Painting Armageddon steel legion start to finish

hi guys welcome to another episode of
rootstem gaming a really in front of me is some secondhand
tanks and sentinels for my steel region so in this video I’m gonna be showing
you how I go about with some secondhand stuff and basically how we convert it
across into steel Legion very quick using an airbrush and spray cans I’m not
going to be too bothered about using brushes of all we will be using them
it’s not really gonna be essential for me to be able to do a lot of brush work
so the idea is to get it done quickly and to get them out very quickly so the
only rule brush work is probably gonna be a lot of the metallics and maybe some
of the imperial Eagles I started by I actually cut away a lot of the weapons
the weapons were what these weapons were attached as you can probably see from
this pipe here which I’ll probably cut that away and what I’ve done is I’ve
magnetized all the Sentinel weapons because the Sentinel baits actually came
in with the weapons as well but it wasn’t all missile launch I don’t know
if that’s an older kit and or some of them come and missile launches or if
it’s a different Cape it’s like there’s scout sentinels that come with it I
don’t know but it did give me a vast array of weapons to be able to use on
the force and close it all Frank there was a critical seize the second hand it
wasn’t actually all of them so I’ve got a couple more about free plasmas
free flamers is free last cannons to multi lasers pretty much with four
sentinels is probably gonna be how I’m gonna roll of anyway I’m probably
involve half and half maybe half flamers and half glass cannons
maybe plasmas just so I can get him up there and start
annoying and putting fork on the battlefield I got a couple of lemon
losses these came with some of the bits out of a turret for exchanging purposes I can always try that was a conversion
the ruffle cannon bit came and I’m not really bothered about the demolicious so
I kind of just coughed the end and made it look like it’s just a slightly longer
baffled cannon I’m probably gonna be using some of these as command tanks to
be honest with you so the idea would be to add it as a formation maybe have a
couple of command tanks and then have the four sentinels as for fast attack
choices well you never know I might have to need some more they got quite very
heavy support actually yeah probably don’t need heavy support but I never got
a couple of chimeras because chimeras are always important I have had to slip
away bits Nullah didn’t like personally it always
happens when you get second on vehicles and they add some across the top trying to be tank guards
I think that’s like an older something and I’ve just ripped that off now I’m
not going to clean these up because during the painting process we are going
to be looking at doing the tracks pull off as well actually I like to have
bare-bones vehicles I’ve got my lawfully at night I like to have tracks and bulky
and dirty when it comes to creating the vehicle quick that way because I’ve got
no key and it does mean you can actually get it painted quicker and you can paint
a with an airbrush and possibly just a big fat old brush slapping on some type
of collage and try and get some rubber in it the other
truck guards I can’t get off but they’re all right because they’re the ones used
to be able to get in games workshop’s anyway and I’m fortunate Lydia I’m home
stuck with having heavy flame as that because there’s no other options well
that’s what happens when you buy second-hand vehicles and although
chimeras are gonna be rocking forward anyway so I think a heavy flame in my
hands would be a good option because I borrow a heavy weapon sort out roll
forward and out of course the selection of weapons for the tanks because
whoever’s actually helped the tanks have left the ports open allowing me to be
able to interchange the weapons by sticking them in and out no need to
magnetize ease because by the time you spread them and spread this the
stiffness is gonna fit it in any way and of course you’ll not see any of the the
bit that gets stripped off because it will be inside the actual vehicle I’m
still going to keep them a little bit generic because I will probably drop
them in them in and out of my cult mechanicus you know and all might even
find some some stickers or little tags that might be able to stick called
mechanicus on somewhere just a temporary basis maybe blue tack them or something
like that but anyway we’re gonna get all this cleaned up we’re gonna get the bit
spray block that needs spraying black majority of our spring block but I’ll
get it off snip top and we’re gonna start I want to show you stuff on me and
the under sentence – look we easier to do but we’re gonna show you how we’re
going to actually paint this steel Legion core so got them all spray black
I’m just going to show you the process of what I’m doing on a couple of the
