Recap: Football at Columbia (11/9/19)

[Music] Offense staying on the field here for a 4th-and-2, Lenhart keeps it himself, wiggles out of trouble, the ball is loose. Harvard has it. [inaudible] into the back of the end zone and it is gonna be caught for a touchdown, James Batch coming through with his first receiving touchdown of the season. Ooh. And special teams delivers for Harvard. Fake the hand-off to Darrington, plenty of time, the throw over the middle is caught into the open space is Cody Chrest. He cuts back, still on his feet and finally Columbia is able to gang tackle him. From the right hash. And Harvard has a 10-7 lead. Lenhart. Has plenty space, over the middle and a dangerous pass, intercepted by Max Jones Lenhart, stepping up fires one inside and broken up, nearly picked off Lenhart, steps up and is brought down and sacked, Jacob Sykes. He has a few rushing touchdowns. Keeps it and he’s going to walk into the endzone and Columbia answers the call.

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