1. These games are not evening showing up to download on my end at all. When I go to the ps store la plus, it still shows me the previous month free games like heavy rain
    …how do I get the new ones for August??? I want to say mafia lll already

  2. Why cant playstation just simply put em out at the beginning of the month 🙄 been a week and a day now

  3. when is it going to be free it is the 7th and i am still waiting they usualy come out on the sixth please respond

  4. Can anyone help me out I live in South east Asia and its already august 7 in the us but I can't get either dead by daylight or mafia 3 for free?? Do I have to wait a bit longer or am I not gonna get it?

  5. Dead by Daylight – Нет соединения с онлайн службами
    есть кто столкнулся с этой проблемой

  6. Dead by Daylight – Нет соединения с онлайн службами,столкнулся кто-нибудь с этой проблемой

  7. Is it just me or is something wrong with dead by daylight because my cousin lost all her player progress today and my character is now 6 levels down and my other ones are reset including the killers and it’s starting to not make me wanna play dead by daylight anymore if all my progress is just gonna go

  8. Um is anyone having a problem where u start up dead by daylight and your ps4 starts making alot of sounds and u can't play the game cause it says u don't have Internet even tho I do df kinda shat is dis?

  9. I can't find Mafia 3 in the PlayStation Store. It doesn't show up anywhere even if I search it. Does this have something to do with my region? My account is set to Lebanon

  10. Such a Terrible idea to make dbd free because there’s gonna be a bunch of unskilled kids and teens and adults who are only playing because it’s free which will lower your chances of winning a match

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