figures I’m not gonna be showing you at all me and their paint on a Sentinel
without the truck guards I’ll be easy no no I’ll be is it across you can see the
front plate right so first off we’re gonna hit it with surprise surprise
steel lead and wrap and we’re airbrush this this is going to be airbrushed all
over the vehicles and I’m gonna be using air bushes mainly because the average
itself is gonna give you a smoother finish so if you’ve not invested in an
airbrush I do recommend that you do so you do get a smoother finish on these
type of models alright let’s crack on next up we’re gonna be hitting tool and
son now pay attention hopefully I’m gonna be able to do this
justice on the video up but I’m going to be kinda hitting the place I’m not going
to be hitting all the edges I’m just gonna be kind of hitting play hitting
the parts not trying the best not to go all this or and just leave in the
natural sanding leaving the asshole coloring around triangular to the where
much technique the best way of fun thanks for anything I’m not explaining
it I’m just it we book you’ll see what I’m actually there’s no to bad moment that’s alright
next we’re going to dry brush it with some tyrant Scrolls on Citadel Drive
tyrant skull just lightly on the edges only just to catch the Rays tiny pieces
and to the air bush and everything else and me and our man will then be done I’m
not doing any fancy patterns or anything about nature we’re just gonna do a
standard arm a little put some transfers on I’m gonna show you out there were
tracks quickly it’s just me and sitting yet these figures dog and get him out
there so now we’ve gotten to this particular
stage and we’ve got our nicely airbrushed court on we’ve got our nice
walk a little bit of hedge highlights and as it will be a dry brush of course
it’s a big figure so why not we’re now we’re going to add black
details so we’re adding some black detailing the shoes and your standard
whatever you use for black I’ve got two types I’ve got like a matte black as
well which the dole which looks very very dumbed down but I’m not gonna use
it now I’m just gonna be using Abbadon black or bottom black from workshop just
to be able to cover the whole thing if you want to try contrast at this stage
you can do just a painting you’d like details I’ll not have a lot like details
myself that we’ve painted in in bits possibly weapons and maybe the little
right edges that goes up to yeah they’re so like things in there now possibly
about well good luck so let’s crack on right so we’ve got all those tiny bits
of black make sure you go over twice keep it nice and thin
to print costs using contrast just yet once that’s done we’re gonna do a little
tiny bit of a dry brush just using some no I just used on Stoney from doing it
quick oh I said well my I do on this one trying to keep it quite dark it’s what
we hit it with some black dart Reaper so normally a driver to that Reaper we’re
gonna dry brush it down storm just touching the edges over the top one
after the other you can use a large dry brush or a what a medium dry brush in
there and I’ve also got a small driver so you just follow so just using a
medium dry brush the standard dry brushing technique I always have one of
these hand a which is it my paper towel just tend to open it will find the play
inside the shoes that break it down wipe it off you’ll see right in the
video so let’s get some down stone followed by dark Reaper on these darker
areas don’t forget at this point to sue them
have to do with weapons so again driver stop rate drop or stone stone
yeah over block have painted because it cost this is an homage and a steel
Legion their weapons are blocking silver oh yeah at this point keep the plasma
gun separate I’m gonna be doing plasma puns because of course on copy in my
actual infantry that I have personally my files I’m gonna be old school they’re
gonna be yellow air Bush stem lay off the black part of the weapons are done I’m gonna do is to start masking off
certain things and on the tanks masking officer things we’re gonna airbrush
himself before we’re gonna hand-paint some silver so the bits that need
airbrushing like bigger weapons such as that and that they’re gonna get airbrush
please tanks the ones with the bulldozer blade then words are going to get my
stuff up here and they’re gonna get airbrushed will leave the tracks for now
and then everything else is gonna get painted silver hand painted silver and
I’m actually using a really old bulb of metal but I think it’s like belcheck but
you can actually use at the moment or any silver paint darkish silver that
you’ve gotten you set okay so all weapons rubbish like all weapon is now
painted silver but we do need to do the silver airbrush this is parafilm was not
explained it to you before comes in a nice role similar to that it’s not
running expensive I don’t think Amazon needs to stretch
