Opening Up: An Irate Gamer Documentary

well this is going to be quite an interesting video [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] YouTube is a very different place now than it was way back in 2006 back then the concept of an internet celebrity just didn't exist you couldn't make a living off producing videos for the internet all of this changed however when james rolfe uploaded a pair of videos that he'd made two years prior as a fluke to youtube the videos castlevania to simon's quest and dr. jekyll and mr. hyde the character the videos were a runaway success helping pioneer of the world of internet made content and spawning many imitators the world over trying to replicate Roth success most of these copycats came and went disappearing as quickly as they had popped up but one among them was able to stand above the rest and become a success himself this man was Chris Bors and his character was the irate gamer almost immediately after Bors was flung into the spotlight he was met with allegations of plagiarism and angry video game nerd fans labeling him as a ripoff for years there were heated debates among the two fandoms raging in the YouTube comments the site was aflame with furious response videos fighting for their chosen side and throughout it all I was there I didn't have any kind of video camera at the time or a youtube account but I was there the silent observer watching all of this unfold before my very eyes for years both Bors and Ralph remained largely silent in regards to the allegations changing the topic as quickly as possible when confronted with it let's take another one let's take two more others 2/3 from the hey Charlie Alabama what's the deal hey how you guys doing hey what's up what about Mario – hurry come on yeah I was watching this gotta have the re gamer he was showing his resemblance let's take the next one and eternal both just carried on making their respective shows leaving fans everywhere in the dark as to what really happened between them if anything at all after the initial fury from fan camps died down the irate gamer seemed to largely disappear from public consciousness every so often I'd hear Chris's name and think oh yeah the irate gamer I remember him whatever happened to that guy and then I just move on thinking he'd faded away like many of the other personalities of channels at the birth of YouTube that is until October 2nd 2014 when Bors released a nearly 40 minute video detailing his side of the plagiarism controversy while Boras does recount actual events that did take place the video is full of misinformation whether it be through half-remembered facts unsubstantiated claims or flat-out lies my intention in making this piece is to settle once and for all what is fact and what is fiction in the Irate gamers opening up video while also providing relevant background information on the conflict for people who may be new to this topic and most importantly give Chris Bors a fair trial the video in question is titled Archfiend response irate gamer finally opens up on AVGN and more and is as stated intended to be a video response to a V log posted by fellow youtuber the archfiend post was directed at vocal critics of Bors and it insisted that continuing to hold a grudge against Chris for his actions nearly a decade ago was petty and should just be let go after Chris gives credit archfiend is rarely brought up in spite of their interesting past together Chris then goes on to recount his origins on YouTube so let's rewind this thing all the way back to 2006 on January 18 2006 Chris made his YouTube debut on his y2v 2006 youtube channel why to be being the name of Chris's one-man production company on this channel Bors would post various ghost hunting videos TV show parodies and effects videos with no reviews to speak up these uploads all earned middling to poor views and at its height the channel featured a sub 1,000 subscriber count as a result Bors went largely unnoticed as an online presence for over a year it was during this intervening time that Chris discovered a style of video making that really resonated with him angry reviewing one of the big things on YouTube back in that day were these things called angry reviews of old video games I mean it was the in thing that I just stumbled across and that first night I was just like wow this is so cool I I really found something that I was inspired by even though he had ideas of what he could contribute to the genre he stayed quiet that is until he came across one comment by a man he very much respected actually there was one catalyst that changed my mind one thing that I ran across on YouTube that told me you know hey it wouldn't be a bad idea to do just that and during that time I had run across a video that somebody had posted because yeah there was James doing his angry reviews and you know just a bunch of other people doing them as well there's you know over a hundred and one person asked him he said do you mind that you have so many people doing the exact same thing that you're doing and James actually responded to this video or I'm sorry he responded to this email saying yeah I find it very flattering I don't care you know a bunch of people do this it's awesome well the specific video Chris is referring to is likely long gone these words ring true as james rolfe has been quoted sharing the sentiment on more than one occasion this was exactly the motivation Bors needed to start his own series of videos on April 23rd 2007 Chris registered the irate gamer YouTube channel and five days later he uploaded his first review Back to the Future the series was far more successful than any of the y2b 2006 videos and while the irate gamer show is not yet the YouTube heavyweight it would later become the early episodes still gained around 500 subscribers for the channel in just over