OUSMANE DEMBÉLÉ / SAMUEL UMTITI ⭐️⭐️ | Schéma tactique 📃🖍 | Team Orange Football #TeamOrange

Hop. I’ve got a good feeling.
Same, good feeling. I say that, but who knows.
I think we’re with a great tactician. You won’t find it.
You can, though. I can’t find here.
It looks like a tomato with stuff What do you want me to add?
oh f*** Angry?
Look closely With big lips,
you see what I mean. moustache
Moustache Who has a moustache in the French team?
Except me of course. Mine is good, you see.
Moustache like this… Adil ?
No, Adil has a beard! But who has a moustache like this?
Nobody has a moustache Like this? You know it very well, there’s someone.
Look closely. I drew it well!
Look closer. You see, the hair.
There’s no colour so I can’t put some colour in
I swear I don’t see who this is. He has quite long hair,
sometimes a bit blue, sometimes red. I give you proper clues. Not everybody comes in the Équipe de France with red hair.
Ahhhhhh, Presko ! Well done.
You drew it so bad. He doesn’t have such a big head.
I drew him perfectly. He has kind of a square head.
A bit like… a logo. He has small eyes too.
He will be mad at me but it’s not a big deal.
Is it? Yeah, don’t worry.
Hair? Something like this!
Because you see he shaved it on the sides
you see, you shave on the sides and up there, it’s a little bit… you see what I mean This one, you’re going to find.
Who’s that? Small mouth.
You’re going to find. What about the teeth?
Lucas? No wait, that’s not it. What’s that, a player?
Yeah He has a beard?
You can’t see? You’re crazy.
He sports a beard. He has a beard?
He has a beard. Ah, Olive?
No. No.
No Who is it then?
Who has a beard? NG, no
you, tac, no. On the right, no. Look better! He’s a real party boy in the locker room. Adil?
Yeah! But wait, you can’t draw him like this. He’s perfectly drawn here.
You were talking about a moustache earlier. !
He has a beard, and kind of a moustache. Where’s the moustache?
It’s here. Who did that?
You know it well. What else…
You know who has this haircut. Nobody has this haircut.
What’s this? This is hair. ?
Looks like you have Miel Pops. Here? Those little balls?
It’s dreadlocks. He’s dumb!
What more can I say? Ben !
Yes! I can’t do it, it’s so long.
He’s so tall! Ah, Steven!
Here you go! Huh?
What is this? Oh, you can find.
You didn’t celebrate for nothing I did what?
You didn’t celebrate for nothing. Is it me?
No What is this?
What is like this? The small thing.
It shines! It’s the World cup trophy!
Make an effort. It’s perfectly drawn here.
Just here, I missed it a bit. Wait wait wait, what is this?
You’re crazy! It’s the trophy.
I don’t have the same trophy at home! You do. Y I’m sorry.
This is a trophy. It’s a world cup trophy.
Look closer. It’s not the world cup.
It is! You see, it goes a little bit like this…
You see? I drew the countries,
a little bit of green… This is incredible.
Come on, your turn. Tell the truth.
No, you haven’t been that good. Did you find any?
I found two. That means I’ve been good.
You weren’t good enough. You weren’t good enough.
I was. You’re a great player
but you just weren’t good enough You found the drawings.
Great tactician. Go ahead, go ahead
Alright. It’s good. Oula, olala
It’s terrible. The cup is…
And you talk about my drawing abilities? Are you serious?
It’s tac, tac. I can’t find.
Yes you can What is this?
His arms. Because he’s very strong.
He’s strong? 6-pack.
Who is this? Big, strong
Don’t tell me it’s Moussa! No. This is brown, blond…
Olive ? Here you go, thanks. Griezmann !
Are you even serious? I don’t know, I say that…
How can you not find that? Are you serious?
Only Grizi has a… This. Those curly hair!
Curly hair? Ah! It’s Pavard.
Here you go. Han
I’m fast. I’m telling you.
Who is that? This should be black.
Ben ! No !
N’Golo ! Ah, it’s Paul.
What are you telling me? Who is it?
I don’t know if you know it but you know it.
Dont tell me it’s Blaise. He has tacos, you see
Lucas ? Who is it then?
Think about it. Small bodytype?
Those are calves. Ah, Antoine ?
No ! Who do you want it to be?
Only Antoine has big calves. No no no no no
Think again. Small. NG, Antoine,
Thomas Lemar No, left-footed
Left-footed? Flo is not a small guy
No. Who else, there’s no one left.
What is he telling me? Who else is there?
Ah, Nabil ! Oh, f*** I was better than him.
I took my time. He found every drawing I made, just saying. We were a good team, working well. because of my qualities. I helped him a lot. because it’s important to help the little brothers, the younger ones!

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