your material you can as you can see from here you pull it stretch it any
ideas to itself so it doesn’t actually when you pull it peel it off it will not
rip off your paint it’s a fantastic material for masking and if you have
difficulty sort of putting it into certain areas you can always
Pat it down the workshops scope tool which machina
still do some of the terms are taking that awful off for sales if you can get
over them get older them save on the chimera through our chimera with a
flower girl even though superpower I’m gonna cost we’ve got all these lovely
like sapphire over the whole entire head no they don’t consider it and just spray
the sparrows like right now we’ve got these two particular
pieces brushed and rain we’re now gonna hit them with some null oil through the
airbrush this is only gonna be on the bulldozer blades the rest of it we’re
just gonna slap no oil on using a brush lightly follow its natural course of
course we’re going to hate it in sort of more of the recess areas with the
non-oil on the blades simply because the bigger areas when you paint in the
bigger areas with the known oil paint wash sorry it won’t follow just it won’t
settle right it’ll look funny it’ll look weird it might settle in wrong areas
which is it’s a big reason why I don’t like to use contrast paints on big
surface areas so what we’re gonna do is to just paint those two with the known
oil in the corners give yourself an hour stream maybe not your psi down a little
bit and then the cost just give it a little bit of shade in using this
technique so after you’ve airbrushed norm oil on
you’ve got it around certain pieces and of course you wanting you to put no oil
on certain silver bits using the brush I’ve already done the legs from these
guys as you can see they’re nice and coated I’ve done the weapons but certain
silver pieces I don’t want you to hit with no oil these are gonna be the
little bit so like the last gunner from there and the last guns from here what
we’re gonna do is use a contrast paint and the reason we’re gonna do a contrast
painted because it gives us a a lot better finish without having to hit it
with a dry brush because if you’re gonna eat these with a dry brush again you
might make a mess so rather than risking the items to be ruined what we’re gonna
do is use a one hit and we’re going to use the I think it’s called yeah it’s
the grift change of gray and I’ll show you in a moment so I can say before I
camera off remember don’t paint all the silver pieces and the silver pieces that
you want like the Eagles and such and these bits you need to keep walls clear and then I’m gonna wipe off the excess
there yeah all the notes and crannies that’s going to paint the contrast paint
nose will be painted silver that will be I can’t dry brush so we’re gonna use the
special technique and it’s gonna reverse in with that piece there that’s gonna
also be done with a special technique I’m keeping that on there even volver
those weapons will need a dry brush and keeping it on for now because we’re
going to be let’s yeah it’s going to need some oil them in a dry brush we’re
going to keep it on for now to make sure that these are actually quite protected
when it comes to a dry brushing if you can’t can always call yep
do it all do over little pieces get remember new on the oil wash because you
know you’re gonna be driver shit maybe I shouldn’t go on that actually that’s a
mistake that because I can’t leader I wish in there so what should have done
is use the Grif chair just on the over weapons that’s what I’ll use and when
they used a grip charge it on these lost canons because they’re a bit more
difficult to get into we’re going to show you a little bit of
this Grif charge of gray let me hit that last one with it some of its I intend to be silver the
rest of it is been black of course during on these here and I’m last in
Mobile both of them acquired safe and secure well sis dries
cool down a little bit it just basically gives you silver just like something fun
and natural highlights we are having to mess around if you don’t want to dry
brush on the top normal it’s fine if you want a really dark looking silver a lot
of it summer to prefer to drive wash on the top of it so I found that this
contrast paint it’s a mermaid about brushing right I’m finding that this
contrast paint he’s really good for certain things it’s not Games Workshop’s
marketing is the be-all and end-all to me it is not we need red stuff like this rustic glaze I’ll get a lot of comments
saying oh it’s too expensive you know I live at UK Western the fiber a bottle
and will last you a just so to me a completely different look and I’m gonna
hit these as well as the grift charger mainly just pulling it towards the edges
and that’s because he’ll just when it dries it’s just gonna look better than
he ever to go back over it with I don’t have the exact would be a hundred