two months everything changed however on August 19th 2007 when Fame came knocking at Chris's door in the form of his super mario brothers to review being featured on the front page of youtube this new exposure gained chris no less than 6,000 subscribers in a period of four days making him the second most popular video game reviewer on youtube only a day after Mario to have been featured game trailers the site that was then exclusively hosting Roth's videos announced the out nerd the nerd user movie contest which ran from August 20th to September 16th of that year I'm going to emphasize right here that this is the order in which these events took place so when Boris says this you know by this time I had maybe a hundred fans subscribe to my channel and a lot of these fans were in the know and they knew everything that was going down and they told me about this out nerd the nerd contest and they're like hey you should do or you should enter your stuff into the contest because it's really you do a great job with editing and all this stuff you're skilled you know maybe get more views that way cuz yeah my my videos have like maybe two hundred views it is in fact a lot pores also claims that many of his uploads from the summer of 2007 were made for this contest when in reality only one of his videos could have possibly been made specifically for it that being his TMNT video which was uploaded September 2:10 as a brief aside I did consider the possibility that Chris could have began work on his follow-up review Illinois during the timeframe of this contest and production difficulties or something could have prevented it from being entered but this notion was ultimately disproven by a news post from September 17th the day after the contest it ended in which he explains that the review was still in its early scripting phases of production Chris's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles review has been referenced countless times by his detractors as one of the most clear-cut examples of his plagiarism this contest would explain why this is the case kriste then goes on to explain his feelings after he realized he hadn't won the out nur of the nerd contest yeah I submitted all this stuff and after that I found out that another guy won his name was the happy nerd I guess and I watched the video and I said to myself you've got to be kidding me this is what won the contest it was nothing like the the nerd and you know it's kind of miffed by that first this impression is demonstrably untrue Derrick Alexander or the happy video game nerds winning video not only includes a parody rendition of the angry video game nerd but it also features a recreation of the intro of a BGM s Karate Kid episode well let me be honest with you about this one whoa boy I hate this game I mean it makes me want to kill myself well let me be completely honest with you about this one oh boy I love this game I mean I loved it as a kid growing up and I love it just as much now so my favorite games for the nintendo ii alexander's video was far more informative than the one poor is created for the contest featuring zero errors in the face of Chris's seven well I later found out that the contest was rigged and I'm sure James had a hand in actually picking the winner and of course that was kind of the first time he you know kind of snuffed me at that point Bors never elaborates on what he actually means by the contest being rigged nor does he explain where he got this information or how James picking the winner of a contest based on his own character would be unethical on top of all this he doesn't provide any evidence to back up his accusations however the rules paid to layout nerd the nerd contest clearly state that the winner will be chosen by the game trailers editorial team third and most importantly Bors likely didn't win because he simply didn't follow the guidelines the contest page states and I quote movie submissions must be an original not previously published segments and cannot use any or all of anyone's user movie that has previously been posted on game trailers or any other website this would mean that any of Chris's videos posted to YouTube before or during the contest would have been immediately disqualified somewhere in the middle of all this Chris sent an email to james rolfe in this email Bors acknowledges that he did in fact lift several AVGN lines and phrases and use them in his own videos however due to the fact that these were private email as little as truly known about what Chris received in return here's Chris's recollection of the reply message and the fallout from this event interesting well interestingly enough uh he kind of had a set of demands that he wanted from me that said you know I'm ok with this but I want you to publicly and now acknowledge that I was your inspiration I want it in black and white and I want it done in this manner and so I didn't reply right away but I woke up one morning and saw that that the email that I sent him uh was posted online feeling betrayed by the man who gave him such inspiration or has decided to bury the issue and carry on with his channel this silence continued on both sides for nearly two years until the a/b/g/n panel at screwattack gaming convention on july 4th 2009 when a fan asked to this I have no reason answered I mean he pretty much pretend I don't exist so Wars eventually saw this video here are his comments even James around this time took another shot at me publicly I guess is that some Expo thing and someone asked him what he thought of our gamer and his reply was well since he doesn't acknowledge my existence I won't do that either and all you sit back and think was wow if you weren't such a dick to me things would have been a lot different I would have talked about you all the time and been more than happy to do so but for a