Ninja and Cloak play Fortnite with my son Charlie!

even those noon oh I'm gonna be afk for one sec my son wants to come say hi hi buddy Rick you want to play a game with Daddy real quick hold on I'm sorry about that we're but you got a Koosh ball oh that's okay what about Leah here just I'm gonna put this down right here you want to wear the headphones too okay no I'm Jesse and I'm gonna get you over with the rest of the guys we'll go from there by 1050 hi boys you got Charlie on the mic just so you know he can hear it too so watch yourself there's no continue to be this to you Charlie your attitude you know that right oh my god he's becoming self-aware hi Charlie how are you dead we're gonna try and land this is have you met cloak before you say hi cloak my name is Charlie can you say cloak is fake can you say cloak sees a pony you want to play the game okay what do you want to do do you want it you want to run forward it ad stuff guys just trying to get some goodies so that that way you don't go sleepies before other people okay do you wanna you want to move forward this is this button right here see this one push that push that one can you push this one next to it to open the door nope the one next to it to the right this guy this guy Tony right now I would have already freaked out push push the forward arrow again yep there you go whatever you want to be next to gonna keep running forward let me get a blaster out y'all me the blast stuff okay if you push forward again okay up arrow yeah that one push it yeah push down with finger there you go if you hold it she runs longer mm-hmm yummy to blast this wall we blasted the wall what do you want to do next blast that car Oh gotta reload oh oh we backed off the wall oops do you want to build a ramp okay here look we built a ramp you gonna hold forward and run run run again eat that one hold it down no what you gonna go back down the ramp okay okay you got it get a hold of the forward button I'm making it so that you're looking the right way okay but you want to blast the cars yeah I'm gonna show you something cool watch this let me get you set up to blast some cars okay okay watch this put your hand on the mouse right here and when you click this side it blasts so here you put your hand right there yeah and then all you gotta do is just move see how you move the mouse around and it aims so I'll use this point right at it and push down on this one and hold it down keep holding it but you did you blast that one to Charlie win the game you're in charge closer to you and you'll blast the car do you want to jump off the thing are there people in rights that's ninja right funny you're trying to block the car still you want to I blast them all they're on your team we can't blast do we don't want to blast ninja and cloak here we're gonna drink that juice right there do you want to drink that okay I'm gonna jump out I'm gonna come over here alright if you click the button right here on the mouse do the left click look she's drinking it do you hear drinking it and that's silly she did make a mess that's okay she probably adds mannequins or something to clean up just like just like when you make messes well let's clean her up that's okay okay all you have to do is ask you know hold the for button there you go um we're gonna follow a ninja and cloak oh those guys flying in towards us I hope ninja and cloak can come back real quick all right we're gonna try and blast this guy using the bottom of the stairs in there and try and black alright put your hand on the mouse you go it's price to a blast yep it was made of bricks who you blasted the wall open it's pretty cool huh so confuse it's happening we're almost out of blaster bullets she does it on her she'll do it automatically all right we've got to start moving otherwise the storm is gonna get us washing machine already didn't daddy drive for a second really talk to buddy we were for a second we're gonna try and blast this guy up here you okay is the headset heavy hey Charlie can you do me a favor can you say hi YouTube can you ask YouTube to please subscribe say please subscribe YouTube okay can you maybe we'll ask him when we're all done okay a bunch of guys body shot that guy's trying to I'm not right now number week we got we're sleepies now we have to watch ninja and clover play but we tried I do I know who blasted us but it's just part of the game um another player blasted us that's how the game works because you try to blast other people and if you're the last one alive pretty cool huh this is what daddy does all day at work huh doing daddy's job is difficult sky above me it's game time you watching ninja played you want to watch cloak hey here's club look he's got what what color is he red and black he's got a little bit of white on his clothes – huh okay who do you like better cloak or ninja yeah you just met clothes though you guys you'll be found dead cloaks a nice guy Lupo you gotta tell us who he said then we say charlie ha ha charlie how Charlie what day is tomorrow Charlie there's a special day tomorrow who's who's special day is it tomorrow okay you go you heard him do you have another launched yet watching ninja hopping well it's fine yeah yeah magic seems to you see those those are pretty cool huh color are they yeah they were blue triangle on top of me these guys go sleepies they're pretty good on fight see if you can do it do you think you can do it I thought we were gonna be watching Tim the tap man there nope from my kills there's two guys left and cloak and two other players that's it and then they're gonna win I'm trying really hard they're doing dances too you see that doing a silly dance he's so long in zone boy you're doing here me right now Tyler my thirsty 44 I'm gonna go get coffee again here in a minute after this game is all done it's on so you can get caught Oh ninjas they're very thirsty you should see the text messages that he sends me get the bottle then does ninja need a bottle oh do you know who else drinks from bottles who you do yeah you do it you have your sippy cups there's one guy left them in glass and they're trying to find him they think maybe he's in this box they're still trying to find them might be hiding in a bush or something you can make them sounds you're funny but hey give me a rocket get the buzz they're always they're a little brown oh I think well look he's carrying a bottle right now how many is he carrying you see the number how many he's carrying six he's got six little bottles you can't carry any more than six what do you think this guy is but there's one person left and then we won yep no we can look at the camera and wave and say hi camera very far away dude where is this guy they're just trying to find this last guy I think maybe ninja machine dr. Lupo cloak right now seven up top fighting try and see which one's gonna go sleepy head blaster on him you see that player with some numbers after that pretty cool you'll dance yeah yeah yeah I can you say by the ninja yeah bye charlie bye Joey alright I'll be right back guys oh by the way to any YouTube channel yep yeah to any YouTube channels out there that like to steal content that involves my son just know that I'll copyright strike your channel right bud oh right cool love you alright go grandma I love you very much buddy you have fun okay I'll see you later bye yeah I'll come to say bye I'll be up in one second to get coffee


  1. I love it now instead of you dont wanna die first
    DrLupo said you dont want to go sleepy first before everyone else

  2. 8:15 I love the fact that Charlie rejects Ben and says no when he asks him to say “please subscribe YouTube”

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