percent mean it’ll just give me the perfect look but I am actually after
okay so while we’re waiting all about to dry we’re going to concentrate on some
fool asthma so I’m doing this yellow two pots here we’ve got Avalon sunset and
flush kits we’re gonna add that over the top I know it’s a black on the cop it
will work don’t worry about it and then we’re gonna be applying flush gets
yellow mainly as a spray mainly across the top of the actual plasma guns the
plasma guns for V as you can see I put them on a cocktail stick to a bit of
Luther they’re the ones that’s going to be for the sentinels that’s just to make
sure that I can get all of the actual of the paint all over the actual guys
themselves guys all over the models and then movies I can just hold on today I’m
gonna get yellow fingers and they look like a running it you know fifty idea
smoker but it’ll be fine alright so while everything else is
draining crack on now with this one as you can see I also
painted so not expertly I’ve just covered it so I know where I’m not
supposed to be actually airbrushing and then of course when I’ve actually
airbrush disappear I’ll go back onto that to create a second layer as to make
sure I don’t touch the block that’s already been created so the next color flash gets yellow
under space they’re just going to spray it from a bit with distance just are
trying to create a little bit of a highlight once that’s completely dried
I will then dry brush that with flushed it’s yellow so I’m kind of hitting it
twice because you’ve noticed when we put the yellow Otten so now that’s actually
gone a lot darker so when you put the flash gets yellow on that will also get
a little bit darker from when you first spray it on so I’m basically there’s
gonna heat it from the top just dry creating the effect of a shadow and then
of course I’m going to drive will ship with flash kits in the moment gates we’ve done that now we’re gonna
let that dry which we have done we’re going to or will correct that in a
moment but then we’re gonna hit this wait am I not correctly for the my Elvis
favorite blue we’re now gonna just hit it with some flush gets dry brush now be
really really careful and dry brushing because normally what you should do
let’s undo it quick we should normally varnish everything I let dry I’m not
going to I’m just gonna gently dry brush this off I don’t need it it might not
even pick some well pick some areas oh yeah it’s gonna dry brush like not Nicolas of course we’re gonna
be good seen Brantley there I’m asked a lot of errors and do this
for all the plasma guns you want to be a plasma guns different color you can do
you following this at home don’t have to copy me right crack on with the rest
so hop skip and jumped a few bits ahead wave from the plasma guns
I’ve actually painted the black using scale color mmm mat flat black and I’ve
painted the Eagle in with a silver painting ends with a silver we’re going
to be hitting that with some airbrushing but with some blue at a later point
we’re just gonna now and I’m getting me head in the camera there we go we’re now
we’re gonna go on to other silver pieces but I’m going to do the ribose now for a
dry brush on the silver I’m gonna do a classic exactly um that might be I’m
going to a classic it’s gonna be neck on compound ones dry brush and we’re just
going to go nuts so still the drybrushed I’ve taken some
of that bits off and only funnels on here I’ve done agree gift card yeah
so I wanted to show you guys what happens when you take this off the
powerful on how easy it is to remove and the fat but it just doesn’t take it
doesn’t take anything off of it but no silver anywhere else except on the
peripheral and I’m wearing needle it to me
it’s cracking stuff I really do recommend if you’re gonna stick it
together to throw it away but if you are gonna get it for masking it’s a very
good masking material it’s a lot better than masking tip simply because well
masking tip for this sort of thing if you’re gonna mask off an area to create
straight lines still use masking tip but if you’re gonna you just mask off an
area so you can airbrush or paintbrush and you just don’t want it splashing up
something else it’s brilliant because you can put a lot shape it can even cut
it with a knife if you’ve not seen my previous videos I think I should have
one I think long before this is about the
hemlock fighter and I think on that one I saw cutting have a look at that and
the next stage on this we’re getting to a point now where I’m going to start
using the contrast paints but I’m gonna need to prep so I’ve got some greyish
here and we’re going to put that into certain areas that we’re going to be
using contrast some areas are just gonna be leaving I think with door panels on
here I’m just gonna stick some blue in also window panels just stick the blue
in and then hopefully put it on thick enough it should felt well I would try
