pub G is going to be giving the shotgun some love here which makes sense because
over the last couple updates we’ve seen updates to the smg’s VAR s the sniper
rifles in the game and the shotguns have kind of just been over in the corner and
some of these updates are a little bit technical but I’m just gonna go over the
highlights here so basically what they seem to be doing is they want to improve
shotgun consistency they’ve increased the hit probability at the medium
shotgun range all shotgun pellets now use more realistic bullet curve so I was
reading that like okay it looks like they want to make the shotgun a little
bit more reliable and stronger up close but then they also reduce the damage
multiplier from one point five to one point two in head shots and then from
one point oh two point nine in the torso but they’ve also increased the reload
speed for the double-barrel shotgun and the pump-action shotgun so it seems like
if I had to just interpret this is that they’re trying to make the shotgun more
reliable close range which makes sense and faster shots be able to take out
enemies close range but that the bullet distance and the accuracy from medium to
long range should decrease pretty significantly there so it really just
has a place as a close-range weapon but unfortunately right now because smg’s
are so strong they kind of have to me the number one spot in the close-range
battles in the game but pub G’s been doing a really good job lately making
everything have a purpose if you look at gas cans they didn’t have a purpose now
they made gas they made you the vehicles use up gas more the gas cans explode and
now people take gas cans and you can see that a lot of things help the bandages
now people use bandages because of the auto bandaging and shotguns to me still
don’t have a great place in the game even though I personally enjoy using
them so love to see what people think of the shotguns after this update on the
pts and moving on from that they’re doing a really nice change here with the
updated weapon impact effects of both decals and particle effects are now more
directional allowing players to better understand the directions of which shots
are coming from and this is huge because if someone silenced or even if they’re
not sometimes when someone shoots you really have a hard time telling if it’s
to the left or to the right because you might be turning around and your headset
is kind of picking it up both ways so this will give players a better chance
to understand where those shots are coming from which is so important in pub
G because there’s no radar UAV or information regarding where people are
shooting you from you just have to use and kind of little visual cue so that’s
great love the realism in that and then speaking of sound Pub Gees making a
bunch of sound changes across the board but there’s two here that I thought were
really notable that I wanted to mention in this video and the first one is that
they’ve reduced the volume of the red zone which i think is a great change I’m
kind of on the fence about the red zone but I do know that something’s in the
game the volume is just way too loud it already covers your footsteps I get that
but sometimes the volume is so loud that it interferes with just the game and I
have to turn my volume down a lot of that gives me a headache and then
they’ve done a big change here with footsteps so footsteps sounds will be
more drastically reduced when players move to the outer limit of footstep
audible range so that was kind of a tough wording there but basically what
this is is that at the outer limit of where you can hear footsteps footsteps
are going to be lower and I think this is great because sometimes I will hear
my teammates who are like a building or two away and it sounds like they’re
coming into my building and there’s nobody in the town and I’m like dude
there’s someone coming in my building that I’m like oh it’s just you so the
footsteps are definitely a little bit too loud on that outer range and they’re
bringing it down and making that more realistic which i think is going to be a
really good thing so that’s great for pub G then moving on from that just some
small UI changes that are being added into the game and then we have some big
changes to zombie mode but this is just on PC we haven’t seen zombie mode on
console yet and I thought this is funny they’re calling this pub Z I didn’t seen
this before I don’t know if this is already kind of a common term and I just
missed it but this is my first time seeing this and I love that it’s called
pub Z so it looks like what they’re doing here this has already been leaked
kind of that they’re trying to make some improvements to zombies but that they’re
making the zombies better they increase their running speed jumping attack and
they can also drive vehicles now so they’re trying to make it a little bit
more even for the zombies and trying to provide incentives for people to play
this mode more recently was leaked that it looked like they are maybe trying to
make the zombies have AI or make the zombies AI in the game so who knows what
updates we’ll see of this in the future I really want to play this I’m just
don’t play that often on PC so I really hope they can eventually get this onto
console because I think this would be a really fun mode to be in addition to the
regular battery all that’s in the game so that’s very excited and kudos and
shout out to pub Z I love that and then on top of that we have some new skins
coming into the game that are Halloween related
and these I thought were really cool I don’t have any actual footage of this I
can I can share with you guys from screenshots from player IGN and I’m
going to recommend that you guys go check out his video for all the
screenshots they have a really cool scarecrow in here and a new level 3
helmet that I just wanted to point out in this video but I’ll leave his video
down in the description box below so you guys can check out all the leaked skins
these guys do a great job finding out all of this information
they’re crazy over there they get all this stuff super fast and it’s been
pretty accurate for the most part and I definitely recommend giving you a check
out so I’ll definitely be purchasing some of these it seems like they’re
stepping up their skin ability or design a lot here and I’m very excited for this
update with the new shotgun and you know the new survival mastery system I love
things to track and this will be a nice addition once the next survivor pass
comes out because this current one is going to be coming to an end in October
so as always let me know what you guys think of the new updates coming into the
game thank you all for watching on blitz 5 and peace out


  1. I think they should do zombies like 20v80 and if your a human if you get killed you turn into a zombie and try to kill whoever is left kinda like call of duty does infected just on a way larger scale

  2. CQC weapon. Useless at 100 meters. at 50 meters, takes 5-6 shots to kill level 2 equipped full health player. Up close? It's Godly. 2 shots will kill a level 3 equipped player aiming center mass. ONE SHOT will kill a level 2 equipped player at full health. Beast

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