Powerplay MOD 70 in the 2019 Transpac

[Applause] but the exciting thing really is racing other boats are the same so although they're not one design anymore they're not far from it I'm sure we're gonna be overlapped and changing changing leads at certain points it's amazing how when the boats are closed you're it's amazing how how hard you're pushing I mean I've been sailing mod 70s on the west coast now for about five years and it's been kind of a dream to get a group of mod seventies together to do this race first my first Transpac it's you know the anniversary Transpac and hey we've got a good chance of being up there in the first few boats to finish it's really really nice nice to sail the boats and and be ripping across the ocean at high speeds and and have a really good team like we do here but yeah that's a short one so I'm seeing like a mole as a downwind race sunny this year we're gonna have the moon perfect no more than four five days which is perfect in fact I never did the Transpac since two years ago and it wasn't very interesting in fact small to be back on materials and that was very nice mainly the especially do you do arrival in that way like that I've got me I lived in California for 23 years for moved away and I've never done the transfer you kept reading about it you're reading about an early and with passage and all those famous folks certainly one of the you know the the big pluses for me sailing on these boats is yeah I'm navigating and it's super interesting and super tactical and and really fun because of both so far to get so much leverage and there's big decisions but you're also really really involved in inter sailing of the boat and you've got a you know do your turn trimming deer turn driving get on the handles and you know for me that makes it a whole lot more fun the feeling is the same it's always fun but you have to be careful there Steve McHale and the material is a lot more stable and I've sang it down that's why I have a lot of white ass at first when you start sailing them it's it's pretty intimidating the speed and the consequences of flipping as you probably know there's quite a few things I've flown around on the water out there so hopefully all three of us are capable of you know having enough of lucked or not finding anything in the ocean when you're going that fast and these boats are built so light that anything you hit is generally bad pushing the boat not to its limit keeping it under control you know the start getting around the islands and reaching and then getting into the gennaker is probably going to be where major gains are had been a big question to be like what angle do we start do we go a little bit lower try and go a little bit faster and the answer is if we can yes but what we're going to be careful not to do is sell lower and faster but actually let the the other boat sort of get bow forward of us if you're having the three of us blasting for all the way down to Hawaii for five days of sailing you know it's gonna be yes we'll be pretty special to give them a chance to open up in the ocean and go to Hawaii is as you know dream come true and to have three of them with one of them foiling it's gonna be all on and a really fun race

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