right now it should just create a little window as you can see quite easy wind or
slightly glossy don’t Hey alright so we’ve got the silver then
we’ve got the armor plating dawn I’m gonna get this done on the various myths
that we want and to be painted with but stop some of the bits that we’re gonna
have painted with that stuff already in silver so I’m gonna do that because
that’s just brushing the little washer me doing it and then we’re gonna hit it
with contrast but I’ll show you which contrast we’re gonna be using so I’ve
got my greasy Rob and I’m this luminous battle tank as you can see from the back
I’m gonna paint that green that’s gonna be green as well that’s gonna be green
and you notice I’ve done it in two different colors so hopefully it should
give it two different effects this Lots going to be in Brown battle being black
and then I’ll put a yellow on that there and then that’ll be born later on that’s
all going to paint it with contrast so basically was going to go for each
tank crack up the contrast paint paint paint paint it a man job is Gooden on
the other tanks that type of stuff there underneath I’ll probably paint a flesh
color so that will try and emulate like a pattern or a scroll and then that’s is
gonna be the old-school traditional yellow I know of us yellow as well if I
should come out gold and I should just come out like a yellow and then of
course up I’ve done the blue on the front of chimeras as well and then the
pickaxes they’re just gonna have a brown angle
save me the box from Marx the Sentinels don’t really need any so who’s going to
crack home and get this do so I’ve done little bits with the
contrast paint from a distance they look fine don’t get me wrong I do you think
the brown sometimes lighter when we get close those look a little off but it
means I’m not messing around because we’re trying to do these with it like a
with airbrush normal brush dry brushing using quick techniques to get these onto
the tabletop and I’m trying my best not to actually touch a lot of the main
figure because I’m starting to see something somewhere on the armor now
what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna hit transfers on so I’ve got plenty lots and
lots of transfers you do ten I’m just I’m hoping because it’s pickle because
these are not brand-new these were secondhand these before me eBay as I
mentioned at beginning that video so we’re gonna basically get some transfers
out we’re gonna put the transfers I’m gonna show you how to do the transfer
process and the reason we’re gonna proper transfer is on now is because
then we’re going to hit it with some self-awareness on a sponge just to give
it a little bit of a battered feel and so we’ve got some chipping coming up
there’s some simple chipping nothing too elaborate just a little bit of I might
even do a little bit of the original base color which is the steel agent drab
or bad on first and bit of a steel over the top and then we’ll paint the tracks
and paint in the tracks it’s going to be quite heavy it’s gonna be quite well but
it’s gonna be a different technique to what a lot of people are used to but
it’s gonna look great I’m not gonna have to do where was all doing or something
like it’s gonna be great tremendous so yeah we’re gonna hit everything with
transfers got mainly the numbers maybe a couple of symbols every now and again
where we can get away with them just trying to keep everything consistent as
well so making sure that you have a kind mirrors because I’ve got no over
chimeras or lumen losses in the army so all these are gonna be fine just putting
two numbers down making sure both numbers on either side match I have put
little markings on using I’m sorry I’m not
I’ve put a little bit of markings on that’s using flash wash she’s a really
really old wash a half a workshop but that’s that’s a bond going let’s crack
on with these transfers so I’ve got a nice array of old and new school
transfers and I’m just showing the transfers cuz of course Cesar what’s the
different chances I’ve saved to be honest they come from a stack like this
I’ve collected over the years I’ve never got rid of transfers I’ve even got some
but bigger and badder I’m here for sheets some of those ones games
workshop’s salary a4 sheets are really cracking and I’ll be honest with you
worth purchasing even if you don’t collect some of them have a great even
if you don’t call out like the Titan ones sometimes they’re really good just
to be able to have on side the buildings or just in general they’re really cook
very with a cracking the GW want now some of these are the newer ones are
some iconic respond that’s quite new that’s quite new some of them are older
and the reason I’ve got difference is if you see this here this is a very very
old Imperial tank transfer sheet now both of them these two are pretty much
the same Wolf’s are two thousand but both are a little bit different on the
