Playing SKYBLOCK In MINECRAFT! (I Almost Died)

like you guys have probably seen Josh has killed me and blown up my house in the Minecraft Survival Series with him yeah hey thanks Josh really nice guy and that's like today I'm deciding I want to start a series on my own no slow go man involved and that's why we're in Skyblock yes we're in a block in the sky if I actually jump down here I will die anyways you've probably seen PewDiePie play this if you haven't let me quickly explain I'm gonna block in the sky and I have to survive by not dying all right so if actually played this before I really know how this works let's start we thought you know collecting some dust I mean dirt this is not dust why am I saying dust we got to make sure that the dirt does not fall down yes very important all right look at that we've collected some can we collect more down here yes we can Oh what if I break this one oh come on what pace of dirt just fell down great let me just cover that up and pretend that never happened right so we've got a chests over here in this chest we have a block of ice and a lava bucket all right so I can uh I can put the lava down and it's gonna stream down all the way down oh great a never-ending lava stream that's what I've always wanted alright so if you look if you look in the distance there is a sand island over there with a cactus on it we have to get there but if we break all this dirt we will still not have enough dirt to make it to that island we're gonna have to think of something else I am really smart okay I am really smart we're gonna use that lava and this ice to create cobblestone that's right we're gonna turn the ice into water I gotta put it down and then put lava on top of it is that we I would do it no what am i doing my life I'm actually dying can we stop dying please oh god what if we break the ice oh wait wait wait I know what we got to do alright let's just expand the island yes we want a bigger island so if we break this water it's gonna flow that way right so what if we create a lava flow from right over here yes this is good this is really good all right so up with the lava here it's gonna start flowing I think it is anyway come on I really wanted it to flow like this way maybe now no my dirt yes that's what I wanted all right now break the ice yes water yes we've got cobblestone it's working it's working look at that I'm so smart ha we've just created stone guys now we gotta be able to pick that up so let's actually break this wood and create a lift our pickaxe oh come on come on your little wooden piece I really needed that I really needed that we got to make sure that the wood does not fall off the sky block okay I don't want to break the tree fully because then the leaves will start falling and once the leaves start falling we'll have saplings and we need those saplings to create more trees okay we got to be real careful all right so let's um let's create a work bench we're gonna put this one right there and we're gonna create that's right some sticks and then of course your favorite the pickaxe yes baby whoa all right now with the pickaxe we're gonna chop down the stone oh I'm doing so well all right our last piece but effect though all right we got to make sure we don't fall down like the water and now that we have three pieces of stone we could immediately use that to create a stronger pickaxe the stone pickaxe we're just gonna use that all right that's great some more cobblestone I don't do that again like this gonna do it like this guys oh yes that's one okay that's two come on yes three there must be a way to create an infinite way like to do this but I cannot move the water any more okay I got to think about this also is this piece gonna fall off oh my god there's so much gobble stone I didn't know that was possible we should totally try and go down there wait great alright let's just mind these pieces away now we've got five pieces of cobblestone I don't know if we're gonna be able to land on that right there I think we will die I got I got to create stairs or something stone slaps that's actually super useful three blocks become six all right well there's a bunch of stone down there I really need that but I currently don't think there's a way for me to get down there so I'm gonna have to uh mmm yeah I'm gonna have to create a little little something here something special let's pick up the workbench for a second all right maybe we can use some dirt to let the water go this way and what if we put the lava right there but we got to move the chest for that the chest might set fire chest you come with me no not far down yes good good point all right the chest is gonna go there for now alright so we put the lava there we created obsidian do I have to restart now oh there you go okay I had to reset the world but now I've managed to create it the problem was the lava needs to flow if it's standing still it'll be obsidian but look if I break this piece of cobblestone now the lava will flow and create cobblestone great that's what I wanted while trying to create this I actually made the stupid same mistake of creating another one of these cobblestone trenches whatever you want to call it so the plan is similar we're just gonna break this cobblestone that's right and we need we need a lot of pieces it's gonna it's gonna take some time and once we're done with this we can create stairs – uh yeah you know go go down there and take the call stone only annoying part is sometimes a piece of cobblestone will literally fly