guy that's always undercutting me and for someone who posted a private email to him online for basically everyone to laugh at and make fun of what do you expect me to do it's long been speculated it was actually James Rob's longtime sidekick and social media director Mike Matei who actually leaks the email it's a release wasn't only due to the fact that Chris failed to reply to the email but also the fact that he released the TMNT video shortly thereafter which contained full lines lifted from Ralph's reviews however there isn't much hard evidence available to support this and what little information is out there is from potentially biased sources as such this theory while possible should not be treated as fact as a result of this letter being deleted shortly after its posting the time frame for this event has since become unclear but this post from the Hungarian gaming blog Rosic PC dick Hawks serosa bad PC game series does confirm that the email was released sometime before October 19th 2007 I didn't see him as that same person anymore after that and you know I will say for someone who is so concerned about copying how come I've never seen a let's play video on his channel posted before PewDiePie came along yeah I've never seen anyone make that observation nobody's made this observation because it's provably incorrect as Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie started his YouTube channel on April 29th 2010 and uploaded his first let's play on October 2nd of 2010 the first video in the let's play format on AVG ends channel was the playing Odyssey behind-the-scenes video uploaded September 30th 2009 now you know during this time as well James was kind of doing things to me as well that were that I'm sure you know just just the regular people wouldn't pick up on as you know the Mario Brothers to review he watched it he told me he watched it shortly after that he ended up making his Mario 3 review and there's a lot of similarities in that review if you watch it you know both are set up like documentary half a review both have like a satanic type theme to it which I thought was interesting um you know there's just a lot of other similarities where if the tables were reversed if I had done by romário review after his Mario through with you you know I would have been drug through the mud despite his claims that both videos contain satanic themes and featured a half documentary half review structure anyone who actually watches them will find that neither video uses any documentary elements apart from giving background information on the games themselves which is already common fixture of both series in addition the satanic themes are much heavier in Ross episode compared to the one created by Bors with the AVGN episode featuring a satanic conspiracy and the finale where the nerd character goes up against a demon where as in I geez Mario to review evil bores is just sent to hell in a brief scene before the credits um you know I would announce things that I wanted to review III announced oh I'm gonna review Silver Surfer he did it a month later and then I announced all I'm gonna do Superman Superman 64 he did that a month later so there came a point where I had to stop posting on my website the the reviews that I wanted to do because James would always beat me to the punch these statements are also false Chris announced that he intended to review both Superman and Silver Surfer between June 25th and October 7th of 2008 the Angry Video Game Nerd released his Silver Surfer review via game trailers on June 5th 2007 to coincide with the theatrical release of Fantastic Four rise of the Silver Surfer which was released in North America on June 15th of that year as for Superman the last capture the Internet Archive has a bors's episode page with no mention of Superman was taken on June 25th 2008 after this date there's over three months of nothing until the archive again took a capture that does include the Superman announcement on October 7 2008 this means that the earliest Boris could have possibly announced his plans to review Superman would have been June 26 the very day that the AVG ends review was released on game trailers in order for Roth to do it Chris is accusing him of doing he would have had to have gone through all stages of production including playing the game writing the script shooting the video and recording the voice-over and editing the video all within a span of 24 hours considering this would be physically impossible it's safe to say that Bors is again not being entirely truthful he then goes on to speak about the rabb the robot controversy now I guess James at some point ended up putting in the ending of his video that he was going to do robbed the robot it was foreshadowing the next episode because it's like pop dope behind his back or something like that at this point I'd stopped watching his videos so I had no idea that he did this now three or four days later I ended up doing a rob the robot review and people were screaming bloody murder and saying that oh the only reason he did this eirick gamer did this review is because he he was going to do it first and I just said they're going wait first of all how can I put together a review like this in the matter of like three or four days it took me a good month to put this together second of all a clip I took a clip from the footage that was working on you know two months prior it was in the intro of one of my videos I think it was either the cuber or the predator video that I did and put that right in the intro so I myself was foreshadowing yeah I was doing Rob the robot two months prior to James's video coming out so I just said they're scratching my head like that what kind of people am i dealing with that they don't see this the two pieces of evidence Chris provides here are suspect at best when he