Our Favorite Ways to Play – 2019 – Nintendo Switch Lite

[Nintendo Switch Snap] -Lets race!
-Yes!-Who passed me?
-I got hit by a Green Shell.
-Oh, that was me. -No. Noooo!
-Yesss! -That’s like the most ghosts
there’s ever been.-Oh my gosh, I need help,
I need help, I need help–
-Help me, help me, help me.
-Oh, we’re done. -Are you guys in the Wild Area? [group] -We got you.
-You got’em, you got’em,
You got’em– [group]
-Wahoo![girl internal]
-Nintendo Switch.
[boy internal]
-Nintendo Switch.
[girl’s voice]
-That’s my way to play.
-Nintendo Switch
is my way to play.


  1. Ah yes. I love seeing commercials where 99% is just child actors enjoying the product.
    No need to show off your fun games or anything.

  2. Everytime I see someone pull out their Switch from a backpack or bag, and they don't have a case on it, it makes me want to scream ☺️

  3. Nothing shows how "cool" or "for everyone" your product is than to have a bunch of snot nose smiling children parade around with your product.

  4. Nintendo… I can't afford the Switch AND the Switch Lite! (Actually I could, but I think the normal Switch is fine, and the Lite isn't worth it, if you already have one 😂)

  5. I’m planning to get either the switch or switch lite. Which one should I get? Also which games u recommend? I’m thinking about Mario maker 2 n Mario Kart 8 deluxe.

  6. Nintendo: Makes a decent, non-cringey commercial.
    The comments section: Omg children are a plague unto the company! Kill them with fire!

  7. En el comercial solo salen niños, es por eso que la gente cree que Nintendo es para un público meramente infantil, pues como no lo van a creer si en su campaña publicitaria así lo dejan ver. Pero Nintendo no es sólo para niños.

  8. The price tag of the Nintendo switch lite In this video said $199, but for me it’s $329… maybe it’s something to do with the country I’m in. (Australia)

  9. man this video so fake much of a lie kids dont play most of this games they playing fartnight and getting mad cuz they loose

  10. Ad: Every kid haces a switch
    Real Life: "Hey who haves a nintendo switch?"
    Everybody at class: "Lol I don't have a switch"

  11. I rarely play people or see people in my school having a Nintendo switch Super Smash Bros so I can play with them like they're doing

  12. hi i'm a parent who bought a switch lite and the games ARMS and 1-2 SWITCH and NINTENDO LABO for the kids for christmas! I'M A GREAT PARENT! NOTHING COULD EVER GO WRONG!

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