Rabbids Short Stories: 10 Animation Studios Play with Rabbids | Ubisoft [NA]

In a near future, the Rabbids have won and human beings went back to their primive state. Today was the inauguration of the human zoo. Visitors seems to be both schocked and dubious. [Jean-Rabbid]
Wow! Unbelievable! [Monique-Rabbid, Animal Behaviourist]
Hm indeed, unbelievable that such a theme park has been created. Just look at them, indulging in those primitive rituals! This is outrageous. Humans -Love you
-Me too -You OK bun? Not Bwaad Not Bad Here is a human Let me show you [Herv� – Rabbid, Veterinarian]
Come on, get out of here Here we go Ge’ up then Ay! Easy easy! Hey! Down! Who’s the animal now?


  1. 0:16 Meat Dept
    2:59 Explosm
    4:44 Kanaban
    6:20 Souviens Ten-Zan
    8:25 Stoopid Buddies
    9:48 Mostapes
    11:35 Machinima
    13:15 Hierro Animacion
    15:01 Fanworks
    16:42 Rabbids Invasion Team

  2. I've Loved rabbids ever since I've seen them in Rayman, now seeing them die isn't as hurtful as it would've been a couple years ago

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