alleges that his review came out four days after avg ends nes accessories episode this is a flat-out lie the nerd video was released May 14th 2008 and the IRA gamers robbed the robot part 1 was released May 29 a 15 day production schedule is very doable additionally the clip from the irate gamer theme song that Chris refers to isn't even the same one used in the review even if it was though this moment is featured in part 2 of the Rob review which was released a little less than a month later given all the evidence stacked up against Coors here one could assume that he is once again not being honest with his viewers one could assume that but one would be wrong in this instance Orr's is absolutely telling the truth on April 18th 2008 Chris announced to be his episodes page that his next review was going to be NES Rob as I mentioned earlier the AVGN episode with the Rob T's was released to May 14th 2008 thus when it comes to the Rob the robot controversy Chris Bors is completely innocent even with I think the Odyssey I had foreshadow oh wow it was the very first history of video games that I did I'd four showed up four shadowed again walk I'm gonna do the Magnavox Odyssey before I could get to it he ends up reviewing the Magnavox Odyssey so it's stuff like this I dealt with constantly and if you don't believe me it's like well why would he even review a system like this it was such a departure from something like a an Atari or a Nintendo game this however isn't that right Bors mentions that he first announced that he would review the Odyssey at the end of his first installment of history of video games which was uploaded to YouTube May 8 2009 the AVGN gave the out of C a full review on April 21st 2009 people like a Soleri you know even archfiend they were starting to catch on to this stuff and be like hey what the hell is with this guy why is he you know he's making tons of money why is he making this Kickstarter for a movie and you know I just want to make it known that I don't fault him for using Kickstarter to do his movie I mean it seems like everybody's doing that these days and there's a lot of great programs that show up on Kickstarter things like Reading Rainbow which is you know a great thing to bring to the public because you know there's education always comes first in my mind so you know programs like that are great but I think when James does stuff like the Kickstarter first movie then the Kickstarter for cheetamen is just you know the way things just candidate kind of transpired really went sour next Chris brings up two scandals he claims that james rolfe scammed his fans by embezzling money from a fund raiser that went towards the budget of the AVGN movie and he claims that a Kickstarter campaign promising an unglazed version of the NES Qian cheetahmen to was fraudulent on October 16th 2011 James were off released a video on the cinemassacre YouTube channel advertising an IndieGoGo not Kickstarter fundraiser for a feature film based on his nerd character this campaign earned over three hundred and twenty five thousand dollars over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars more than its posted funding goal this eliminated the need for investor backing which was Ross original intent we thought before that only a portion of the budget would be fan donated and the rest of it would all come from investors but now it seems that this whole thing could be totally fan supported and that would ensure that we would have a hundred percent creative control over the project it wasn't long before fans started to speculate but the funds did not in fact go towards the making of the film but rather Roth himself due to the private nature of how this money was spent it's hard to determine exactly where all went but it should be said that Roth did not promise nothing in return for a donation each donation level included perks in the form of a message from James himself behind the scenes footage and memorabilia such as a signed photograph of the nerd and a copy of the film script all of which Ralph did provide so yes I just got the Nerds autograph oh my guys is insane this is crazy the second scan was far more cut-and-dry on august 6th 2012 a man named Greg Babbage launched a Kickstarter in an effort to produce an unlit version of the rare NES game cheetamen 2 retitled cheetamen to the lost level the game was to come complete with a patched rom that would allow players to access the last two levels of the game in normal play something made previously impossible due to coding errors along with a sealed box a manual and a comic book on August 7th 2012 pat the nes Punk AVGN and the game chasers all appeared in a promotional video for the Kickstarter entitled play or die immediately after it was posted fans of all three series began to suspect that the entire endeavor was a scam perpetrated by con man on the grounds that the $65,000 funding goal seemed to be a bit unrealistic a price just to put an existing ROM onto a standard NES cartridge two days later Mike McKay took to a comments section of the player dye video using the jamesnintendonerd YouTube account and publicly renounced the campaign stating I would take the video down but since there's other people involved I'm unable to and that endorsing the project was a mistake further stating that he personally didn't believe in the project one day after these comments were posted Wars took to his channel and uploaded a video entitled eBay gang the spoof in which he jokingly asks his fans for large sums of money through starter to buy extravagant things for him and his friends I come to you today because me and my friends need more money exactly what do I need well first off a private jumbo jet for me to travel back and forth from III in every year and I'll also build my own special effects department that rivals Lucas arts