Painting biel tan Warp Hunter

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15th of December for your chance to win this pre heresy arimin figure today on
roof sim gaming were going to be painting this belt an warp hunter using
air brushes stencils and some cool galaxy effects so as a quick beginning and as for I’d
sure you guys basically that I’ve boo partially glue parts of it together
so I can paint and spray each bit individually that beta course is gonna
go onto there the weapon will go in there but the weapons gonna pin it
separately I’ve got the guy there for the crew cockpit and of course I’ve got
the base unit which base you and it’s going to be white and then that bits
gonna be green that’s going to be green I’m gonna do something special with the
end of the cannon and of course the character the sneeze painting before we
stick the canopy on now what I’ve done if you actually have part building like
this sometimes it’s better I cut off the little tab about mexic week now services
basically that’s going to sit no I’m just going to glue right in there once
everything has been painted and varnished don’t varnish with that on
your figure because it will ghost and it will look horrible now just before we
crack on the priming I’m going to show you something regarding the little hole
here and the little stems that you get now yeah do you do fit perfectly the
problem is I find especially after playing Eldar since the second edition
of the game bees break very very easily and the snap off quite to be honest to
be quite quickly now a lot of people will drill them bigger
I don’t drill it bigger what I actually do is to get a craft knife yes and it’s
a bit too you know what glue on the end but there we go
and then put it into the hole and twist like it is a drill now what this will do
it will make sure it’s an old blade or a sharpest blade if you’ll get rid of the
plastic and make the hole bigger but it does it at an angle so whatever bigger
hole that’s when you put this in it will sink more on there now I’ll do after
make this all a bit bigger but it’ll actually sink on the stem so if a stem
over breaks you can just drill out the bait
and we put it in it’s very very easy to do
it’s not much better cause it’s just patience on there I’m drilling me tell
you could if you wanted to just use a big drill there you go you see you see
how that goes straight in on the actual stem itself rather than resting on that
little bit and that will actually give you a much more solid purchase allowing
you to use the larger stems and it’ll basically not break as much so I’ve
primed the figures so this guy here has been plain white and I’ve already gone
and done the lining which is just gonna be you with our exxor shared well that’s
just really much gonna be pure white this one I’ve done a black spray and
Brendan a white spray just over the top just to give it a bit of a like I
suppose a pre-shared effect I don’t like going on pre sharing with all the whites
I just prefer to do it with rattle-can and then across just a back panel they
gone itself which I’ve masked off because that bits going to be green and
the other day I move the Sun trying to something for a lot trying to something
special with that so I’m gonna crack on now I’m gonna start spraying some
airbrushing some green all over the this bit here and that bit there so now I’ve
done the green or the top thing but I’m gonna be adding some more green to it’s
gonna be the warp star and that’s going to be a burst on I didn’t show you the
Apple shop a basic green because it’s just a basic application through the air
Bush itself I’m leaving the tips why this is nothing to do with holding it
this is actually going to be something to do with technique we’re gonna use
later on you can feel up there that’s the effect
that we’re going forward the green I’m gonna add now a little tiny bit of moot
mass can be applied by airbrush just tiny tiny spots of it just to make it
stick out and then I might dry brush the edges with it as well so this is the effect that I’m going for
I have dry brush some of the edges with a little green just to give it a bit of
an edge probably see it more there so I’m not just a camera being so far up so
now what I’m gonna do now what these bits have been painted already like I
said before I had already done that one but I’ve also painted the engine how the
engine ports not gonna stick out full here black and the end of that is black
now these I’m going to paint using I’m gonna airbrush a bit of driver that
Reaper on there and then dry brush with element other stray administer out and
gray yeah hopefully you can see it up and that’s
the dark reaper that’s been sprayed on a little bit of a dry brush up i was i’ve
been a stratum gray just to sort of pick out the footwear it’s going to be sat on
top and then i’ve done that to the engine housings as well it’s very very
subtle on the engine houses before we can’t see it that well but it’ll just be
nice once across the canopies on top right let’s look at some possible
assembling now for the next section we’re going to use a hex mesh stencil
from fallout hobbies this is base it didn’t get the transition of the white
coming in and we’ll try and keep it to about that
so i don’t pay overspray in that bit and then just making sure that it comes into
the nice crisp white and I’m wanting to do had something similar happen on a on
the dorm that I did for the night wing which hopefully should be up here
somewhere and yeah so we’re going to crack off and
get this effect going we’re gonna start by painting a nebula
now on the end of this I make sure you go to the side that you wanted to go up
into the vehicle and when I kind of paint the nebula area van gonna start
off just with a very generic white next we’re going to apply a light blue