back end this one’s a bit more difficult taps to get the items off so the darker
ones tend to have a more that you need to soak them a little bit longer and
both of these being quite old when you’re looking certain lights I don’t
know if a cameras catching this when you’re looking certain lights on
transfers you can kinda see where it’s reflected that’s where the transfer is
so for example on these numbers I can tell the outside of the number if there
is no backing so when I put it onto the model I know that if I cut far away I’m
still only gonna get that bit now these are old-school
these are pretty much everything is backing so it’s always good to have a a
bit of a lump and check the transfer because of course you could buy some
secondhand ones or it could be from a third-party company and then if you can
cut as close as physically possible to the actual transfer itself that way
you’re gonna make sure that the when you’re actually out quitting the
transfer out you’re not gonna get a massive massive piece that is transfer
paper or transfer backing or whatever you want to call it on top of a model
you want to try and keep it as close as possible so I’m gonna use these two
we’re gonna have to cut quite close to the physical transfer itself so what
transfers I’m gonna use personally I’m thinking about numbers there I don’t
know whether to use the numbers from these sheets or possibly to you some of
the numbers from these because we’ve got some you can see there we’ve got one two
three four and I think having a one two three four and I’ve got multiple
different sheet sectors across you use and use and use and just numbering all
four of the actual sentinels one two three four and then not really having
much else on there just that number just having a number one a number two and
three her before and then on the vehicles what we’re gonna have
or try very maybe and there I’m probably gonna have a long number possibly from
this sheet here so I’m thinking maybe use one of them
duplicated and the same from you of a vehicle and on the crime mirrors I’m not
sure might have something like a symbol or
something there and on the turrets so have the long numbers on lemon rust
turrets I might just have vehicle markings and I might just have a smaller
number on there trying to correspond to that just to be able to match up the
vehicle with the base that it actually goes to same for this one I might have a
slightly smaller number there and that these are really good for this because
of course you can always try and match it up as best you can
won’t it be I think the feel six exists yeah for your six existing in large one
in fact the older one for four exists on a large one so you can always put the
larger numbers on something else and then put the smaller numbers in some of
the smaller details elsewhere and then just go through maybe every now and
again and just pick one or two quite like the transfer sheets from B’s
because you can have these little warning symbols they’re always fun to
stick at the back somewhere or something that’s out of the way cuz of course
these are things that the would apps to have physically on a unit you might even
want to stick one there may be bunch of something slightly different you could
even use these little icons as markings for the particular pilots or crews so I
do like that sheet and sheets gonna get looked at quite a lot I might use a
scholar too from there but me and late I mean I’m showing you the differences and
then the cost these are so quite that this Metallica’s sheet as well that’s a
really good for different sort of looking warning numbers and different
numbers at the top regarding cogs and then it’s mainly going to be sheets I’m
going to be using for majority of Valletta right so right I’ve got the
items I’m wanting now because if you were going on like a spaceman shoulder
pad you should always put a bit of gloss varnish or varnish you over the top I’m
not gonna do about with this because there’s no need because they’re going on
to solid surfaces so what I’m gonna do is this particular vehicle I’ve already
got the transfers laid out on wanting them this particular vehicle is
gonna have to be 8:12 so that is going to go across the side back number to 812
there’s gonna be little markings but I’m just going to go down the side there so
I’m gonna do all the vehicles with their standardized markings first how I’m
gonna do this is quite easy I’ve actually got in here this is an old flow
improver this has got me watering and what I tend to do is I fold up these are
kitchen roll into four I just put that on there and then just flip water onto
it but it’s solved then leave it for a few
minutes and then of course use your brush I’m going to do these two as well
at the same time now the brush I tend to use is a very is just a standard
something quite a large bush normally Husson on the truck and drop off any
excess I also make sure that I have some really heavy duty I mean heavy duty