into the lava oh alright I've been mining for a little bit now we've got fifty eight pieces so the Sun is about to set I'm just gonna keep doing this for a little while and then I was thinking you know there's really no point of going down there to take that right now because there's literally a cactus there there might be another chest on the sand island I need to go and get there so that's what I'm gonna do first I think oh my goodness it's officially nighttime and it's so scary because there's nothing underneath us we can still see this it's actually still lighting up our island so this is actually really cool all right so like we said we could change these into slabs so let's do that think this might be very useful I don't know let me know if you guys agree with me on this because now instead of 30 cobblestone blocks we actually get 60 slabs we can use these slabs to walk on I think let's actually give that a try how do I put these down oh my god this is scary oh my god it works oh my god it's so scary I don't want to die I don't wanna die hey I've got everything on me maybe I should put some valuable things in the chests in case I fall off and die because I will respawn here so there's that all right actually let's only take the slabs with me only the slabs come on slabs oh my goodness and look at that cobblestone that fell all the way down beloved water touched and that thing must be endless I think it might be I don't know this is really useful I don't know but this is great a mum was there wait there's a chest on there oh I'm so excited two one and I'm out of slabs that was sixty pieces sixty slabs and we're not even there yet all right there you go created some more slabs about a hundred now so we're gonna we can extend our island after this and also catch some saplings Paul finally it's turning daytime again which means we will go and have a look at our sand Block Island oh how nice alright now we got to be really really careful here because I think he can fall down it is sand if I touch it think it can fall down I am super scared here guys I'm just scared to stand on it what if I put a block right here okay that works alright let's connect that let's connect that all right chest oh we've got ten obsidian blocks yes with this we can create another portal guys oh I'm so excited besides that we've got pumpkin seeds and we've got a melon slice and of course we've got cacti zazz well I don't really know what I can do with that like what what do you do with a cactus you can just create green dye right alright let's connect this a little bit further oh god what am i doing let's go back to our island let's put the obsidian all our seeds and menin things into the chest I think the melon is not here for eating by the way there must be a way to collect the melon seeds out of the melons slice oh my god I'm such a genius that's literally how you do it let's start expanding a little farm here guys we got to catch the saplings so we're gonna have to create like a platform around our current dirt island so that the saplings can land on it and we can actually grow some more trees it's gonna take time but with those trees we can get more wood and with more wood we can make more tools I'm so happy I figured out these slabs immediately this is saving me so much time let me know if this is actually a good idea though cuz I don't know maybe like creepers spawn on these things help me in the comments please give you some tips about sky block thank you guys thank you appreciate it alright this is actually going super super well right so how many layers do we have so we've got three layers in total we could I guess get rid of these dirt blocks all right let's just get rid of them we're not gonna use a spade it's a waste of resources we're gonna get rid of these as well we got to keep the dirt because I think grass can actually grow in dirt I'm not sure if that's true but I think so and once we've got grass we can take the seats from that and actually create wheat which is a really important all right so let's actually break a couple slabs run right here it's gonna fall down no didn't actually we're gonna put a piece of dirt here and we're gonna make sure that we can put another sapling on that alright now let's get rid of the tree oh I'm so excited oh yeah alright here we go tree you're you're you're mine now yes alright I think we can just start breaking leaves oh there we go we've got an oak sapling all doing so well alright there we go another one Oh see now we can catch them all before they would have just fallen into outer space all right any more saplings oh that's a third come on sometimes they give you six as well fourth sapling give me some sticks please sticks nope okay last one no all right we got four pieces of sapling that's actually pretty good all right break the slab there we go put a piece of dirt down and a sapling where can we put another one think when you got we got to expand our platform a little bit I hope one of these huge trees grow that um you know have like ten pieces of wood in it that'd be so good all right let's get rid of this one don't fall down yes good boy all right put a piece of dirt down and a sapling and now we just gotta wait for that to grow I think we have some more space over here or we can put another piece of dirt down obviously we've got a bunch of more dirt on other places as well but I don't really want to use that right now I'm just gonna leave that there another piece of dirt and our last sapling man we are doing amazing