very friendly this pretty much like what of this what’s in here very fin all
putting it all over the white maybe just leaving the centerpieces so the next call that’s going to go on
and is going to be purple I’m using a douche a violet shade across that’s
gonna be nice and thin anyway okay next we’re gonna go with a magenta
local this is actually caliber crimson and Empress children pink mixed together
the reason I’ve done that is because I’m going to go on to his children pink
straight eventually so next we’re gonna basically go
straight Empress children pink they walk it down and we’re going to pretty much
kind of go over a lot of white areas now next step you’re gonna paint in some
stars keep some of your paint handy because
you might want to call back over and just trying to mute down avenge us some
moss tiles on top okay so the next thing I’m going to be doing is the pilot these
two parts of course are separate and I’m gonna paint the pilot separately it and
stick it into that rat will all be been glued together and I’ll look at doing
some transfers and sticking everything else on maybe even doing some weird
colors coming out of the vents right losing to cause for to start with I’m
going to use others construct in the gray and the white in a yeah wet palette
so I’m gonna strike and Grill first and then the course is still not moving up
and building up until we can get to a lovely pure white so as you can see nice simple transition
between the white and the gray I’ve done the green as well and that’s been done
the same way using the actual wet palette and you’d be surprised how quick
you can get these things done now gonna paint the blue screens and his visor and
possibly do his hair and then skin and I’m going to show you how to do that as
well so for the screens we’re gonna start off with kaldorf sky and we’re
gonna go up to tech less blue this again is going to be done on a wet palette
we’re gonna mix it make it a palette and of course apply it to what’s going to
need it so certain gems may have the blue on pull the not merely on that one
mask a bit more red gems but across the target in little nodule up there that’s
going to have one and then his visor and the screen insight here is also going to
be picked up so a wet pelleted the flesh and has just
been done with a bit of t’lie on sand and then bleach ball and just kind of
over the top again just wet pellets in it you want either shared to it you can
do but again it’s gonna go into a glass canopy it’s gonna be up to the scene but
not about fantastically so it’s not something I’m going to spend too much
time on it snowed on the pilot we’re gonna do the gems so I’m gonna go over
to the gems really you can see so there’s a couple of gems on the
underneath the base that you could probably overlook out there nothing
really at the bottom and I’m gonna use four colors it’s gonna be corn red
followed by a feast and red followed by evil Sun scarlet followed by troll
Slayer orange this is all going to be just again in the wet palette just layer
it up layered up layered up again with the wet palette you haven’t got really
wait for each transition to dry which is always a benefit it’s a massive benefit
to be honest so yeah I’m going to crack on the rap right now now the gems have been done very simple
gems it’s just basically four colors and a bit of a white dot they will get
covered in our coat after the eyes spirit because I was wearing it with
testers adultcon so that allows for do it down and then when I put the gloss
back on that will then bring it back off to scratch the next step with the
vehicle after gluing it together and was going to kind of pay off the actual why
driver another report can appear on until the very berry and don’t have a
pop laws on before you do any brown shit and I’m going to just give it a light
coat of Mecca varnish just to give it that sort of shoe so next we’re going to paint these vents
I’m going to get a bit of a bit of paper just to protect the rest of the figure
cuz I don’t want the rest of the figure to have apart from maybe over a little
bit the concoction I’m using is actually it’s that was it sorry it’s a tech licit
group blue with white sky and a little bit of an Alex oxide mixed into it and
it makes a choir nice uncock ssin to be honest once it’s dried a little bit I put a bit
of golden glaze into the recesses which’ll making kind of highlight it now
for me and I’m going to take that off and I’m going to go and varnish it using
testers dull coat once I’ve used testers on now go over the gems wave out court
maybe in a mixture of the you have the other stuff and then of course I’ll put
it onto a base and we can see the final result there you go
so you’ve got a glass canopy on the varnish has been added into the right
places items the whole entire item has been tested so majority of the any sort
of like icons I’ve got on there they’re gonna dull down inside the bow make it
look like it’s painted on and that’s it not too shabby a good table top quality
as always for myself I can’t vomit on the pen like building but thank you very
much for watching guys please like share subscribe hit that notification button
for more and hopefully we’re back next week with a different painting video
don’t forget as well also post just a random computer game like video on
Tuesday so I’ve got a doom series running every Wednesday and of course of
fresh 40k normally battle with bots sometimes Titanic is sometimes to kill
team even more buddies pretty much the same universe or every first day so
Frank you very much guys see you next time

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  1. Beautifully painted model and great tutorial! Just a personal choice though but that excessive loud music is just so distracting!

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