napkins now these are really really strong and they’re quite thick and it’ll
be expensive but the reason I do that is because I don’t have to pull transfer
when you use them they’re really really good for stuff like this so like a heavy
Jew is strong napkin or cloth don’t use cheap when doing this bit so my transfer is ready to move so
before transfer on the area I used my cross set and I caught the area in Micro
Center I say use this quite a lot because these do what ages but never use
this quite often trying not to touch me I just kind of painted on the whole
section transfer now I tend to put the trunks
arms off bottom and then put it on to the brush that’s just my technique it’s
an older technique at all possibly count a little bit more of a
set and then from the middle you know that’s a tall you know to be honest with
you if it does tear I’m not too fussed we’re gonna put some fear we just tell
not to too scared on that simply because oh no I’m gonna be weather in the whole
tank anyway we’ll probably hide some mistakes so I’m doing that trying to get
it kind of close to that third bolt still got some of the my cross salt on
the brush now this is the difficult bit way he type of transfers in my opinion
when you turn around make sure you don’t touch areas where you think you’ve got a
transfer it will come off in your hand eight twelve eight twelve eight twelve
all matching I’m gonna put that to one side grab some
more vehicles don’t let Michael set he’s got some more vehicles for some other
decals we’ll put that to one side carefully and then of course do the rest
do things like those guys with the one two three four and once all that’s done
I’ll go back over and maybe add one or two special transfers once we’ve done
all that last I’m going to come to my cross all follow these guys for the $1
give it about 10 15 minutes the transfers I’m not be completely dry but
ice when you get your fancy paper and then you it from the middle and I just
roll it across some people use cotton swabs how much is this there you go so we’ve got transfers on multiple
different ones different locations I’m making sure I don’t try and move away
the arm plate but also don’t touch transfers the Sentinels are only really
got one on whereas the vehicles have a couple some more on the other vehicles
as well what would I do now is the usual we’re going to hit it with my cross salt
now a lot of people into a microwave salt give it 10 15 minutes to be honest
I came across a tutorial online that stated to put it on and leave it there
don’t touch it don’t mess about with it but I will transfer leave it for one
hour and then you put it on again and then leave it for another half an hour
and if I’m honest that it makes the transfer completely perfect so I’m going
to cut these transfers in my cross salt I’m gonna give them an hour we’re gonna
hit him again and we’re gonna hit them again and give them another half an hour
and then we’ll be able to start getting on with some weathering and glow effects
right next up next up we’re gonna be doing the damage sort of like the
weather in so I’m just gonna use a sponge wilshire the sponges and more
movements of 12-piece off we’re gonna start with a steel region drab then
we’re gonna hit it with a babban black and then bolt the metal so as if it’s
pieces coming away we’re just gonna give it light taps it’s not going anything
heavy and we’re gonna focus more upon the front and younger carriage rather
than the back this is because of course hanging incoming shots or anything about
nature’s are gonna be coming mainly from the front I may do a couple of of light
line as if it’s been hit by something in particular but it’s gonna be just using
the real small brush but the line of outline about them
just dinner cascading the fat making the lucky but pulled off our chip to let it
fit let’s get some sponges this is the sponge we’re going to be using this is
your standard typical basically carry case for little bits of it that you can
just peel off above the half run again and then just use a corner put a little
bit about on here there but maybe not get onto something a different surface
like this and then I’ll put little tiny bits of it on there again we’ve got on
the trucks yet try and avoid the black if you can and try and avoid any other
areas such as the silvers because of course they’re not going to be covered
in steel region dub paint chips are they really so
just a smidgen of rubber in as in now paint chips just just all my vehicles
just one of the things you can do it’s a quick simple thing it just breaks
it up a little bit I’ll be honest you can go in detail if you want and try and
knocking out all the little black bits with silver dots and if I was doing a
proper Commission and yeah I Paul will be doing that but I’m not I’m doing a
tank for me and these to go on the battlefield so not massive but next up
