I need today to witness ah look that hole I am back with another video I am super excited to actually be back I actually want to review a product the Kaaba effects partly concealer this concealer is a long wearing crease proof concealer with weightless full coverage that is tightly conceals dark circles and any imperfections while blurring finalize on providing next level pollution defense Kris proof I usually get those on that eye line so let's see that all day radiant finish it means it's not much it's more glowy – satin finish and color true way I don't know what that means it just sounds like it's a bunch of cologne hopefully because I got two colors which one you go match this weightless multi-use formula is available in 30 there were shades as a white ring so the one I got is the G deep three golden auditoriums they have neutral and they have pink and now I'll be foundation in it in my skin with the LA girl Pro conceal in the shade dark chocolate and my NYX custom poster foundation in deep walnut okay so it's time for me to try the concealer this is what it looks like this is the shade that I'll be trying on today this is dip three the beacon tonight concealer the continent glass then they stated three fluid ounces and this one is 14 so you get this one is I think six dollars and this one is thirty six using this color PO has not killed me I would love my makeup even more it lasts so much longer when I cry my that you will see chairman after you know after everything is all right with me the wand is very huge and weird I really like my color pop wand so I'm not sure how I feel about this one but it's a brush head is really really chunky and thick like the color already seems to match my skin oh do it it's a little light but lighter than what I'm used to like it I'm not I'm not complaining okay and it kind of feels wet on my face let me feel it's right here supposed to be a light sweet okay it's very light – it's very liquidy but not so liquid is too creamy but it doesn't feel as thick as a cream [Applause] hmm I like how he blends in this isn't bad at all he actually kind of matches my skin it's very liquidy once I blend it it's like like disappears into my skin but is still highlighted I've never liked usually concealer that blends easily and it's still highlighting my face but it's not giving me like hash you know highlight like it's not like I liked a head is like mine later you know you can't belly he ate but you know it's there it gives it very natural blend which I like that is I'll be setting that with miler merci medium deep translucent setting powder shout out to younger beautiful sending out the eye real eye shadow palette to me in Canada I love you guys so much you guys are the epitome of amazingness Charles to everybody at the younger Beauty Studio so let's get into it the first shade that I'm going in with is 14 right here I'll be applying this to my crease area as a transitional shade I'm going into this shade seven right here first one I used was 14 now this is 7 7 plus 7 is 14 if I brought purple shade right here I would be going into my lighter shade concealer which is the LA girl Pro concealer in person in I'm using this shimmery bronzer shade I'm putting that on the center of my eyelid I'm adding a black eyeshadow to the corners of the glitter of the shiny nation that I just put in the center region of validation and I'm literally just patting this on very tiny because I don't want too much a tiny bit in the front to highlight the highlight that area in the middle also I put very very tiny in the front because I don't want it to die so to complete this look I'm going in with my younger beauty candy glue in the shape vocation of using that to highlight the center of my eyelid even more Inc works on seven gel-lined not the blackest of the blackest and someone said I should be you know put sim powder on my neck so I'm going to try that D I hate putting makeup on my neck and it pisses me off that this is what I'm subjected to so I'm just gonna do it for y'all anyways my younger beauty can do you are to highlight my face I'm going in with the yoga boutique and igloo in Bacchus over the yoga that I just applied to give my highlighter pump it's time for me to use the blush I love this eyeshadow primer for my lips I loved it so much was an eyeshadow primer you just taste the on the lips like it just stays day my blown fancy booty so this is basically the finished look just one last setting spray we are don't-don't-don't with this video I might take on the cover FX concealer I can see a noticeable difference in my makeup finish it's very very lightweight I kind of feel anything on my face and I noticed that the creases on that my eyes are not as obvious they are not as obvious as they are with the colour-pop concealer although the color pop concealer frames my face in the way that i really like this one gives me a more naturalistic finish which is also awesome for concealer although the price point is it be high but it's a separate products I'm just around today I'm gonna need boots all in all this is a thumbs up from me I love this concealer I absolutely absolutely absolutely adore it it's one of if not close to the best that I've tried so far but I'm not trying a lot of concealer thank you guys so so much for watching I really appreciate you guys don't forget to Like subscribe comments I change in love with your friends your families your enemies and everybody in this world adios amigos catch you later peace


  1. Love it all but the eye primer on the lips looks so lush and silky, I will be stealing that trick. Thanks as always for sharing xx

  2. Baby you loookkkk amazing 😍😍keep inspiring me honey you’re doing amazing sweetie 😍😍welcome backkkkkkkkkkkkkk !!!

  3. Its "color true" because the pigments are a pigment inside of a water sphere so they are prewet meaning they will not oxidize. The color you put on is the same color it will dry down to and the same color 12 hours later. It won't change.

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