it will be a thing of beauty the description of this video also featured a parody of Mike Mateus comments reading update due to a few people not liking this video I am seeking permission to take this video down from someone that doesn't exist even though I can easily remove this video from my channel anytime I like in the meantime I will be closing comments closing voting and leaving ads where they are so I can still continue to make even more money off you even though I keep telling you that I'm against this video seemingly implying that Bors is unaware of packages involvement and believes that Rolf himself is the one who started the Kickstarter two days after this James made a post on his own cinemassacre website featuring an update video from pavatt that provided a point-by-point breakdown of the price of each game I'm not buying just one cartridge I'm gonna order over a thousand game cartridges at a cost of $25 a piece and to that I'm gonna add the cost of a game box styrofoam shrink-wrap comic book instruction manual and a host of other things that go into making a complete game package for you in James's own words on the issue on cinemassacre we usually run advertisements for Burger King or something like that so when I was asked to promote a game that I reviewed on AVGN it sounded like a cool idea over the past week there's been a lot of fuss over this cheetamen thing my suggestion is not to listen to internet rumors and jump to conclusions make your own judgement and only donate if you want a Cheeto main game the choice is yours I'm truly sorry about the inconvenience regardless of the lack of faith by James Mike and the fans the whole saga came to a close on December 10th 2012 when the first batch of cheetamen two games shipped so basically for Christmas I got scammed in a box this don't look like scam to me looks awesome it's something that I wanted personally and you know thanks a lot Greg Babbage it's unclear if we're off received any compensation for his endorsement of the cheetamen to campaign but what is clear is the fact that Greg cabbage was the man behind the whole ordeal and not James as Chris seems to think with that Bors then concludes his video by reflecting on how much time has passed since the early days mentioning how some of his most vocal critics have mellowed since and in some cases even switched to his side it's got a nice now knowing that people like you know a Silurian and Archfiend and a host of others I'm sorry I'm blanking on names right now but it's kind of nice to see that they've mellowed out and kind of seed my side and you know seen things for what they are he also speaks towards the future of his channel but I'm very content with what I'm doing now I know I'm doing a lot of Skylander things and I'm doing a lot of ghost things outside of you know YouTube which you know I'll be posting more of those during October before then thanking his fans and signing off thanks again for watching love the fans if it weren't for you guys I wouldn't be here so thanks again and until next time game on all throughout the production of this piece I've been trying to find the answers to these three questions for myself is Boris a bad person for doing what he did does he deserve the hate that he continues to get for something he did nearly a decade ago and why did he make this video in my opinion the answer to the first question is decidedly no he is not a bad person Chris was the proverbial dog that caught the car achieving widespread Fame without warning and almost out of thin air staying silent over the plagiarism allegations thus tacitly presenting other people's content as his own was a mistake on his part however due to the obvious overwhelming circumstances of his rise to fame I personally do not begrudge Chris for making these mistakes in the moment so long ago but what I do find frustrating is the fact that to this day it doesn't seem he's learned anything from these mistakes neglecting to properly apologize to the ones he's wronged you know look if I offended anyone I apologize but you know look this is YouTube this isn't you know something like the movies or TV it's YouTube get over it and continuing to lie when he tells his side of the events so does he still deserve the hate well that depends entirely on what you mean by hate many seem to think that pointing out Chris's flaws and mistakes is hating on him it's not it's what's known as criticism it would be ridiculous of me to say it's wrong to criticize Boris just because it's 2017 he's an entertainer the only way he can improve his craft is by listening to the critique and feedback of others even negative criticism can be helpful if we're talking about the actual hate Chris received I would say no he doesn't deserve the hate now because he never deserved the slew of hate and unsubstantiated vitriolic attacks that he received back then what pours does deserve however is to be challenged he owes it to his fans his influences and most of all himself to come clean and be honest about everything he did to get where he is now he needs to show that he realizes what he did was wrong and that he will learn from his mistakes until then I don't think he nor his fans should allow him to easily forget what he's done so why did Chris make this video that's the one question I can't answer nobody but Chris himself can I know he didn't make it to get anything off his chest was he doing it just to bring attention to his channel this seems like the most likely answer but I'd like to think that I want to believe that Chris genuinely does want to do the right thing here but his pride or just something just got in the way of him telling the whole truth and yet as of right now I have nothing to support that prove me right Chris do the right thing I'm Ben from common nonsense media and until next time game on you