is gonna be the traps so that’s for the trucks proper trucks now this object
niek requires you to use a essentially an ink wash which account find at the
moment cuz it’s in the over bag because I don’t use it that often but we’re
better than the cover in the actual tracks with typhus corrosion so that’s applied in all these figures
while that’s drying of course I’m going to be painting something else but yeah
let that dry completely and then once that’s dry we’re gonna get out of a
neckl compound and we’re kind of going to dry brush over top of the texture
created by the type of corrosion and that will give us a muddy rail effect
we’re still gonna be hitting maybe a little bit more with the airbrush later
on and the last minute is going to be towards the bottom of the actual vehicle
itself right let’s let this dry and we’ll show you the dry brushing so after the dry brush those tracks
we’ve got a funky look underneath but why would other be underneath no one’s
gonna look underneath the vehicle got a funky old going it looks battered it
looks like it’s been through some mud it’s quick and easy that’s another
reason why we’re doing it like that now we over the start sort of doing the
plasma and the coils and we’re gonna do different stages of kind of light
weathering and another well never set really of weathering especially on like
gun barrels so what we’re gonna do first off because we’re going to work with the
airbrush we’re gonna work it from light to dark so we’re going to put some
ruffian blue or buffer and blue into the airbrush we’re going to airbrush the
areas where the plasma coils will be I’m not gonna have too much of a shadow I’m
gonna going to add plenty of white scarf this is my last bit of white scout air
and I’ve got some ones from pouring that in and then we’re going to be doing the
center base of Voss pieces to give it a nice sort of like glow effect it may hit
it wave a bit of well Bambino Mike fennel old Mac make it really light in
the maybe a bit of government glaze just into some edges and then after we’ve
done that bit we’re gonna work with some we’re gonna flush the airbrush out and
work with some inks we’re gonna start with jacking off Matt shared and we’re
going to spray the ends of some of the weapons lawns up were wanting to be I’ve
got heat based effects and then we’re going to hit it with Gucci violet and
then surf and sepia all just basically like dragon over that shared at the edge
and then that a little bit further out and then that across a whole lot and
that will give us our burn effect on the actual weapons and once we’ve done that
we’re going to be using my standard base in technique of Ryan oxide airbrush
start lightly and then when it comes to the Sentinels of course you can paint
the base with just make sure that your air brushed
lightly around the feet maybe just to give it a bit of a bit patting them on
the tanks a brush around kind of like the bass bit maybe a little spotters on
their bits across upon that maybe right there and the front of the vehicle and
then scrag Brown afterwards try and make it quite thin quite loosened and then
and screw over and just be a little bit just a little bit over the Rhine oxide
that we’ve already done and that’s just lighting it up then of course we heat
the basis with the scrag Brown then once that’s done we’ll just got a dry brush
it with tyrants skull hit it band with your airbrush varnish whichever airbus
roundest you prefer to use I use macro varnish I’m gonna give it water it down
a little bit maybe give them two coats and they’ll be done so all this next
montage is going to meet doing these techniques and they are done we’ve got the yeah we’ve got the little bits of weathering
on there with us of them to be bits of the track that has actually been
successfully doing with the typhus corrosion with beasty with the neck and
compound dry brushed over the top and of course finishing off the bases on
the sentinels the images going past here should show you what the final products
look like they didn’t I know obvious is about an hour long video start to finish
but it didn’t normally take me too long to be able to actually paint all of
these didn’t get me wrong err to do it in sessions because of course life does
get in the way but I mean I painted four sentinels to kinda mirrors and to
luminous battle tanks and now they’re part of my army that’s a good chunk of
points already up there and of course it brings I can bring the pain to the
enemies of the Imperium well thank you very much for watching guys please like
share subscribe hit the notification button if you want to see more you want
to support the channel you can do it’s basically even donate by paypal over at
root stem duck Cod at UK and at root stem Cod at UK you can also inquire
about any form of Commission pin to bring around watch guys we’ll see you
next time


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