we've actually got a floating chest though oh god we gotta fix that issue we got to also find a place for our obsidian can I do anything with sand by the way can make glass with that but that's pretty useless as well yeah we got to find a place where another portal we might actually just put it on that island seems like a cool idea to me but in the meantime let's actually get some more cobblestone great I love this game all right I've been sitting here for a while like 10 15 minutes just getting cobblestone and cobblestone none of the trees have actually grown yet which is kind of sad I've got so much cobblestone I actually had to make another stone pickaxe which is kind of annoying because I'm running out of wood and I need more wood now something else I'm starting to need is food so I was like why don't we create a little farm that's right I've got two seeds only actually I need to turn these and seeds first we're also gonna need to create a hoe so oh my god it's literally thought on your outside like could Minecraft do this some other time please I am literally on a Skyblock all right let's create a stick yeah with these sticks we're gonna create a hoe all right I think I can just do it on both sides so just like that I think so we will create pumpkins and more melons so we're gonna have to wait for this to grow and I guess I get back to my cobblestone business another thing I can do I guess it's just expand my platform so let's get started a that's a lot of slabs oh my god what happened oh my god at respawn I was standing there and almost kicked me off the map with all my stuff oh my god and it gave me a sapling too cuz I had to break out of that all right before that happens again let's put a lot of stuff back oh my goodness I guess it's working the water is doing something guys oh my goodness look how big this platform is right now I can run around yes all right let's chop down this tree and we're gonna we're gonna need something else guys I think we're gonna need coal because we need torches that's right otherwise mobs can spawn here and I really don't want that unless they can't spawn on slabs I guess that's another solution I don't really know if they can or not let me know in the comments guys alright let's take all the saplings as well while we're at it the thing that can drop apples too so yeah we need some of those there we go alright we've got two saplings 1/3 I guess because we already took one before let's put one down and we've got to grow these other two as well I need more dirt well okay that was a bad idea I didn't know that there was a gap there alright anyway I've got some more dirt now and where did I put more saplings down I guess just on the edges could do for now there you go that's one and we've got one more we gonna put that one where I here don't fold down the little slab there we go my goodness another one just screw seriously you want to keep me busy alright let's see how many saplings to get from this one okay one two these more please please please please just to disappointed alright so to create charcoal out of wood we need a furnace it's great one we're gonna put that one down right over here and we're gonna fuel this one with some wood no that doesn't work some sticks that doesn't work either usually we can fuel it with that right do we need to create something like a door for example I just created the door that's a waste of wood okay I think I get it I think I get Oh God oh yeah of course another tree would grow I think I need actual wood forward let me test let me test we put wood at the top yes how much charcoal do we get though cuz I need a lot we get one piece oh this is so not worth it oh no so four torches per block great way I can't put torches down on these oh no I can't put torches down on slabs see that's the problem alright we're just gonna put one like this ah there we go I hate the rain oh my god we've got a spider okay we're doing so well guys no okay we got to chop this tree down it's on fire um I don't know what to do guys the rain is not ending at both we've got an apple oh my god can I do something with that oh my god apparently we have two apples I don't know what happened but I must have missed one yeah oh my god there's this skeleton there I need a sword I need a sword we gotta kill this thing yeah it's a stone sword yes wait what I just created this stone sword and I go over here and now it's a zombie I am so confused uh okay well I can't really do anything with a zombie I I really need a skeleton to be here let's take the chest you know what let's take the cactus as well oh that didn't work oh it's killing me okay – cactus pieces and it stopped raining thank you lord thank you look at my little island it's looking so good in just one episode I didn't think I would get this far guys alright so so far all the mobs a spider a skeleton a nizami have spawned on that little sand block correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think they spawn here on slabs so I'm gonna need to create like an island somewhere potentially right over there a big one a dark island where mobs can spawn but I think I've done enough for this episode if you want to see more sky block leave a like on this video at a hundred thousand likes upload episode 2 that's right 100,000 likes see you then bye thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it click on that subscribe button and also make sure to check out the new exclusive jelly army t-shirts on


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