PUBG Its an emotion level – 1 | Shanmukh Jaswanth

I got the best gun. Hey Pruthvi , I have a doubt in this coding . Please tell me. I dont care about your doubt dude, make sure the HR doesn’t catch me . Im playing PUBG. PUBG ? What is PUBG dude? New game dude. The whole world is playing it . I don’t care about this stupid game. First, work on the coding. PUBG IS NOT A GAME IT IS AN EMOTION. OHHH. HMM. I can’t deal with this fellow and his game Follow me Follow me You mean ? Me ! Yeah, You only idiot. Follow me. AHHH. Wait, I am coming . What the hell? Why are you following me? You only asked me to follow you right ? I was talking to a friend in the game. Not you Hey, why is your face glowing ? I JUST GOT A CHICKEN DINNER OH really ? Finally, they served chicken at office. I AM SO HAPPY ! Not in our office dude, in PUBG . Okay , I have to post it on Instagram immediately. Im already 30 seconds late. Ufff..they’re all behaving like they got an opportunity in an on-site project. Haaan ? What are you guys doing ? PUBG Left Right Left Right LEft Right Idiot, get up getup! This game is ours . Slap him with the Pan . Pan? Don! I want to play PUBG. How do I play ? First Download the game from the play store . WHAT THE HELL ! WHAT THE HELL , DUDE! They’re killing me before I land. Dude, PUBG is not about killing. It is about surviving . Play again. Download it in SNAPTUBE! 4K 2K 1080P We can download in all qualities. Here, your omelette . KILL HIM, KILL HIM , IDIOT ! He is in the next room , kill him! Wear bangles and sit at home, ASS****! Ill kill him wait . Thats it, kill him kill him! That ass****! Get up Get up Kill him with the sniper dude. They have to kill you dude! Idiot. Hey, what are you doing here man? PUBG dude Pubg bro ! PUBG PUBG OHHHH LOOK AT THAT ! OHHH.. OHHH.. OHHH.. YAAAY ! I GOT A CHICKEN DINNER. MY FRIEND TOLD ME THAT PUBG IS NOT A GAME AND THAT IT IS AN EMOTION. SO FEEL PUBG AS AN EMOTION AND NOT As a GAME. SO, To play pubg, you just don’t need two hands and two legs. All your body parts should be working simultaneously for PUBG. Then only you will get a chicken dinner . sorry Sir, can you guide me to this address? Sir this address From here to there it will take 10 minutes Meanwhile will you play 8 minutes game? Hey, who are you man ? its okay . We play PUBG with random guys. So there is nothing wrong to ask a random person right? You kill it Grandpa ! You kill it ! I gave you a scope. Check. Revive me , Please. Atleast , you revive me . Yaaay , Chicken dinner !!!! Chicken dinner!!! Yes , Chicken dinner !!!! Yaaay , Chicken dinner !!!! But i dint get revived no ? ๐Ÿ™ Bye Swamy! Are you thinking why I dint get a chicken dinner? Swamy right? So no chicken dinner ! Stop the bike dude ! hey hey what happened ? Supplies dude ! Hey don ! Cover me ! Ill get supplies for both of us . See See, someone is shooting . IDIOT! SIT ! YOU IDIOT! I ASKED YOU TO PLAY THE GAME NOT MAKE IT YOUR LIFE . THEY’RE INTERVIEWS HAPPENING FOR THE ONSITE PROJECTS. BE CAREFUL ! I WONT BE THERE . hahah true, You die always right, Never got a chicken dinner no. BLOODY POCHINKI PRUTHVI. I UNNECESSARILY INTRODUCED THE GAME TO HIM. WHATS YOUR NAME ? SHANNU . SANHOK SHANNU HUH ? ANYWAYS, FOR OUR ONSITE PROJECT WE ARE SENDING PEOPLE ONSITE. Your projects are in Canada Australia and US. Where do you want to go ? SANHOK SANHOK ? WHERE IS THAT ? NEXT TO MIRAMAR MIRAMAR ? WHERE IS THAT ? NEXT TO ERANGEL AHH..WHERE IS THAT ? NEXT TO MIRAMAR I UNDERSTOOD. Anyway, do you have a passport ? Ill manage everything else. WHY DO I NEED A PASSPORT? I HAVE A PARACHUTE RIGHT? When the place arrives ill just jump and land. huh? Give me our office address. Ill land exactly on our rooftop. ohh! You have that facility too ? YEAHHHH… anyway, I can’t find a paper from one of your projects. Use an 8X . You will see everything clearly. What is your problem? WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER GET OUT ALREADY? THEYRE 30 MORE PEOPLE . I will kill them , have the chicken dinner and then leave. GET OUT MAN! JUST GET OUT! Lets GO BOOT CAMP DUDE! I WILL BE BACK .


  1. Shame on telugu people.
    you are encouraging youth to commit suicide by playing pubg.please dont get addicted to pubg

  2. Well first i don't know what pubg is but i got little bit of angry and started playing the game and i play it daily but not a expert in game. well bro i am not addicted like you as shown in the video

  3. Bro plz send me UC I am a big fan of PUBG to buy royal pass my account name is Eswar Kudari plz bro plz send me UC

  4. JAI PUBG๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ”ฅ

  5. "Arey… antra edi" famous dailog in your all gyus in viva Harsha team but now your all team guys individually not producing fun at least a single video

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