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  2. Ah fuck drama and shit I like Irate and some of AVGN…. If people hate me for me liking things I find entertaining then they can sit on a chair made out of rusty nails

  3. The Irate Gamer was one of the first channels i ever subscribed to as a kid (along with Alchestbreach a fallout new vegas modder lol) so i still enjoy his content…well his older content

  4. That E-begging the spoof video was hilarious and embarrassing to watch. The fact that the video is clearly intended to take a jab at James and yet his opening up video has 10 google placement ads on it, he believes that James was the man behind the whole Cheetahmen 2 situation and not Greg Pabich, and mentions “Lucas Arts”, when he probably meant LucasFilm or ILM; unless, of course, all of it was intentional since it was a “spoof” video.

  5. You can tell there's something seriously wrong with the Irate Gamer just by watching the original video. He reminds me of the Todd from Breaking Bad type – just a soulless shell of a person. Untrustworthy as fuck.

    Thing is, I think he's pathological and actually believes his own lies. I'm sure he's convinced himself that "shitload of fuck" was something he came up with independent of AVGN, etc.

  6. How about rudy j ferretti thinking he's the console player of the century. He doesn't do modern gaming like street fighter5, and red dead redemption and Madden 20. He plays home alone and jaws for the nes which are licensed by ljn. I like home alone and jaws the movie but on a game system no way hosea.

  7. Can you do a video on TheArchfiend? Even though most of the AVGN vs IG drama is between Chris Bores and James Rolfe, the Archfiend also has a but of interesting history since he was a avgn fan turned into an irate gamer sympathizer. Not to mention, the reason why Chris made his opening up video was because it was a response to the archfiend.

  8. I'm still waiting for Chris to say, "Okay gang. Let's split up and look for clues."

    Fred Jones straight up

  9. My thoughts of Chris (Irate Gamer) is…he was ok. Just like AVGN alot more. He technically came first tho and thought "ok maybe he was just inspired by James(AVGN)". I didn't see the similarities until his Ninja Turtle and Back to the Future videos and all these people telling me "oh he's a rip-off, he's a rip-off!!" But all in all, I still have SOME respect for Chris AKA Irate Gamer, but at the same time I'm a loyal fan of James AKA AVGN.

  10. The Irate Gamer is a total ripoff of the Angry Video Game Nerd, sometimes bordering on outright plagerism. Chris is a bad person for exploiting and making money off of someone else’s work.

  11. If Chris would have just sucked up his pride, and announced that his inspiration was James, he could probably be working with him.

  12. It is true that Felix Kjellberg was practically unknown, and that the YouTube channel named "PewDiePie" was not around on YouTube, at the time James and Chris were doing their videos, however he did have a YouTube channel before the PewDiePie one, and it did have his first let's play videos ever posted. And these videos were posted in 2006. The channel is simply called "pewdie", here is a link: But since they were relatively unknown, Chris's comments make no sense. I am sure he's talking about the current PewDiePie channel and not the old, unknown one. Unless he did see those videos, and is talking about those old ones, but I doubt James ever saw them.
    EDIT: Apparently there are no videos on the pewdie channel from 2006. I am pretty sure I did watch some in the past though.

  13. With the while situation about AVGN reviewing games before the IG could, do you think it was coincidental that they both reviewed Mario is missing and Mario’s Time Machine a few months apart?

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