PUBG Logic Supercut 3 (funny PUBG skits)

Woah there she is Okay guys just be careful Yeah OH! Squad at 180! Alright Nice! Lets get that drop! K, now does anyone want anything specif– Woah woah wait wait wait …Adam? Adam! ADAM NO!!! Oh my god! Adam! Adam! ADAM! Adam! Oh mate! Oh God! Ad-eh-fe-he… NOOOOOOO!!!! Ah-na-fe-ge-fe-de-he! Ah you shouldn’t have– AH! AHHHHH!!! Ah-ne-we-te-te-te-te! You shouldn’t have been there! Why is it always the good ones that go!? Lord don’t take my friend from me! I never got to kiss him! Don’t you take him!! My sweet prince! Adam, Adam, listen, listen We’re all here We are! It’s okay We’re all here with you I – I – I’m okay… I’m okay That’s the spirit Adam Be brave I’m okay That’s right! In heaven everything is going to be okay! I’m actually okay That’s the spirit mate Here we go Let’s just chuck a bandage on aye? Ahhh! No, no, Adam, no… You’ve been shot in the stomach mate I’ll just chuck another bandage on, I’ll be all fine I’ll be good Adam, um… Why are you bandaging your arm? You’ve been shot in the stomach mate Aaaand number 3, this one will be good I feel like you’re missing the bulk of the problem… Just one more bandage here we go… Look at this guy Just tuck this guy in here… There we go Theeere we go! Let’s do it guys! How about we go get that loot?? O – okay… Heeeeeere we gooooo! Oh yes! A car! Oh thank God! Alright lets get the hell out of here… Phew – okay lets go Guys I — I can’t get in the car… What? No – I – I can’t get in! What’s going on? Well I – I don’t know it’s not even giving me the prompt! Oh Hello Guys Who the hell is this? That’s a really good question Who are you? My name’s Rory It’s really lovely to meet you guys Were you going to kill us all with that pan? What?! This ol’ gal!? Noooo… never… this was… This was just, you know? You never know when you’re going to cook some eggs or something like that… Get out of my seat! Will you kill me if I do? Were you going to kill us … ? No I wasn’t going to do anything okay? I swear! He’s weirding the shit out of me back here guys Yeah he’s weirding me out! Let’s hear him out Oh right so a guy just waits in the passenger seat of a car — You have to have some faith in humanity guys! Come on! That’s easy for you to say, you’re not sitting back here with him If someone just sits in your car they’re not — Look at him! He’s wearing a ghillie suit! Someones not trying to harm you if they nicely get into your car… Uhhh – guys… No that’s frikken weird! Exactly GUYS! He seems like a trustworthy guy! You guys aren’t sitting back here with him Come on Alan Why are you standing up for him? I appreciate your faith in humanity but it is ill-placed here! Is that what you think?
– I don’t trust him *muffled arguing* Eurgh… yep… This is your team Ben… This is who you want to play competitively with… Unbelievable What’s up assholes? Ben? Ben is that you? You look kind of different somehow… Yeah… I got a new skin Oh! That’s it! Look he got a new skin! Yeah I just wanted to try something different Why that skin? Really? Yeah really You’re really asking me why I picked this skin? Yes Ben, I’m asking you why you picked that skin! Well, first of all, smaller hitbox Ah, pretty sure that’s not a thing, so… Well, pretty sure you’re bigger than me, which makes you a bigger target… so… makes a lot of sense to me Okay, agree to disagree, but… Definitely not a thing Secondly Look at me Just look at me Now, look at you What, what!? Nothing? No, nothing Well I for one am fully on board with this, I think this is great Yeah How – how much? 3,000 Thats a bargain! That’s me after this game Ah omg, okay? Well, you guys are both stupid And and and – like.. I’m kinda pissed off, you’re breaking the guy-code Okay, Rowan, do me a favour and just crawl around on the ground for me What? Just do it Crawl on the ground Okay… Okay, I see Mm-hmm Yip, makes sense… Hrmphhhhsss! Garr! Oh! God! Damn it… *sigh*…. hey Oh mate Haven’t they fixed that yet? Na Hmm That does suck doesn’t it? Yeh… Oh, well, are you okay? Just disappointed In what? Myself I guess Come on man, it’s not really your fault is it? I know, I know… So you can’t just cut the shoot or something like that? Na the ah… the prompt… It hasn’t shown up yet It can feel like forever sometimes can’t it? I just feel kinda bad man… Na, look, don’t feel bad… I get it I would do it It’s battle points Did you just buy the game or– You don’t have to make conversation You can just kill me I’m just trying to make this as pleasant for you as possible before… Well… you know… Okay If you must know, I’ve actually clocked over 1,000 hours on this game. I’m actually training for the PGI tournament You’re training for the PGI tournament? Yep I’m actually pretty good at this game Right Yeah, of course you are I know it doesn’t really look like it right now Ha ha ha Well… I’m going to kill you now Okay This is so tense. I love it Where the hell are they? They could literally be anywhere Guys just be cool okay? We’ve got a really good position here Guys I’m freaking out Are they behind us?? It’s so quiet It’s like impossible to see anything – theres so much freaking cover Keep your eyes out for any small amount of movement Because nobody is going to want to give away their position *sound of smoke grenade going off* Wel… Found them Actually kind of disappointing Yeah… little bit… *Sigh*… idiots… Alright guys circles coming in lets pick up the pace Don’t forget to un-equip your weapons Ah yip we’re all good What the hell?? Why are you guys running so much faster than me? Seriously? Yeah, seriously Are you sure? It could just be your imagination Ben? No! No! I was running ahead and then you guys overtook me I don’t get it – I mean I unequipped my weapon That’s real weird… That doesn’t make any sense to me, or any of us… And you can still move right? Yes Rowan! I can still move. Obviously It’ll probably just sort itself out then Yeah we should probably just keep going aye?
– Yeah Have you had an energy drink? Ah! Maybe that’s what it is. I’ll have an energy drink No… Still not working Okay! Careful game this time! *BANG* Okay… final two… Ah! Wow! You made it all the way through to the end! So that means you either A) really liked it, or… B) you kind of just got up and walked away from the computer I really hope it’s the first option and if you did like it be sure to subscribe We make videos like this every single week


  1. Do one for honour bound players, maybe have someone drop into a house with nothing, a guy absolutely loaded kicks down the door, but instead of killing him, he give him his m416 and a few boxes of ammo. Maybe at the end of the match they meet again as the last two, honour bound the play who was spared suicides out of respect

  2. A team like this dose not exist this is how it usually works. 1 teammate is in pockinki the other 2 though we agreed on the military base and I’m stranded in the blu zone.

  3. Hold it right there brother,
    On careful did you actually call a player metallica as a reference to the band or no

  4. Oh no, my entire leg has been shoot off, allow me to simply warp a bandage around my arm and wallop, im fine and my leg is back

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