Red Dead Online: Moonshiners

You must be Cripps’ friend. I’ll try not to hold that against you. We got a quality product. Control of the market. The competition is in pieces. We’re running the show again. You are under arrest… For the manufacture of an illegal substance… Illicit distillation is a very unique pursuit. Escaping state custody… And tax evasion. You can’t trust anybody these days. We will bring the fullest force of the law… Down upon you. Oh I’ve barely even started. What the hell! I missed, didn’t I?


  1. This is the kind of stuff you get when you have successful microtransactions and a awesome development team with an amazing acting crew. Can't wait to see how this game continues to evolve.

  2. 8GB download, BRUH ! Trader, Collector and Bounty Hunter had a 9GB update, this role better have strippers, Landon Ricketts and a different poncho design., this 6 hour download better be worth it!

  3. what happens if when you meet the lady and you don't agree to it cuz you didn't have the money and then you go back and she's not there.

  4. can anybody answer me if when you meet Maggie in the first part of the moonshiners if you don't buy anything from the map and you go back why she's not there or what you're supposed to do

  5. Not worth it! Don’t get it! I bought this for 25 gold plus add ons which is more gold! You barely make money, and you lose your moonshine if you don’t do the delivery quickly.

  6. Ok so far, I've been finding a few bugs, namely the Wardrobe won't let me save outfits anymore, some collectibles trigger the characters senses, but there's no collectible in the area and I got disconnected a few times. Also, I recommend yall use tonics in the story missions when fighting the revenue men, if you're playing solo. But other then the aforementioned bugs, game's working and I'm having fun. Thanks Rockstar, you are the best.

  7. For some reason when I started my first sale mission it ended immediately saying my posse members left, but i was alone.. and i lost all 20 bottles.

  8. Maggie Fike is literally Black Belle with a different hair color and some damage to her face. Not 100 % sure but it even sounds like The same voice actress. Thats lazy, rockstar

  9. I hate that they’re adding businesses I just want to have fun on the game businesses is what killed gta and if they add them to all future titles rockstar online will be dead for me

  10. Yall need a passive mode for online i try to let my daughter play cause i didnt wanna do story mode again after beating it on xbox an people kept killing her lol all she wanted to do was ride the horse an go in buildings

  11. Amazing Update. Close to outlaw pass rank 55 now, got the bar with band and it's a lot of fun.
    Only bad thing: That horror collector nerf. Wtf? I really hope people find ways again to predict those spawns constantly

  12. Thanks Rockstar,I play on ps4 pro,Thanks for giving us an early Christmas present,with the new single player content,and the moonshiners.

  13. Just spent the morning playing this update and I gotta say it’s the best update yet. So many surprises and fun things to do! A + Rockstar!!!

  14. i dont understand how to start this. do i need 25 gold bars? after the first presentation i had no objectives… what should i do?

  15. yemin ederim errorlarınız yüzünden oyundan soğudum iyice güzelim oyunu bitirdiniz şu aq serverlerini düzeltinde sonra reklam yaparsınız ana bacı gitmemek için zor tutuyorum kendimi!

  16. Enjoying the new role, but, Since this update all my custom outfits have disappeared and I can no longer save new ones. Anyone else?

  17. Having issues with buying a Moonshiner shack. After I became a moonshiner, and after the clip with Maggie and Cripps, I did not get a map. I cannot buy a moonshiner shack. I cannot enjoy the moonshiner update! There is no obvious map, link or otherwise to buy a shack. Can someone please help?

  18. Keep getting stuck in black loading screen as soon as I start Delivery, Story Mission and bootleg mission.
    It always hangs for me for some reason, please rockstar…
    fix this asap…

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