Playing GTA 5 As An ANIMAL!

Hey vaca Grand Theft Auto 5 today I'm playing a little animal wait this is just some random old man something went wrong with the cheap boats mom oh there we go that's better a little doggie now so I'm not sure if you know this but in Grand Theft Auto 5 you can actually be a little doggy I'm a dog and you can do all kinds of fun dog things right look how happy is oh hey sir look I'm a cute little doggy doggy ha ha ha sir he really doesn't seem to care about me I'm gonna beat you I'm gonna eat you alive wait sir where are you going I was having a nice little chat with you where is he going literally we're walking past the trash hey you why are you not answering me I'm a cute little dog you know I get it now humans don't speak dog language for them it just sounds like I'm barking it all makes so much sense now oh wait I've got a phone call I have always wanted to be a little doggie it's just so much freedom actually not really because most humans have them on a leash but anyway it feels free for me now because I'm running around like crazy all right so I made it to a cute little dog park doggies you want to be friends whoa whoa boom ah what did you eat look at this little pug II look at its cute little tail like a little piggy meow meow meow wait that's the sound of a cat well see you later guys I've got better things to do because I am a retriever ha ha ha ha ha or am well I'm a cow now you can literally be any animal you think of in this game it's so secular these doggies known if it seemed to care I am literally ten times the size of this little puggy right here you made the sounds of cow well I'm a coward Grand Theft Auto now but I'm at a dog park I belong at a farm wall that is way better actually is this even a cow farm I don't see the cows are over there houses here they are hello I've got friends hey little buddy your cows sniff each others butts never seem to do that I don't think they do but Wow playing Grand Theft Auto 5 as an animal is pretty sick what I'm bored of the cow ok I'm poor the import of the cow I think it's time to get out of here I wonder guys what a cow be able to drive I mean I don't have a driver's license but it must be possible right oh I see a victim hey sorry cow on the road yep not gonna move I'm sorry sir but this might be your worst nightmare ever this cow is about to steal your car what happened what's going on if the legs are sticking out underneath the car wait what's now there's cows on the road well he could have known you know what I'm saying I can't believe I am driving this car as a cow oh my god well now the burger I'm just kidding I'm just kidding I'm still alive although I wish I could fly wait [Laughter] can I fly oh my god I can't yes I can't fly but I can't fly hmm look at oh wow this world is just so beautiful isn't it guys look at this so I'm actually a hawk right now and uh how about we go and hunt some rabbits although where can I find rabbits down here whoa wait there's another birdie it's literally another birdie down here somewhere Bernie Rudy gonna be friends I'm lonely hey buddy being a bird is really difficult Oh Oh birdie get back here and stop flying away from me obviously you can't stand still while flying we're not helicopters I can't really seem to get close what what if we crash into each other I I mean I can't seem to get a close – how how in the world are we gonna cross into each other you know he definitely doesn't like me though oh I there's one oh there's one right there okay well the hunt continues for a little birdie guys I mean rabbit whoa hey that's going I'm faster DNF for you slow go man that was that was a slow go man whoa whoa whoa we almost flew into each other whoa that's a big one got to say though guys being a part in this game is amazing would I see you an opportunity it's a bird in Grand Theft Auto five faster than a train I don't know we're about to figure out no train man you know not that slow look I'm not I'm falling behind that much wait wait no way this is not a thing a bird with a sniper rifle I can't shoot though it won't let me shoot but I'm holding the gun well scary enough as it is ah guys got an issue I made it to the airfield then the cop so it seemed to like it really trying to shoot I'm a bird man are you trying to shoot me hey come on that's ridiculous oh my god I'm actually being shot at they're hunting me guys I'm not sure if you're allowed to hunt and an airfield seriously guys oh my god you really want to fly in there it was funny though I'm being shot ads but they can't kill me for some reason I'm a strong hawk oh you think you're cool shooting me I got guns too you know yeah you better run well I guess I just gotta you know have a little faith coming cause uh oh why did the chicken cross the road I don't know if we're about to find out come on come on oh well I'm a chicken wing now you guys have heard of swimming pigs well you know I have to let's try this one out is GTA so realistic that they added swimming pigs and Grand Theft Auto hello piggy piggy wait am i drowning okay I don't think pigs can swim it's still kind of funny though is it funny I'm not stored I'll bring it back to land buddy okay I'm just gonna do my magic there you go there you go no piggy oh hello there ladies you're going in for a dive mm-hmm because I'm going in like that I wish I could swim I'm really sad now oh I can hello there ladies how y'all doing are they scared of fish you think I'm a big one you know no they don't seem to be very scared okay well they don't care about me well I'm a fish well no you care about me no ladies I'm gonna do a shark a shark well actually not a little one quite a quite a big one oh my god wait it actually works oh my god they're scared oh I got wood I did not know that was possible I just got stranded well guys I gotta say this was literally one of the most fun things I have ever done being an animal in Grand Theft Auto 5 is a lot of fun if you thought so too please leave a like on this video and 10,000 likes I will do more cool videos like these look at this little killer whale isn't it so cute oh I like that sound little killer whale oh no way a dolphin I didn't know I could be a little dolphin I don't think I can jump out of the water though I can be a dolphin but I can't be doing things like dolphins oh wow this is sick anyway what about something bigger haha never a gigantic hug back well hmm yeah and now we're really slow – all right thanks for watching I'll catch you the next one thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it click on that subscribe button and also make sure to check out the new exclusive jelly army t-shirts on jelly you


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